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Farmer Suicides in India Essay

It is sad but true that the cases of farmer suicides in India have increased over the years. There are a number of reasons that contribute to it. These include the erratic weather conditions, debt burden, family issues and change in government policies among others. Farmer Suicides in India has seen an increase over the period of time. The main reasons for this are the growing disparity in the weather conditions, high debts, health issues, personal problems, government policies, etc. Here are essays on varying lengths on the unfortunate phenomena of farmer suicides in India. Essay on Farmer Suicides in India Farmer Suicides in India Essay 1 (200 words) Several farmers in India commit suicide each year. The National Crime Records Bureau of India has reported that the cases of farmer suicides in the country are higher than that in any other occupation. The cases in the state of Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are comparatively higher. A number of factors are said to be responsible for this. Some of the major reasons for farmer suicides in India include: Inability to pay debt. Damaging of crops due to erratic weather conditions such as droughts and floods. Unfavorable government policies. Inability to meet the demands of the family. Personal issues. The government has taken several initiatives to curb the problem. Some of these include the Agricultural Debt Waiver and...

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Effects of Soil pollution

The unwanted changes or variations in the physical, biological or chemical properties of the soil, which have an adverse effect on the organisms or plants is called soil pollution. It greatly harms the natural quality and utility of the soil. Degradation in the quality of the soil implies the rapid erosion of soil by wind or aquatic actions, deficiency of micro-organisms living in the soil, the decline or increase in moisture in the soil beyond normal limits, excessive ups and downs in the temperature, lack of humus in the soil, and the excessive growth in the amount of pollutants...

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Prevention and Solutions of Soil Pollution

Soil is the basic unit of environment. Large-scale industrialization and urbanization, the growing population in the cities and the emerging fluid and concrete residues are polluting the soil. Due to solid waste, soil pollution is spreading further. Solid waste often comes from houses, cattle sheds, industries, agriculture and other places. Its stacks take the form of dunes, which contain items such as ash, glass, fruits and vegetables, papers, clothes, plastic, rubber, leather, eggs, sand, metal, cattle waste, dung etc. When the hazardous chemicals, sulphur, compounds of the lead released in the air reach the soil, it becomes polluted. How...

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Diseases caused by Soil pollution

The topmost part of the Earth’s surface is called soil. The soil is formed from inorganic factors such as water and heat on the surface of the earth and biological constituents such as plants and micro-organisms. Nearly 1/4 of the Earth’s surface is land, but at present half of its population is not suitable for human habitation due to being in the form of polar regions, desert sites and mountains. Although man has gained the ability to transform the structure of the land, but it is possible only on a small scale. Converting dry terrains such as Sahara and...

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Soil Pollution

What is Soil Pollution? Any undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological properties of the soil, which is harmful to environment, living organisms and plants, is called ‘soil pollution’. It adversely affects human nutrition and crop production and productivity, and the quality and utility of soil. Cadmium, chromium, copper, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, weed, toxic gases etc. are major soil pollutants. For example, if pesticides are used while farming, then it affects the plants and the soil apart from killing the insects. The Problem of Soil Pollution The problem of soil pollution arises due to mixing of toxic and...

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