Author: N. KALYANI

How to Build, Gain and Increase Self-Confidence

If you need to succeed, you need to have the confidence in yourself to work hard and achieve your goal. Your body, mind and intellect, heart and soul work in conjunction to achieve your physical, mental and intellectual, emotional and spiritual goals. Your mind thinks and gives you the ability to set goals for yourself and to work towards reaching them in the best possible way. It is after all you who set your goals and it is you who have to achieve them. Isn’t it? Can your goals be attained by the efforts of others? Certainly not. It is only your effort and will power that translate your dreams into reality, and turn your aspirations into achievement. Success, therefore, hinges entirely on your own self. This is a fact whatever the activity, goal or enterprise. Even the person who is altruistic is actualizing her or his aims and goals of social service. Such a person decides to devote her or his life to social work. So you have to apply your will to achieve anything. The coming together of interest, will power and hard work help sculpt success for you by way of achieving a particular set goal. And all of these are inputs from your side. So, you are integral to your achievement and success. Confidence in your own self makes for success When you set a...

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How to Motivate Team and Team Members

Team work is good fun, because, it is really the power of synergy that works. Two plus two is no longer four. The total effort of the group is larger than the sum of the individual efforts. In other words, you can safely ignore mathematics when it comes to team work, for two plus two is more than just four! So, how should one works in a team and get the best of each of the team members and of the group in its totality? It is good to be a team player. And, you can help motivate your...

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How to Achieve Goals in Life

The first step in achieving any success is to set your goals. Goal-setting is an activity you need to spend time on. And it is well-spent time. Once you recognize your goals you can strive to achieve your goals. You can focus your efforts towards attaining the goals. What does it take to achieve your goals? What is required to achieve your goals? Goals are lovely to dream of. But what does it take to achieve them? There is a starting point where you are at a particular point of time and there is a destination by way of...

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How to Motivate Students

How to motivate students towards study and learning is really a most important topic because it is the matter of bright future of students themselves as well as their nation. Academics and studies are only one part of our life. No doubt we need to study well to have a profession and make a successful career. But then all work and no play makes anyone dull. Life is a melange of so many different colours, shapes, activities, and life forms. Diversity is so intrinsic to life. So why make study the only activity for students? There is so much...

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How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Self motivation is an important attribute a person has. Having self motivation helps a person to commit towards the study or any project in life, be a good leader as well as involve in types of creative activities. Self motivation can be available in the person as a trait by birth however; it can also be developed with time through regular practice. When you study you read deeply, you understand all aspects of the subject and get a good command over it. Now, this could be a subject of academic study as part of your curriculum whether it is...

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