Proverb Essay

Proverb is a simple and factual saying said by the experienced and great personalities of any country over any subject. Proverbs are generally prove the real facts in the life. All the proverbs said are generally express truth or advice based on the common sense. Proverbs said by the personalities become the practical experiences of the humanity.

Proverbs may be over discipline, health, ethics, time, education, cleanliness, hygiene, diseases, honesty, knowledge, etc. Here we have provided variety of essay on proverbs said by the famous personalities all over the world. Students can be assigned in their schools or colleges to discuss meaning, prove the fact or write some paragraphs or full essay on any proverb given by the teacher or examiner. You can select any proverb essay given below under different words limit.


Essay on Proverb
Cleanliness is next to GodlinessHealth is Wealth
Honesty is the Best PolicyKnowledge is Power
Practice makes a Man PerfectWork is Worship
Time and Tide Wait for NonePrevention is better than Cure
Where there is a will there is a wayGod helps those who help themselves
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
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