International Day of Disabled Persons

International Day of Disabled Persons
International day of disabled persons was started celebrating internationally on 3rd of December every year and promoted as an international observance by the United Nations from 1992. The day was greatly emphasized to celebrate it yearly in order to promote the awareness about the people with disabilities as well as to encourage them by implementing a lot of assistance in their real life to enhance their way of life and remove the social stigma towards them. Since 1992, it has been celebrated continuously every year till this year with a lot of success all over the world.

The vital purpose of this day celebration is to improve the understandings of the people worldwide towards the people with disability issues as well as get together to support them to improve their self-esteem, well-being and rights in the society. It also looks for to involve all the persons with disabilities in the society in each facet of life such as the political, economic, social and cultural. That’s why it is celebrated by the title of “International Day of Disabled Persons”. Every year celebration of the international day of disabled persons focuses on the different issues of the disabled persons all across the world.

International Day of Disabled Persons 2017

International day of disabled persons 2017 would fall at Sunday, on 3rd of December.

History of the International Day of Disabled Persons

The year 1981 was announced as the “International Year of Disabled Persons” by the United Nations General Assembly in the year 1976. It was planned to emphasize the rehabilitation, prevention, promotion and equalization of opportunities for the persons with disabilities at the international, regional and national levels.

The theme decided for the celebration of international year of disabled persons was “full participation and equality”, to aware the people about the rights of disabled persons for their equal development in the societies, to emphasize the well being living for them as equal to normal citizens, and to improve their socio-economic condition.

The years from 1983-1992 was declared as the “United Nations Decade of Disabled Persons” by the United Nations General Assembly in order to offer the time frame to the Governments and other organizations so that they could properly implement all the recommended activities.

Themes for Celebrating the International Day of Disabled Persons

The celebration of the international day of disabled persons require an effective theme in order to get implemented properly the rules and regulations in the society for the disabled person. Following themes are the year wise themes of the international day of disabled persons celebrations are listed below:

How it is Celebrated

People from all around the world enthusiastically contribute to the celebration to actively promote the equal rights for disabled persons as well as to support and enhance their morality. This great event is celebrated by organizing the art exhibitions which promotes the artworks made by disabled people to show their abilities. People also involve in the protest activities in order to draw the people attention towards the difficulties of disabled people as well as increase the awareness about the precious roles of disabled people in the society.

Aim of Celebrating the International Day of Disabled Persons

Why it is Necessary to Celebrate the International Day of Disabled Persons

Most of the people even do not known that how many people are disabled in the society around their houses. They are getting their equal rights like normal people in the society or not. They need some assistance by the normal people to rise in the life, to get dignity and life of well being. But, generally the people in the society never know all the needs of them. According to the record, it is found that approximately 15% of the total population of the world is disabled people.

So, it is very necessary to celebrate this event to get people aware about the real condition of the people with disabilities. People with the disabilities come under “the world’s largest minority” and faces a lot of obstructions in all the aspects of life because of the lack of proper resources and rights for them.

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