International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development

International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development is celebrated every year internationally all over the world on 5th of December. This event celebration provides a great chance to all the individual volunteers and organizations of volunteers to show their contributions at the international, national and local levels in order to get the Millennium Development Goals.

Celebrating the International Volunteer Day every year for the Economic and Social Development was first approved by the United Nations General Assembly. It was declared on 17th of December in 1985 to be celebrated on 5th of December every year worldwide. Since then, the International Volunteer Day was started celebrating yearly by the UN system, the governments, civil society organizations and etc.

Every year celebration of the international volunteer day helps the thousands of volunteers to get mobilized and works very intimately with the partners as well as the government organizations to set up the program for national volunteers in order to make the organizations which can promote and carry on the local volunteerism in all countries. Volunteers, using online volunteering service, works in group and take an action for the continuous human development by promoting the development organizations activities over the Internet. Thousands of people are working as a volunteer daily using their online or on-site resource in order to maintain the peace and human development as well as to attain the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals).

International Volunteer Day is celebrated yearly worldwide on 5th of December with the great hope of a better world. It focuses on promoting the awareness and appreciating the individual volunteers as well as volunteer organizations. It aimed to recognize the commitment of volunteers in order to get people informed about the effects of volunteering on the harmony and continuous human development.

International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development 2018

International volunteer day for economic and social development 2018 would be celebrated at Wednesday, on 5th of December.

What is Online Volunteering Award

The online volunteering award is offered to the best volunteer for recognizing his great contribution towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals for the economic and social development. Online or onsite volunteers get encouraged and strengthened their capacities of performances for promoting the peace and human development through the projects by giving their precious time, proficiency and knowledge on the Internet.

The UNV (United Nations Volunteers) Online Volunteering Award gives a chance to the online volunteers and their organizations to show their online volunteering experiences and excellent practices to aware the global audience. 10 online volunteers get nominated for getting the UNV Online Volunteering Award for their great contribution and achievement of the MDGs. The volunteers get selected by the jury of UNV representatives and specialists in volunteerism as well as development cooperation. Public from all across the world are invited to vote their favorite winner.


The UNV online volunteering award is provided to the online individual volunteer or teams of online volunteers supporting a volunteering organization running for the peace and human development through the Internet.

What are the Selection Criteria?

The nomination of the volunteers for the UNV online volunteering award is reviewed by the jury which is based on the following mentioned criteria:

Why Do We Celebrate and Purposes of Celebrating International Volunteer Day

There are many important objectives of celebrating the international volunteer day for the economic and social development. Some of the purposes are mentioned below:


How it is Celebrated

International volunteer day celebration focuses on increasing the awareness among people and government organizations for their voluntary contributions. Stimulate the people, businesses, nonprofit organizations and etc to put forward their services as a volunteer through the various activities such as:

Theme of International Volunteer Day

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