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Speech on Water Pollution

Water pollution is a major cause of concern these days and our government is taking conscientious efforts to preserve our water bodies and save them from further degradation. In fact, several state-of-the-art techniques are adopted in order to distill the water and get it in its crystal, clear form. This is not easy though, as it requires heavy investment and great manpower. The best and permanent solution would be to enlighten the masses and prevent the agents that cause water pollution. Long and Short Speech on Water Pollution Speech 1 Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you! I – Aashna Sharma from Class – XII (C) – welcome everyone to our school hall. I hope this morning brings with it lots of positivity and good vibes for you all. I stand here to deliver an important speech on Water Pollution. As we all know that water is what gives us life and no life would be imaginable on earth without it. This is the reason why it is said that every single drop of water matters. We use water every single day in almost all our household chores and for other commercial purposes as well. We need water for drinking, washing, cooking, fishing, irrigation, etc. However, we still waste this important resource and do not make wise use of it....

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Speech on Air Pollution

Air pollution is increasing day by day and it has become a major cause of concern for all of us globally. Our government and the ecologists are working towards combating the situation. So let’s do our bit by writing informed speeches on the subject of air pollution. You may be asked to deliver a speech in school for students or maybe in a college and then at a higher level you may be required to address the public on stage enlightening them about the various causes of air pollution. Long and Short Speech on Air Pollution Speech 1 Good Morning Class Teacher and All My Dear Friends! Today, as you all know is Wednesday and the speech-giving day and my speech topic is Air Pollution. Since air pollution has become an alarming issue these days; air pollution is defined by W.H.O. (World Health Organization) as “the presence in the air, of substances put there by acts of man in concentrations sufficient to interfere with the comfort, safety, or health of man or with the full use or enjoyment of his property. The presence of contaminants in the atmosphere is considered to be insufficient quantities and duration, to cause them to be injurious to human health, animal and plant life and reduce welfare in general.” There are two main causes of air pollution, i.e. Man-made Cause and Natural Causes. Man-made Causes:...

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Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth

As we all know that saving the planet earth has become a crucial issue today and the environmentalists are concerned about taking every possible measure to curb the harmful impact of rising pollution. However, one of the most effective solutions is to grow more and more trees which will help in saving the planet earth. In order to address this most relevant topic, the following speeches have been comprehensively written on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth. Long and Short Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth Speech 1 Dear All – I, Akshit Kapoor, from the Save Trees Organization welcome you all to today’s speech ceremony. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to yet another successful completion of the save trees project. However, still, a lot needs to be done in terms of growing more and more trees in our surroundings as well as spreading awareness amongst the people. I could even now, despite so much has been done in this regard, see people not paying attention to their surroundings and cutting down trees recklessly. A lot yet needs to be done. So folks, here I request you all to contribute your efforts towards this global cause. I hope everyone knows why so! Because saving trees is directly proportional to saving our planet Earth. And all the countries are struggling hard to save the...

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Speech on Importance of Water

Is anything needed to be said on the ‘Importance of Water’? No, right! It’s because we all know how important water is for all of us. Still, we continue to waste this precious resource on which the life of each one of us is majorly dependent. However, there’s still an urgent need to address this issue and therefore yet another topic we’ve come up with is – Speech on the Importance of Water. Long and Short Speech on Importance of Water Speech 1 Respected Class Teacher, teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you! Welcome to our assembly hall! As we know that today is a speech-giving ceremony day and I have chosen a very pertinent topic to address, i.e. Speech on the Importance of Water. However, I am not going to talk about the importance of water in the context of our planet and its scarcity, but how important it is for our very own existence. Even then we continue to wastewater and don’t realize its importance to an extent where we should think of preserving every drop of it. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Water is a Life Savior. We can go without food, but not without water. Despite knowing all this, we are wasting this important natural resource. Here I want to reiterate the same fact how important...

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Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives

Yet another speech topic has been covered on the Importance of Trees in our Lives. Everyone knows how important trees are in our lives, yet we don’t pay any heed towards it and go on to exploit nature. This subject, therefore, becomes so important for all of us to address because the more we talk the greater the level of awareness will be spread. Thus, the current speech topic is The Importance of Trees in our Lives. Browse through our website and learn more from here. Long and Short Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives Speech 1 Hello Everyone – How you all are doing? Friends as we are running a campaign on Ped Bachhao, Ped Lagao, I considered it important to talk about the Importance of Trees in our lives and making people realize that they are causing big harm to our environment by cutting down trees and by not paying attention to them. I can safely say that the importance of trees in our lives is just like our family. Don’t be surprised, when I say ‘like our family’! Trees no doubt are an important source of oxygen as well as act as natural air filters. Besides, they are a source of fruits and vegetables for humans, birds, and animals. They also provide shelter to birds and are like an object of play for monkeys, birds,...

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