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Minorities Rights Day in India

Minorities Rights Day in India is a very significant day in order to promote and preserve the rights of people belonging to linguistic, religion, castes and color minority. In India, frequent disagreements and discussion on majority-minority issues creep up creating religious and political disharmony. Even though the Indian Constitution has always advocated and provided equal and fair rights to all the communities including minorities, but certain issues concerning the rights of minorities keep creeping in. By celebrating Minorities Rights Day in India, each state focuses on issues related to minorities as well as ensures that the minorities’ rights are safe within their province. Minorities Rights Day in India 2019 Minorities Rights Day in India 2019 will be celebrated all over India on 18th of December, Wednesday. There are various seminars which will be held on the occasion discussing the current status of the minorities groups. Discussions will also focus on the upliftment of the minorities which are overseen in the development schemes. Many talks and awareness campaigns would also be organised on the day to make people understand their minority rights as well as make them aware about the minorities schemes of the government. History of Minorities Rights Day in India India celebrates Minorities’ rights day on 18th of December every year, as introduced by the United Nations. The day is celebrated for promoting the actual and legal rights of...

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World Hemophilia Day

World Hemophilia Day is observed every year on 17th of April worldwide. It has been estimated that around the globe only 440,000 people suffer from hemophilia, thus very few people are aware about this disease. The day is acknowledged to raise awareness for hemophilia and numerous other bleeding disorders. World Hemophilia Day offers an opportunity to speak to friends, family, colleagues and the caretakers of the affected patients for raising awareness and increasing support for them. World Hemophilia Day 2019 World Hemophilia Day 2019 was celebrated worldwide on 17th of April, Wednesday. World Hemophilia Day theme 2019 was “Outreach and Identification”. It was observed with the slogan – “Reaching Out: The First Step to Care”. The theme mainly focused to reach to the communities and people facing bleeding disorders, identify them, connect with them and provide them an effective treatment. There were various seminars which were held around the theme across the world with the support of the WHF, World Hemophilia Foundation. The day was observed with a campaign which lighted up the buildings, offices, monuments etc across the globe in red light to show the solidarity with the patients and to raise awareness in the communities regarding the disease. In India, most of the famous monuments were lighted up in red on April 17th to observe the World Hemophilia Day. The Hemophilia Federation of India also conducted various...

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World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day is observed every year on 3rd of May around the world. The United Nations General Assembly announced May 3 as the World Press Day or World Press Freedom Day in order to spread awareness on the significance of press freedom and to remind the government of its duty to uphold and respect the right to freedom of expression. Media plays a vital role in reasserting the values on which the democracy of respecting rights has been built. Therefore, our government must help in keeping the journalists safe. World Press Freedom Day 2019 World Press Freedom Day, 2019 was celebrated worldwide on 3rd of May, Friday. The World Press Freedom Day 2019 theme was “Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections in Times of Disinformation”. The main event of the 26th World Press Freedom Day was celebrated at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The event was supported by UNESCO and the Government of Ethiopia and it mainly focused on the challenges faced by the media during the elections and the role of media in supporting peace and prosperity. In India, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Bhawanipur Education Society, Kolkata organised debates, essay writing competition, quizzes and many more events on the occasion. The event also held seminars and talks on the importance of free and fair media in a democratic country. In Nepal, a rally was organised...

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World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated every year across the world on 16th October. It’s an annual celebration in the honor of the founding date of the Food and Agriculture Organization launched by the United Nations in the year 1945. World Food Day is celebrated widely with great enthusiasm by several other organizations which are concerned with food security such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the World Food Program, and others. World Food Day 2019 World Food Day 2019 will be celebrated across the globe on 16th of October, Wednesday. History of World Food Day World Food Day (WFD) was established by the member countries of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) in November 1979, at the organization’s 20th General Conference. Dr. Pal Romany, the Hungarian Delegation led by the then Minister of Hungary for Agriculture and Food, played a significant role at the 20th General Conference of the FAO and proposed the idea of launching the WFD worldwide. Since then, the WFD is been observed in more than 150 countries every year; raising consciousness and knowledge of the problems and reasons behind hunger and poverty. Why World Food Day is Celebrated The principal reason behind launching and celebrating world food day is to secure and advance the food security across the world, particularly in days of the crisis. The commencement of the Food and Agriculture organization by the United Nations has played a significant role in making this possible and...

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Essay on Health

Health refers to a person’s physical, mental and social well being. A person is said to be enjoying good health when he is devoid of any physical ailments, mental stress and enjoys good interpersonal relationships. The definition of health has evolved over the decades. While earlier it only referred to the physical well being of a person, it refers to a state when a person is enjoying good mental health, is spiritually awakened and has a good social standing. Here are some essays on health of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any health essay according to your need: Long and Short Essay on Health in English Health Essay 1 (200 words) Contrary to the popular notion, health does not just means being physically fit and devoid of any ailments, it also means the overall well being of a person. It includes being mentally and emotionally strong, possessing healthy inter-personal relationships, having good cognitive skills and being spiritually awakened. Being healthy is not a state; it is a way of life. It is a process. Keeping your physical health in check requires you to have proper diet every day. You cannot have nutritious diet for two days a week and hog on junk for the rest and still be healthy. Similarly, you cannot sleep for 24 hours on the same day...

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