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Speech on Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is observed on December 10, every year in order to safeguard and protect the rights of common people. Now-a-days, more and more countries, states and local provinces celebrate this day due to so many ill practices that are prevalent across the globe. There can be such times, when you may be required to join a group that fights for human rights and you may be needed to give speech consequently. We are sharing here sample speeches on Human Rights Day that will certainly help you in grabbing the listener’s attention. Our short speech on Human Rights Day can help you at schools and colleges. You may change the theme and add your own points to make it more personal. The language used here is very simple and highly impressive. Use our long speech on Human Rights Day at the organizational level to gather the attention of your boss and colleagues. These Human Rights Day speeches can help you at every occasion. Human Rights Day Speech Human Rights Day Speech – 1 Hello Friends! I would like to welcome everyone to the sixth annual celebration of Human Rights Day. Our NGO was established seven years ago with the purpose of protecting the rights of common people as well as supporting the poor and deserted people. For all those who are new to our NGO, I would brief...

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Adventure Speech

India is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for adventure sports in the world. Several people love to experience adventure sports as these sports are filled with excitement and fun. Several organizations run different types of competition and the winners get tour packages to adventure destination as an encouragement. You may become a part of such organization in near future or may be required to organize adventure trips followed by Adventure Speeches. We have shared here some examples of Speech on Adventure that will help you in any occasion. Our short speech on adventure can be used at school or college level and the long speech on adventure may be used as a sample at company level, etc. The language is easy to understand with simple description of adventures sports and the risk associated with various activities. You can draw reference from our adventures speeches and make your speech interesting for your audience. Speech on Adventure Speech on Adventure – 1 Dear Students, I have been called to give a motivational speech on healthy life and healthy mind. I always enjoy the company of school students as in my opinion they are more enthusiastic and full of life. I have given a lot of speeches upon ‘how to stay motivated during exams’, ‘how to tackle study pressure’, etc but today I am only going to talk about adventures and its benefits in...

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Hindi Diwas Speech

Hindi Diwas is celebrated in all the Hindi-speaking regions across India. It is an annual function celebrated on 14 September every year. Mostly this day is a government sponsored event and is celebrated with utmost zeal at offices, schools, firms, etc in India. The primary motive of the Government behind celebrating this occasion is to promote and spread the culture of Hindi language. You may be a part of such celebration someday and may be required to deliver speech. We prepare you for such honourable day. Long and Short Speech on Hindi Diwas in English Our sample speech on Hindi Diwas would certainly give you ideas about how to make your speech impressive. We have shared short speech on Hindi Diwas, perfect for school level celebration and the long speech on Hindi Diwas is suitable for College or at office levels. These sample speeches not only give you the background of the day, but also the language is very easy to understand which will make your Hindi Diwas Speech informative and inspiring for your listeners. Hindi Diwas Short Speech – 1 Good Morning Respected Principal Sir/Mam, teachers and my dear friends. We have gathered here to celebrate “Hindi Diwas” and I am given the responsibility to give an introductory speech. “Hindi Diwas” is a day we celebrate to promote Devanagari Hindi in whatever way we can. The need to...

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Speech on World Population Day

World Population Day is celebrated across the world. It basically advocates focusing attention on the importance and urgency of population-related issues. It is celebrated by the NGOs, schools, colleges, etc to create awareness about healthy pregnancy and family planning. There can be occasions when you may have to deliver speech on World Population Day. We have shared different samples on World Population Day Speech with an objective to prepare you for an occasion. Long and Short Speech on World Population Day We have specifically kept the language of our speeches very simple and effective. The short speech on World Population Day shared here can be used at schools or college level and the long speech on World Population Day can be used at organizational levels for creating an impact. We are certain that you can take inspiration from these speeches and enhance the impact of your speech. You can use your own examples, stories and incidents to personalize your speech on World Population Day. World Population Day Speech – 1 Dear Friends! We have assembled here to discuss our plans about the celebration of World Population Day. Our hospital celebrates this day annually on 11th July. It is basically to reiterate the human right formulated for family planning. It was started by the United Nation in order to encourage events, activities and information to make this right a reality...

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Speech on Value of Discipline in Student Life

Discipline is such an integral part of students lives that we cannot imagine our existence without it. We often talk about it when we become weary of living a disciplined life and wish to break free from it. Then, realization dawns on us and we travel back in time and start thinking about our school days when teacher used to teach us the importance of discipline in our lives. So it’s a topic that teachers address in their classrooms in order to contain the behavior of their students. In fact, assignments are given to prepare an essay or a speech on discipline. Long and Short Speech on Value of Discipline in Student Life in English So if you are also looking for ideas and are scratching your head for preparing an effective speech on Value of Discipline in Student Life, then we are here for you! Right from short speech on Value of Discipline in Student Life to long speech on Value of Discipline in Student Life you can find it all and use them for your assignment or as a reference point. Value of Discipline in Student Life Speech – 1 Respected Principal, Chairman, Committee Members, Teachers and Dear Fellow Students – Warm Greetings to everyone! First of all, let’s just express our gratitude towards the Almighty for gifting us yet another day to enjoy the morning sunshine...

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