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Terrorism Speech

Terrorism is such a hot topic today that everyone discusses about it and considers it as a major threat to the social, political and economic stability of a country. Many preventive measures are taken by the countries at large to uproot terrorism from the world and establish peace globally. But it is not so easy to accomplish; yet certainly not impossible. Long and Short Speech on Terrorism in English Given the many cases of terror attacks in our society, many institutions organize discussions and speech giving ceremonies with a view to actively engage the youth of our country. So if you have any such assignment, you can look up our comprehensive and lucid collection of speeches which may make your task easier. Having a collection of both short speech on terrorism and long speech on terrorism, you can use any of them as a reference point and prepare an effective terrorism speech. Terrorism Speech – 1 Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Respected Fellow Teachers and My Dear Students – I welcome you all to our school seminar hall. First of all, let me wish warm greetings to everyone present here! Just like always, we have again assembled to discuss and exchange our thought process on the most pertinent issues that concern us and our country at large. And today, we are going to discuss yet another burning issue from which...

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Speech on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is no longer a new topic today. It is celebrated across the world in order to recognize and appreciate the contributions and achievements of the women in various fields. There can be an opportunity when you may have to deliver speech on International Women’s Day. We present to you different samples on International Women’s Day Speech in order to prepare you for your occasion. The language of the speech is kept utmost simple and easy to understand yet highly impressive and motivational. Long and Short Speech on International Women’s Day in English Our Short speech on International Women’s Day can be used as a base at school or college functions.  The long speech on International Women’s Day presented here can be very well used at Organisations or different types of ceremonies. We strongly believe that you can take motivations from these speeches and add your points to create your own speech on International Women’s Day for any occasion. International Women’s Day Speech – 1 Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! As today is 8th March, I heartily welcome all of you to the International Women’s Day ceremony of our ‘ABC NGO’. Today is a very special day for all of us as our NGO is dedicated towards empowering the deprived women across the country and we have decided to honour the NGO members with awards for their...

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Speech on Internet

The topic internet is a very sought after topic to write on, especially when it is to be addressed in relation with the students or the today’s globalizing world. The need of internet arises everywhere – whether it’s an organization, education institute, research centre or any household for that matter. Moreover, teachers often ask their students to write an effective speech on internet citing its advantages and disadvantages and its impact on a growing child. Therefore, in order to cater to the needs of children or adults, if they need to deliver one, we have covered this topic too. In our section, you would find both short speech on internet as well as long speech on internet that are comprehensive and can help serve your purpose. We can confidently say that our speeches are a good reference point for all the learners. Long and Short Speech on Internet Speech on Internet – 1 Warm Greetings Ladies and Gentleman! As you know that today’s seminar is conducted to discuss various aspects of internet – the benefits and loss it entails. I, as the host of today’s seminar, welcome you all to this event and sincerely hope to make this seminar a fruitful one for everyone present here by our active participation. However, before we initiate the discuss round, I would like to deliver a brief speech on internet so as...

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Speech on Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru is a renowned figure and doesn’t really need any introduction. An avid patriotic and a great political leader, he was second to no one who dedicated his whole life to his motherland and upliftment of the weak section of society. His great deeds made him immortal and this is the reason why he is still read by students from all age group. Teachers often ask students to write or deliver a speech on Jawaharlal Nehru on various occasions, especially on Children’s Day. Therefore, to provide some help to students in their assignment we have covered both short and long speech on Jawaharlal Nehru which would give them a fair idea of how to write an impactful piece and impress their teachers. Our all speeches on Jawaharlal Nehru are comprehensive and easy to understand. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Speech Speech on Jawaharlal Nehru – 1 Good morning everyone! Respected Principal Sir, teachers and all the guests. I am ________ from class ______. Today I am here to give a speech on Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru or Chacha Nehru as we fondly call him. Chacha Nehru was a great freedom fighter. He was also very close to Mahatma Gandhi. He took part in many freedom struggles, fighting for the rights of poor and needy. When India gained independence he was chosen as its first Prime Minister. His birthday on 14th November...

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Nature Speech

We all love nature in some or the other way, isn’t it? For instance, some love nature for its lush greenery, breathtaking beauty and some love it for its gifts, such as herbs and shrubs. In other words, nature gives us many things in abundance so that we can live a fulfilling life. Therefore, when it is such an integral part of our lives, students in particular are given assignments on nature or are asked to deliver a speech on nature in order to raise awareness. In fact, sometimes various organizations who work closely in protecting nature have to deliver a talk on it. Under this situation, our speeches come to their rescue. Our both short speech on nature as well as long speech on nature are written with a view to help students and other people who are in need of comprehensive nature speeches that are easy to understand. So read our easy to understand speeches and get an informed understanding on the subject. Speech on Nature Speech on Nature – 1 Respected Teachers and My Dear Students – Warm Greetings to All! The morning assembly has come to a close. Now, as the principal of this school, it becomes my responsibility to organize interactive sessions with my students. The reason being, I hardly get the opportunity to engage with you all and exchange our thought processes. Today...

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