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Discipline Speech

Needless to mention, discipline in life is very important for each one of us. It’s the tradition of training people to follow rules or a code of conduct. Without having a disciplined life, we cannot work towards our goals. This is the reason why its importance is taught right since our childhood. Long and Short Speech on Discipline in English In fact, many schools and colleges ask students to prepare a short speech on discipline or a long speech on discipline in order to understand the essence of discipline or deliver speech at any occasion. We present here sample speech on discipline covering the comprehensive meaning of the topic. Organizations have the code of conduct policy, ideally to inculcate discipline in the employees. Our sample discipline speech is highly impactful which can be used at organizational levels too. Speech on Discipline – 1 Respected Professors and Dear Juniors! It feels excellent to welcome our juniors in our esteemed ABC College. All our juniors look surprised at this speech ceremony and must be curiously awaiting your Fresher’s Party. But let me tell you that our English Department has organized this small ceremony to help you and us know each other well and declare the day of the fresher’s party as well. As one of your seniors, I am here to hold an interactive session with you all and also to...

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Humour and Wisdom Speech

Wisdom and Humour may sound contrary to each other, but they make an ideal combination as a wise statement tinged with humour can make it easier for the audience to grasp even difficult statements. Humour and Wisdom are the two highly significant traits of human nature, though it’s true that only a few people possess both the qualities together. Wisdom guides us about life all along, as it enables us to reflect on life and learn right lessons about it. At the same time, humour helps us relieve the stress of life. Here we are providing you four (4) speech on Humour and Wisdom to help you do best with this topic. Good luck! You can select any Humor and Wisdom Speech according to your and requirement: Speech on Humour and Wisdom Humour and Wisdom Speech – 1 Warm greetings to all my respected teachers and dear fellow students! Today, we have chosen a very different topic for speech delivery, i.e. Speech on Humour and Wisdom. What clicks you the moment you hear these two words – Humour and Wisdom? Don’t these words sound too familiar and relatable? Of course, they do, right! Now, ask yourself if you can engage yourself in a conversation, which is devoid of humor and wisdom. Certainly not possible, right! Thus, we can deduce that both humor and wisdom are the two most essential...

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Waste Management Speech

The modern civilization is now struggling with the problems of high build up of waste and its impact on the immediate and global environment. The present scenario calls for a smart handling of waste which includes processing and recycling as per the latest technology. Proper waste management helps us be protective towards the environment. In fact, due collection of waste and disposal is the key to make the global cleanliness and sustainability programmes successful. Here we are providing you four (4) speech on Waste Management to help you with this topic in your examination. Good luck! You can select any waste management speech according to your and requirement: Long and Short Speech on Waste Management in English Waste Management Speech – 1 Dear All! Welcome to the school auditorium! Before I begin my speech on waste management, please allow me to extend special thanks to our College Committee Members and Principal for always encouraging programmes based on social awareness. I sincerely hope that my fellow students would reap maximum benefits out of it by informing themselves about the burning issues of our times that our nation is grappling with and what we as the young generation of today can do to curb these escalating issues. One such problem that has caught people’s attention in the current scenario is the ever increasing waste and our inability to deal with it....

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Climate Change Speech

The threat of climate change needs to be taken very seriously. And this awareness should not be confined to scientists only, it is necessary to bring this knowledge to the common man too. The way the population is increasing, the pressure on Earth in the coming days is undoubtedly going to increase critically. How air and water have been polluted in recent times, is a matter of deep concern. Here we are providing you four (4) speeches on Climate Change to help you get prepared to speech on this topic at any event in the school, public place, community, etc to spread awareness about Climate Change and its effects among people. Speech on Climate Change Climate Change Speech – 1 Respected Principal sir, Respected Teachers and Dear Fellow Students, Welcome to the World Environment Day, I am here to host the programme for today and Climate Change is the most suitable topic, I would like to talk about. Climate change is a global problem today. The continuing change in climate across the world is posing threat to our environment and society as a whole with no clear remedy. It is happening due to the continuous rise in temperature which is very injurious for the mankind as it is directly affecting our health. The sudden increase in temperature leads to high heat waves during summers and lesser cold waves during...

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Patriotism Speech

The love for the country and that zeal to undergo any kind of hardships for the country is called patriotism. Patriotism teaches us to love our country and embrace the whole humanity. It enlightens people about their predominant duties towards the nation. Feeling of patriotism is the actual spirit that seeks happiness through supreme sacrifice for the country and enables us to step forward for doing our bit for our country. Here we are providing you four (4) speeches to help you attempt this topic at any event or occasion. So, make the best use of these speeches and come out with flying colours in yours studies. Long and Short Speech on Patriotism in English Speech on Patriotism – 1 Respected CEO, Manager and Supervisors, Dear Colleagues and all other Friends! Today is the day when we had received our Independence from the British and our nation became the Independent country in 1947. Like every year, we have gathered here to celebrate the Independence Day and pay tribute to all those great people who have sacrificed and are still sacrificing their lives for guarding and securing the Independence. I am highly honoured to get an opportunity to deliver a speech on Patriotism. This topic is very sensitive for me because I love my nation, my country very much. We all know how much difficulties and hardships, freedom fighters have...

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