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India speech

India occupies a prominent place in the galaxy of nations. With a rich cultural heritage stretching thousands of years, India beckons people from across the world to explore the country in all its fascinating variety of historical monuments, caves, rivers, valleys, fertile plains, mountains and hills, and much more. There are many occasions that call for delivering a speech on India, capturing its unique, incredible spirit. Here we are providing you few speeches on India to help you make a powerful impact on your audience. Speech on India Speech on India – 1 Hon’ble Chief Guest, Hon’ble Vice President, Respected Principal, Respected Teachers, Respected Staffs of the Administration Department and my Dear Fellow Students, Like every year, we have gathered here on the 15th of August to celebrate our Independence that we achieved many years ago in 1947. I am greatly honoured to have got the privilege of welcoming you all to this auspicious occasion. While we all are aware how we have achieved our Independence, there are very few who know about our country, the real India. I have been given this big responsibility to welcome you all and deliver few lines about our great country. India is the seventh largest in terms of area and second most populous country in the world. It is situated in South Asia and was publicly confirmed as Republic of India after...

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Welcome Speech for Seminar

Seminars are organized in educational institutions and different organisations during which various issues of significance are hotly debated. In fact, free expression of views or right to dissent is an integral part of democracy in India. Seminar delegates are required to deliver speeches in keeping with the respective occasion. Here we have provided you five seminar speeches. You can select and use any of the welcome speech for seminar according to the event organized at your institution: Seminar Welcome Speech Welcome Speech for a Seminar in Office Honourable Chief Executive Officer, Honourable Vice President and Board of Directors, Respected Members of Information Technology Department, Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming all of you to the 5th annual seminar of the ——— Food Ltd. Established in 2010, the company today has reached the heights of great success. Our company was established with a vision to serve the society with the production of quality processed food and beverages. We focus more on the middle and low income group who want to consume quality products within a limited budget. Our target audiences are the locals of this place as well as business people who operate within a range of 50 kilometres. But seeing the success of our company and the popularity of our products, the management has decided to expand the area of business. Now we...

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Welcome Speech for Award Ceremony

Different award ceremonies are organized in an educational institution during which students, teachers, principals or hosts are required to deliver welcome speeches in keeping with the occasion. Here we have provided you five welcome speeches for various events like school award ceremony, academic awards ceremony, sports award ceremony, high school award ceremony, student of the year award ceremony, etc. You can select and use any of the welcome speech according to the event organized at your school, college or university: Award Ceremony Welcome Speech Welcome Speech for School Awards Ceremony Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal and Teachers, Respected Parents and Dear Students! Welcome to the School Awards Ceremony 2016-2017. Today, I feel very privileged and honoured to stand here in front of you all and acknowledge the achievements of our brilliant students who have made both the school and their parents proud. This program is held to recognize the young talents who have made an immense contribution to our school and the society. These brilliant students exhibit such qualities that will not only help them in achieving their goals, but also bring glory of success to our school academy. Today, we have gathered here not just to celebrate the achievements of our students, but also to give due regard to our values and morals which these awardees exemplify, like discipline, compassion and zeal for learning. Awards are a way to...

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Welcome Speech for Fresher’s Party

Fresher’s Party are organised to welcome the new comers in educational institutions. These parties are addressed by seniors, teachers or may be sometimes the principal. They are required to deliver welcome speeches in keeping with the occasion. Here we have provided you four welcome speeches for a Freshers’ Party. You can select and use any of these welcome speeches according to your need: Fresher’s Party Welcome Speech Welcome Speech for Freshers’ Party by the Principal Hello everyone, Respected Chairperson, Hon’ble Chief Guest, Faculty Members, Technical and Administrative Staffs, Students and Dear New Comers, It’s a moment of great privilege and honour for me to extend a hearty welcome to all of you today at this memorable event of The ———- Institute of Engineering college. As you all are aware that we have gathered here to welcome freshers to our prestigious college. The programme will be followed by a few short speeches of the faculty teacher/s and our Hon’ble Chief guest, post which there will be cultural programmes, including dance and songs, short skits & play, drama, etc. refreshment at 3 PM and ultimately the party in the community hall from 7 PM onwards. I hope, you all are enjoying yourself so far and we promise to make this a memorable event for you all. Established in 2002, our college is recognized by the Govt. of NCT, Delhi and it...

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Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet

An Alumni Meet is organised to celebrate and refresh old relationships and form new ones. It is an occasion when students gather at their Alma Mater, go down the memory lane and look forward for new interactions with new hopes. The alumni are thrilled to be back in the campus again and interact with new students. During Alumni Meets students, teachers, principals or hosts are required to deliver welcome speeches in keeping with the occasion. Here we have provided you six welcome speeches for different speakers. You can pick up any of the welcome speech as per your requirement. Alumni Meet Welcome Speech Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet By Principal Good Evening to One & All Present Here… It gives me immense pleasure to address you all on the auspicious occasion of our Institution’s 10th Alumni Meet. A day like today is very important for us, as it provides us the opportunity to meet with many of our graduate students after a long time as well as provides them a chance to meet each other, their former teachers and other staff members. It also enables the alumni to notice the changes & developments happened in the college campus then and now. FGH, Noida, has a long established tradition to stay in touch with their students, continuing this tradition, FGH group of Colleges has organised an Alumni Meet at Taj...

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