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Importance of Education in our Life

Article on Importance of Education in our Life Introduction As the importance of light is better understood by experiencing darkness; so is the importance of education can be better understood by dwelling into the lack of it. Perhaps, an illiterate person who has never been to school and who has faced the curse of illiteracy could answer the question- “Why is education so important in our life?” better. He knows the importance of schools and what change could it brings to a person’s life. The answer to the question lies in the pain that he feels, when he couldn’t recognize neither use the opportunities those presents themselves, the pain in knowing that his aspirations and so his desires are clipped, because he was never educated. He realizes that education could be a key to success and a better life. The greatest sorrow of illiteracy is dependency. Yes! An illiterate person depends on others for his/her survival. Imagine if you were not educated enough to read this article, what would it have been like? Perhaps, the article would have looked like some alien code to you, impossible to decipher. Without education any human is like a hawk whose wings have been clipped; educations gives you wings to fly and explore, being confident and opportunistic. Education is like a powerful weapon which one uses to face the adversities of life and...

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Slogans on Trees

Trees constitute the most important part of the environment. They play a major role in balancing the eco-system by providing food and habitat for birds, animals and even humans. Trees also help in reducing air pollution as they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, the latter being the gas responsible for the survival of all living forms. An eco-system devoid of trees is unimaginable and without trees, earth will soon become a barren and inhabited land. Trees form forests and forests sustain life, control rain, temperature and natural water resources. The amount of oxygen which ten grown adults need in a year; a single mature tree produces in a season. There is no doubt on the usefulness of trees, be it to the environment or eco-system or life or to the existence of life on earth. Trees not only release oxygen but also absorb carbon dioxide, which is also a potent green house gas. Apart from protecting environment and balancing the eco-system, many trees also have medicinal and industrial uses. Trees like Alder, Ash, Beech, and Cedar are used for treatment of various ailments like- intestinal problems, pain, cancerous growth, kidney problems and lung related problems. Unfortunately, many trees are cut down to meet the supply of wood and its byproducts like- pare, pulp, chewing gums, wax, furniture etc or to make way for cities and industries, leading to...

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Slogans on Water

We all must have come across the statement- ‘Water is life’. The statement is more befitting in today’s scenario, when over 500 Million people across the globe suffer from water scarcity. A loss which could have well been avoided, had the humans behaved more responsibly; towards, the environment and its resources. Earth has enough fresh water for over 7 Billion people but most of it gets wasted or polluted. If the situation continues like this; within a decade, around 1.9 Billion will face acute water scarcity. It is the right time to act on the situation and take necessary steps, towards conservation of water, prevent its wastage as well as preventing its pollution; which is mostly due to human induced factors. We cannot increase the amount of available water resource, but we sure can prevent the wastage of what we are left with. These days ‘Water’ is the most important talked about natural resource in schools, in colleges as well as in professional circles; wherever, a concern for the environment is raised. Natural water resources of a place decide the quality of life, flora and fauna, irrigation, food supply, climate, rainfall and numerous other factors; essential for life. Water Slogans in English We have given below some effective slogan on water in English, so that you can use them for debates and speeches on ‘water’ in your school, and...

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Pravasi Bhartiya Divas

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Non Resident Indian Day) The Union Government of India celebrates Pravasi Bharatiya Divas or Non Resident Indian Day on 9th of January each year, to commemorate the achievements of the individuals of Indian origin, in their respective fields; and also to persuade them to bring their knowledge and expertise to Indian soil. The day also marks the return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa on 9th January 1915 and he is presented as a symbol of a change and development a Non Resident Indian could bring into India. Mahatma Gandhi inculcated his experiences of 21 years as a Civil Rights Activist in South Africa into India’s freedom struggle; finally freeing her from the clutches of British Empire. The Government of India believes that a NRI has a global exposure in terms of business and development strategies around the world; therefore, if provided with an opportunity they will infuse those ideas and experiences on their mother land, contributing to her development. The first Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was celebrated on 9th January 2003 and was observed annually till 2015. A decision to make the event biennial was taken by the Ministry Of External Affairs in 2016, since then it is celebrated every second year. Highlights of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2019 The 15th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was celebrated with great zeal and zest in the holy city of Varanasi from 21st...

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World Vegan Day

The World Vegan Day is observed across the globe on 1st November annually; primarily to encourage people to turn pure vegetarian and abstain from consuming animal meat and if possible other dairy products. The day commemorates the formation day of ‘The Vegan Society’ in the United Kingdom in November 1944. The World Vegan Day should not be confused with the World Vegetarian Day which is observed annually on 25th November. The Vegan Society was founded by Donald Watson, who was an animal rights activist in UK and is known to have coined the word ‘vegan’. The day was established by Louise Wallis, the President and the chairperson of the society, in 1994 on the 50th foundation anniversary of the society. Since the exact date of foundation of the society was unknown, Louise Wallis decided to celebrate the day on 1st November as it coincides with the Halloween. World Vegan Day 2019 World Vegan Day 2019 will be celebrated all over the world on 1st of November, Friday. Why is World Vegan Day Celebrated The main motive behind the celebration of ‘World Vegan Day’ is to encourage people to abstain from consuming animal meat as well as abstaining from using any by-products which are obtained from keeping the animals in a confined environment and subjecting them to cruelty. Basically it professes the philosophy of pure vegetarianism, abstaining from not only...

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