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Slogans on World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day is celebrated on 18th April every year to raise the global awareness about preserving the cultural, historical and monumental heritage, spread around the world. The day was first proposed by ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) in 1982. In 1983, the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) approved the observation of an annual “World Heritage Day” on 18th April. The main objective behind UNESCO’s observance of the World Heritage Day is to preserve and protect the rich cultural and historical heritage around the world. The UNESCO aims to achieve this by making more and more nations, signatory to the World Heritage Convention, and to nominate their respective sites or monuments for World Heritage Site. Once a site or monument is declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, it extends all the technical support necessary for its protection. It also provides financial support to the respective government for preserving its heritage. Our heritage is like a mirror to look into our past and connect with our roots. It has been preserved for centuries and deserves to remain in its present form for thousands of more years. Heritage is the most precious article that we will be handing over to our younger generation. World Heritage Day Slogans Below we have provided slogans on World Heritage Day in English. These World Heritage Day Slogans including the...

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Overpopulation in World Essay

Overpopulation refers to a situation where the number of humans in a particular place becomes more than the carrying capacity of that particular place. In a broader perspective the term overpopulation is also used for planet earth, because of the incessant rise in human population. There are various factors responsible for overpopulation like – low mortality rate; better public amenities; availability of food and habitat etc. A few social factors like illiteracy, poverty and no family planning are also responsible for overpopulation in developing or underdeveloped nations. Long and Short Essay on Overpopulation in World in English Below we have provided long and short essay on overpopulation in world. These overpopulation in world essay have been written in simple language covering all the vital topics under the heading overpopulation. After going through the following essays you will know the causes of overpopulation in world; causes of overpopulation in India and other developing countries; what are the social effects of overpopulation; effects of overpopulation on health; what are the solutions of overpopulation etc. Short Essay on Overpopulation in World (200 words) – Essay 1 Overpopulation is the overcrowding of earth due to unregulated population growth of humans. There are many economical and social factors leading to overpopulation. It could result from low mortality rate, high birth rate, illiteracy, lack of family planning, large scale migration etc. Also, depletion of natural...

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Television Essay

Television is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Since the invention of first ever electronic television in 1927, the television has undergone a number of changes in shape and size as well as in terms of transmission technology and picture quality. Today, the sleek, wall mounted televisions of different sizes are found in billions of houses across the world. They come in different sizes and are also equipped with latest technology, capable of showing hundreds of channels. The television has gained immense popularity over time and today it is found in almost every household, the world over. Sure, it is good for entertainment purposes and is informative, but it also has its set of disadvantages, which we will discuss further in the essay. Long and Short Essay on Television in English Below we have provided long and short essay on television in English language. These Television essay have been written using the simple vocabulary and easy to understand sentences. After going through the essays you would know – what is television; when and who invented it; how a television acts as a medium of education; is the television a boon or a bane; is television corrupting the minds of youth; what are the advantages and disadvantages of television, is television better than books, is television harmful to the society, etc. Short Essay on Television (200 Words) – Essay...

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Global Day of Parents

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a Resolution 66/292 on 17th September 2012, to observe 1st of June as the “global Day of Parents”. The day was announced to honour and acknowledge the love, commitment and selfless efforts of parents across the globe, towards their children. The Day recognizes the primary role of parents in a family, in nurturing of children. Parents in a family are primary care givers of the children and are responsible for their overall emotional and physical development. Global Day of Parents 2019 Global Day of Parents 2019 will be celebrated on Saturday, 1st June 2019. History of Global Day of Parents (Idea behind the Global Day of Parents) The role of a family in society and nation building began to be recognized by the United Nations and the international community in the 80s. Prior to the declaration of Global Day of Parents, the UN General Assembly had passed a resolution, 47/237 in 1993, proclaiming May 15th every year as “International Day of Families”. Four years back, on 9th December 1989, the UN General Assembly, had adopted the Resolution 44/82, declaring that 1994, was to be observed as the “International Year of the Family”. The main idea behind “Global Day of Parents” is to highlight the role parents play in rearing of the children and to recognize that the parents have the primary responsibility for...

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World Bicycle Day

On 12th April 2018, all 193 United Nations’ member states adopted a resolution at the 72nd session of General Assembly– General Assembly Resolution A/Res/72/272, to declare 3rd June as the “World Bicycle Day”, to be observed annually. The resolution was greatly supported by Turkmenistan. The idea for a global “world Bicycle Day” was propagated by Leszek J. Sibilski, a professor of sociology and a former member of the Polish National Olympic Cycling Team. World Bicycle Day 2019 World Bicycle Day 2019 will be celebrated on Monday, 3rd June 2019. History of World Bicycle Day – the Man Who Made it Happen The man behind the observance of “World Bicycle Day” is Professor Leszek J. Sibilski. He had been a member of the Polish national cycling team for ten years. He also worked as a sports reporter, covering major cycling events throughout the globe. He is also a social activist and had been advocating in the UN, the rights for persons with disabilities. Three years prior to the announcement of “World Bicycle Day”, Professor Sibilski embarked on an academic project to study the role of bicycles in development. He had little idea that the project would inspire a massive advocacy effort to have the United Nations designate a day to promote the use of bicycle around the world. It all began with Sibilski’s two blogs. The first one he wrote...

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