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Giaravahin Sharif

“Giaravahin Sharif” is a Muslim festival celebrated by Sunni Muslims, in reverence to one of their religious preacher and an ascetic – Abdul Qadir Gilani.  He is believed to be the descendent of Prophet Mohammad, as his mother was the direct descendant of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. He was the founder of Qadiriyya tarriqa (Sufi order) of Sufism. Abdul Qadir Gilani was born in Gilan province in present day Iran; hence, his name Gilani refers to his place of birth. He was born on 17th March 1078 CE and died on 21st February 1166 CE. His birthday is celebrated on 1st Ramadan, which is the ninth month of Islamic Hijri calendar, and his death anniversary also known as “Giaravahin Sharif” is celebrated on 11th day of Rabi al Thani, the fourth month of Islamic calendar. Giaravahin Sharif 2019 Giaravahin Sharif 2018 was celebrated on Friday, 28th December 2018. The date for the 2019 observance of “Giaravahin Sharif” is not declared yet. When is Giaravahin Sharif Celebrated? Giaravahin Sharif is celebrated on the 11th day of Rabi-al-Thani, fourth month of Islamic Hijri calendar, which corresponds with the day of demise of Abdul Qadir Gilani. Though, some scholars and traditions believe that he died on 17th day of Rabi-al-Thani. Why is Giaravahin Sharif Celebrated? “Giaravahin Sharif” is celebrated by the Sunni Muslims in honor of one of their...

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Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is celebrated by the Sikh community to mark the birth of their tenth and also the last master Guru Gobind Singh. He was born on 5th January 1666 as Gobind Rai to Guru Tegh Bahadur and Mata Gujri. Guru Gobind Singh was a spiritual master and a warrior, highly revered by the Sikh community. He founded the Sikh warrior community, called “Khalsa” in 1699. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2019 Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti in 2019 falls on Sunday, 13th January 2019. When is Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti Celebrated? Though, Guru Gobind Singh was born on 5th January 1666, his annual birthday is celebrated based on the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar, which is a solar calendar used in Sikhism. The first year of Nanakshahi calendar started in 1469 CE, with the birth of Guru Nanak Dev. Life and Death of Guru Gobind Singh Guru Gobind Singh was born in Patna, Bihar, as the only son to Guru Teg Bahadur and Mata Gujri. Born in a Khatri family he spent the first four years of his life there and then returned to Punjab with his family in 1670. In March 1672 his family moved to Shivalik range in Himalayan foothills and he was admitted in a school there. Alter in the sad turn of events Guru Teg Bahadur was beheaded at Delhi on 11th November 1675, while attempting...

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Hola Mohalla

“Hola Mohalla” is an annual festival of Sikhs celebrated at the city of Ananadpur Sahib in Rupnagar (Ropar) district of Punjab province of western India. Hola Mohalla is celebrated on the second day of Chett month, which is the first month of Nanakshahi calendar, a lunar calendar of Sikhism. The festivities of Hola Mohalla coincide with holi in March or may fall on the next day of holi. It is grand festival marking the reverence of Sikh gurus and displaying athletic and warrior skills of the Sikh community. The festival of Hola Mohalla holds much significance for not only Indian Sikhs but also for Sikhs throughout the world. Government of India has accorded Hola Mohalla, the status of a National festival. Hola Mohalla 2019 Hola Mohalla 2019 commences on Friday, 22nd March 2019, on the next day of Holi and concludes on Sunday, 24th March 2019. Meaning of “Hola Mohalla” The word “Hola” is a masculine form of feminine sounding “Holi” and is more likely to have evolved from word “halla” which implies a military charge. “Mohalla” is derived from an Arabic word mahalla, implying a colony, in this case an army procession. Thus, when combined together, the words “Hola Mohalla” mean “the charge of an army.” When is Hola Mohalla Celebrated? The dates of Hola Mohalla celebrations are based on the traditional lunar calendar of Sikhism, known as...

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Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid or Eid-Ul-Adha)

Eid-ul-Adha also known as Id-ul-Zuha, Bakrid or Eid-al-Adha is an Islamic festival celebrated by Muslims all over the world. It is celebrated to commemorate the sacrificial will of Prophet Abraham, on the command of God (Allah). Former was readily willing to sacrifice his own son on latter’s command; though, god intervened in the last moment to save Abraham’s son Ishmael (Isaac – in Bible) from being sacrificed. Eid-al-Adha is also called the “Greater Eid” as it the most significant of two Eid festivals, other being Eid-ul-Fitr. The celebrations also mark the end of annual Hajj pilgrimage to the holy town of Mecca. The festivities range from two to three days and are marked with get together, feasting, charity and gift giving. Eid-al-Adha 2019 Eid-al-Adha in 2019 will be celebrated on Monday, 12th August 2019. Though, the exact date of observance may vary from country to country, depending on the sighting of moon. When is Eid-al-Adha Celebrated? The festival of Eid-al-Adha is celebrated based on the Islamic Hijri Calendar. It is lunar calendar consisting of 12 lunar months. Eid-al-Adha is celebrated on the 10th day of 12th and last month of “Dhu-al-Hijjah” or Zulhijja. The date of the celebration of Eid-al-Adha may vary from country to country depending on the sighting of the moon. Eid-al-Adha Meaning In Arabic “Eid” refers to a holiday and “Adha” is a reference to sacrifice....

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Sodal Mela

“Baba Sodal Mela” is a religious fare held annually in the Jalandhar city of Punjab state in western India. It is held in reverence to Baba Sodal, a local deity. The venue of the fair surrounds Baba Sodal Samadhi (tomb). The fair is usually a single day affair held in the month of Bhadon, the sixth month of Punjabi calendar. Baba Sodal Mela has gained much popularity over years and today it has become a major festival of Punjab, visited by devotees from throughout India as well as from abroad. Sodal Mela 2019 The date of Baba Sodal Mela 2019 is yet to be announced. When is Sodal Mela Celebrated? Baba Sodal Mela is celebrated on the 14th day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadon. The festival usually falls in the Gregorian calendar month of September. Sodal Mela Story The legend has it that Baba Sodal was a very playful child. One day despite his mother’s repeated instructions to not to do so, he followed her to the nearby pond, where she would go for washing clothes and to meet other domestic requirements. When the mother started bathing in the pond, her son started playing by throwing mud at her. The mother got angry and in a fit of anger asked her son to jump in the pond; though, she didn’t mean it literally. Nevertheless, the boy...

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