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Pros and Cons of Privatization

Privatization is a term implying the transformation of a public sector company into a private sector company. Also, when government regulations on a private company are lessened or removed; the company is said to have undergone “deregulation”. The term “deregulation” is also often used as a synonym of privatization. In other words privatization means that the control of government over a particular service has been shifted into private hands. Privatization had both the advantages and disadvantages over the economy, social welfare and other sectors. We will further understand “Privatization” with suitable examples and also its pros and cons. Examples of Privatization 1) Privatization in Healthcare In simple words, privatization in healthcare implies involvement of private hospitals and clinics in the government’s healthcare schemes and services. It could mean full or partial transfer of the ownership of healthcare services to private entities. A government can take such decision if it finds it difficult to manage or provide the services on its own. One finest example of privatization in healthcare is Great Britain where health industry is rapidly growing after the government adopted a policy of sustaining old age people in private hospitals, on state budget, when there is no bed available in public sector hospitals. 2) Privatization in Education Privatization in education has been a hot topic for debates over its advantages, disadvantages and social consequences. Still, several governments around...

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Essay on Agriculture and Rural Development

Today, urbanization has made people from rural areas to shift to cities and towns, for better opportunities and facilities. This trend isn’t specific to a particular region of the globe, but is witnessed almost in every country. Despite this huge population shift from rural to urban centers, agriculture has remained a significant source of income and livelihood for one-third of the world population. Agriculture, at the grass root level functions as a family run business, by the farmers. Nearly 70-80% of total world’s poor people rely on agriculture for livelihood, including the farmers. Hence, the role that agriculture plays in Rural Development is significant. Long and Short Essay on Agriculture and Rural Development in English We have given below Short and Long Essay on Agriculture and Rural Development in English under varying word lengths. After reading these short and long agriculture and rural development essay, you will know what role does agriculture plays in rural development, the world statistics on agriculture; facts and figures around the world; what role does agriculture plays in economy; importance/significance of agriculture; components of rural development; Indian statistics on agriculture and rural development; steps taken by the government of India for rural development etc. These Agriculture and Rural Development essays are especially beneficial for the students of senior secondary level and help them in essay writing, debate or other competitions. Agriculture and Rural Development...

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Essay on Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami is a Hindu Festival celebrated by the Hindu community in India. The day is observed on the 8th day of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the Shraavana month of Hindu Luni-solar calendar. The festival commemorates the birth of Sri Krishna. The festival is fervently celebrated in several parts of India with reverence to Sri Krishna and his companion Radha. The festival is celebrated with exceptional zeal and enthusiasm in the northern states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, and Himachal Pradesh. Short and Long Essay on Krishna Janmashtami in English We have provided below Short and Long Essay on Krishna Janmashtami in English. These Janmashtami Essay are written effectively, though keeping the language simple to let you better understand the festival and its significance. After going through these essays you will be able to answer questions like, when is Janmashtami celebrated; why is it celebrated; how does different states celebrate Janmashtami differently; how is Janmashtami celebrated in Krishna’s birthplace Mathura; what is special on Janmashtami celebrations in Mumbai etc. These Krishna Janmashtami essays have been written especially for school going students to help them in their Janmashtami celebrations and essay writing, debate or other similar competitions. Krishna Janmashtami Essay – 1 (100 Words) Krishna Janmashtami is a significant Hindu festival celebrated in the Indian sub-continent to commemorate the birth of Sri Krishna, one of the...

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Achievements of India after Independence

Achievements of India after 1947 India had won its freedom on 15th August, 1947 after a long struggle against the British rule. Many people had lost their lives and family. They had felt the British oppressive policies and faced the tortures and punishments. They had no opportunity provided by the British to prosper. They neither were educated nor could provide education to their upcoming generations. The people in the British Rule worked as slaves because they to pay heavy taxes. They were cruelly beaten by the British and their officials and policemen, if they were unable to pay taxes. Many small incidents occurred during the course of time by the people who revolted but they were individual clashes. The mass rebellion up surged in 1857 in the all the parts of India that brought the sense of liberty among the Indians. Then the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi in India in 1915 intensified it at that level that had shaken the foundation of the British Rule in India. Gandhiji had launched many movements, advised the people to use non-violent means and united the people. The feeling of Nationalism started taking shape in the frightened and weak people and they became united. They initiated mass agitations and insurgencies that had made the British to think to leave India. The constitution of India came into force on 26th January, 1950. Now the...

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Speech on Article 370 of Constitution of India

Article 370 is an Article in the Constitution of India which gives special status to the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. When India gained independence, the then ruler of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh was left with an option of annexing with either India or Pakistan. Hari Singh rather chose to remain independent, till the Pakistani tribes attacked J&K. Thus Maharaja Hari Singh agreed to a conditional annexation with India. These conditions are specifically mentioned in Instrument of Accession that he signed on 26th October 1947. Later when the monarchy of J& K was abolished in 1952, most of the declarations in the instrument of Accession were incorporated in the Constitution by immediate government. Long and Short Speech on Article 370 in English We are providing various speech on Article 370 under different words limit in simple and easy to understand language. Following Article 370 speech have been written covering all the vital aspects of it. After going through the speeches you will know the meaning and features of Article 370; when was Article 370 scrapped; what are going to be its repercussions in long run, both on Kashmir and on India; was the decision to scrap the article was good or bad; what all privileges were enjoyed by the government and people of Kashmir under Article 370, etc. So, choose the one which you like the most: Speech...

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