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Importance of Education for Women

Article on Importance of Education for Women Introduction Women education is a catch all term which refers to the state of primary, secondary, tertiary and health education in girls and women. There are 65 Million girls out of school across the globe; majority of them are in the developing and underdeveloped countries. All the countries of the world, especially the developing and underdeveloped countries must take necessary steps to improve their condition of female education; as women can play a vital role in the nation’s development. If we consider society as tree, then men are like its strong main stem which supports the tree to face the elements and women are like its roots; most important of them all. The stronger the roots are the bigger and stronger the tree will be spreading its branches; sheltering and protecting the needy. Women are the soul of a society; a society can well be judged by the way its women are treated. An educated man goes out to make the society better, while an educated woman; whether she goes out or stays at home, makes the house and its occupants better. Women play many roles in a society- mother, wife, sister, care taker, nurse etc. They are more compassionate towards the needs of others and have a better understanding of social structure. An educated mother will make sure that her children...

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Importance of Education for Children

Article on Importance of Education for Children Introduction An American social reformer and writer, Fredrick Douglass once wrote- “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. Though he wrote these lines in the context of slavery, but it also holds true in relation to education. Education gives strength to the children to become strong adults and be successful in future. Education is so much important in a child’s life that it marks the foundation of his success later in life and decides on whether he will turn out to become a happy and content adult or an emotionally shattered and depressed individual. We will one day hand over the control of our nation to our children and if they are not educated well to take up the responsibility, the goals that we have set for development will be remain unaccomplished. A nation which doesn’t spends much on child education; forever, remains in the grasp of poverty and misery not only suffering today but also destroying its tomorrow. A child is the key to the success of a nation and education is the key to success of a child. It is only when a child succeeds that the nation will. The purposes of education in a child’s life can be many- learning skills, developing curiosity and creativity, instilling discipline, developing strength and endurance, communicating, building confidence,...

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Importance of Education in Society

Article on Importance of Education in Society Introduction Society is defined as a collection of people living together in an ordered community. A well ordered community share common infrastructure and economy and live in unison displaying unity and integrity, without hatred or remorse. What brings order to a society? Ever wondered that, why do some societies keep a constructive approach towards life and development while some fight among themselves for money, drugs and other trivial issues. As we dwell deep into the behavior of societies, we realize that, it is the state of literacy and the prevailing educational psychology in a society, those are primarily responsible for its development and success. A society behaves depending on the status of education and literacy of its individuals. A society which realizes the importance of schools for its children and has good schools and educational institutions backed by dedicated faculty; is on the right path towards development. An educated society can look after the needs of its children, students, youth as well as and elders and strive for development; taking everybody in account. A society which is educated nurtures the younger generation in a much better way than the uneducated society, so that they grow up to become content and happy individuals; contributing to the nation’s growth. An uneducated society, on the other hand has many odds on its side than the...

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Importance of Education in our Life

Article on Importance of Education in our Life Introduction As the importance of light is better understood by experiencing darkness; so is the importance of education can be better understood by dwelling into the lack of it. Perhaps, an illiterate person who has never been to school and who has faced the curse of illiteracy could answer the question- “Why is education so important in our life?” better. He knows the importance of schools and what change could it brings to a person’s life. The answer to the question lies in the pain that he feels, when he couldn’t recognize neither use the opportunities those presents themselves, the pain in knowing that his aspirations and so his desires are clipped, because he was never educated. He realizes that education could be a key to success and a better life. The greatest sorrow of illiteracy is dependency. Yes! An illiterate person depends on others for his/her survival. Imagine if you were not educated enough to read this article, what would it have been like? Perhaps, the article would have looked like some alien code to you, impossible to decipher. Without education any human is like a hawk whose wings have been clipped; educations gives you wings to fly and explore, being confident and opportunistic. Education is like a powerful weapon which one uses to face the adversities of life and...

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Slogans on Trees

Trees constitute the most important part of the environment. They play a major role in balancing the eco-system by providing food and habitat for birds, animals and even humans. Trees also help in reducing air pollution as they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, the latter being the gas responsible for the survival of all living forms. An eco-system devoid of trees is unimaginable and without trees, earth will soon become a barren and inhabited land. Trees form forests and forests sustain life, control rain, temperature and natural water resources. The amount of oxygen which ten grown adults need in a year; a single mature tree produces in a season. There is no doubt on the usefulness of trees, be it to the environment or eco-system or life or to the existence of life on earth. Trees not only release oxygen but also absorb carbon dioxide, which is also a potent green house gas. Apart from protecting environment and balancing the eco-system, many trees also have medicinal and industrial uses. Trees like Alder, Ash, Beech, and Cedar are used for treatment of various ailments like- intestinal problems, pain, cancerous growth, kidney problems and lung related problems. Unfortunately, many trees are cut down to meet the supply of wood and its byproducts like- pare, pulp, chewing gums, wax, furniture etc or to make way for cities and industries, leading to...

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