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My Mother Essay

If there is someone in the world, whom I can trust in the most challenging of situations and who will always, despite the adversities, extend love, care and affection to me – it’s My Mother. Every child has a wonderful emotional attachment to his/her mother and I am also no exception to it. I have deliberately used the word “child” here because for your mother, you will always remain a child, no matter how old, big, independent or successful you become. I too will always remain her most adorable creature and her greatest weakness. The relationship that I share with my mother is the strongest and the most valuable than all the other relationships. Long and Short Essay on My Mother in English Please find below various My Mother essay under different word limit as per your need. Every sentence of all the my mother essay has been thoughtfully constructed to give you an insight into the qualities of a mother and why is she the God’s greatest gift to her children. After going through following essay on my mother, you will be able to know what is the importance of my mother in my life, what is emotional and physical importance of my mother in my life, how is My Mother My Best Friend, how is My Mother My Best Teacher, how is My Mother My Inspiration, how is...

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Slogans on My Mother

Before moving onto some catchy slogans on “My Mother”, it would be better if we discuss a little on the topic. Though, there are thousands of qualities in a mother, and we all know it, nevertheless, we will discuss it, just to build up the mood. “My Mother”- It’s a small phrase capable of swirling a sea of emotions inside you. If I ask you to write something about your mother, you would probably fall short of words to describe her love, aura, compassion, hard work, dedication, devotion, parenting skills, consideration etc. A mother is the primary guardian of her child. For a mother, her child is like a part of her own heart giggling, running and playing around. The child too, somehow realizes her love from the moment of his/her birth and over the time the two develop a strong emotional bonding, which only gets stronger with time. There is a fixed set of characteristics, found universally in all the mothers. They may be rich or poor; illiterate or educated; working or housewife; they all display same love and devotion towards their children. A mother, who does menial jobs to feed her family, loves her children no less than the mother who is placed as a high ranking professional in some multinational company. Both of them when it comes to their children could easily go to the extent...

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual event organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO) on 28th April, to raise awareness for safety and health at the workplace, since 2003. Every year a central theme is assigned for the events and the campaigns are based around the theme. The main objective of the day is to develop a safe and healthy work environment for all the workers employed in various government and non government sectors across the world. The governments, employers and workers strive to achieve a safe and healthy work environment by following a defined set of rules, principles and guidelines for workplace. However, the foremost priority is given to taking preventive measures to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all. World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2019 World Day for Safety and Health at work was observed on Sunday, April 28th, 2019. This year the observance coincided with the centenary of International Labour Organization, which was formed on 29th October 1919. World Day for Safety and Health at Work theme 2019 was “Safety and Health and the Future of Work”. This year events were inspired by the centenary of ILO and attempts to review the efforts made in past 100 years to ensure safety and health at workplace and analyze the future prospects of continuing these efforts, integrating them with...

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Slogans on Election

Before we start providing you slogans on election, we have given here a short overview about the election; you can go through this to have a general idea about the topic: In a democratic setup, elections are the most significant national event, more so, as in the world’s largest and diversified democracy, India, where elections are celebrated as National Festival. There are four main types of elections in India – Lok Sabha Elections, Rajya Sabha Elections, Elections of the State Legislative Assemblies and Local Bodies Elections, like Municipalities, corporations, panchayats etc. The electoral roll and eligibility for taking part in these elections has been enshrined in the Constitution of India. In some of the elections, people directly vote to select their representatives, while in others; the members are elected indirectly by the people i.e. by other elected representatives. The elections for Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament) and State Legislative Assemblies are the most significant elections held in India. In both the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly elections, people vote directly every five years, to choose a government at the centre and state respectively. The power of people, in a democracy is applied through the process of election. It is only through elections that the supremacy of people over the government is fostered in a democracy. People franchise their vote to choose the government for a fixed term...

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Vishu Festival

Vishu is an annual south Indian festival celebrated in the states of Kerala and coastal Kanyakumari region along with some parts of south western Karnataka. The festival celebrates the beginning of Zodiac New Year in the Malayalee month of Metam (April-May) and implies the completion of spring equinox. Though, Vishu is an important festival in Kerala and adjoining areas, it lacks the pomp and show as is usually the case with majority of Indian festivals. It is celebrated as a family time and aim at the family members viewing certain auspicious items kept especially for the occasion, first thing on the morning of Vishu. Vishu Festival 2019 Vishu festival 2019 was celebrated on Monday, 15th April 2019. Vishu Festival 2020 Vishu Festival 2020 will be celebrated on Tuesday, 14th April 2020. Nomenclature “Vishu” in Sanskrit means equal, a resemblance to the end of spring equinox and position of the sun exactly above the equator. The festival is also called Visu in Malayalam and Bisu in parts of south west Karnataka. In Malayalam “kani” refers to “that which is seen first”. Since a major festival ritual requires seeing certain auspicious items first thing in the morning of Vishu; the festival is also popularly called “Vishukkani”. When is Vishu Festival Celebrated? Vishu is celebrated as an astronomical new year in Kerala. It is celebrated in the Malayalam calendar month of Metam,...

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