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Farewell Speech – How to Write and Deliver a Farewell Speech

Introduction A fare well speech is a way to say good bye to your colleagues, students, teachers before leaving an organization, school or a college. It is a way to show your respect and gratitude for your colleagues and friends before the final departure. A fare well speech is like a more sophisticated, formal and glorified version of ‘Good Bye’. It is a narration of experiences gained together, moments those were spent together or achievements made. A fare well speech is usually given by the colleagues to a leaving or retiring employee or to the teachers, students leaving an institution. It may also be given by the colleagues, students to any leaving employee or student. It give the departing employee an opportunity to personally acknowledge and thanks his/her colleagues or the vice versa. Farewell Speech By going though this article you will be able to know about What is a Farewell, How to Write an Effective Fare Well speech, How to Start a Farewell Speech, How to be Prepared and have Much Confidence, Characteristics of a Gracious Farewell Speech, Types of Farewell Speeches and How to Start them. What is a Farewell? A farewell is an event organized to felicitate and honor a leaving colleague, student or teacher, to show him/her that how much they mattered in the organization and that they will be missed by all. It is...

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Welcome Speech – How to Write and Deliver a Welcome Speech

Introduction A welcome speech is delivered to mark the beginning of any special event or occasion or to welcome a person into an organization. The purpose of a welcome speech could be many- it could be delivered to welcome the guests at the opening of an office, hotel, function etc, it is also delivered to welcome the chief guest of an occasion or to welcome a new employee etc. The bottom line is that a welcome speech is delivered to welcome any person or occasion like- guests, events, chief guests, employees, opening ceremonies as the occasion demands. Welcome Speech By going though this article you will be able to know about what is a Welcome, how to write an effective welcome speech, how to be prepared and have much confidence, characteristics of a gracious welcome speech, and how to start a welcome speech. What is a Welcome? A welcome is an instance or manner to greet someone and a welcome speech does the same. It is a gesture to greet arrival of guest/s on various occasions or places. The regular welcome could be just exchange of greetings or could also be in the form of some gestures. For Ex- visitors to an amusement park are welcomed at the main gate by employees dressed up in different costumes and waving at them, customers in an eatery are welcomed by the...

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Slogans on Earth

Earth is the planet on which we survive along with millions other species; not merely survive but live! It’s very important that we understand the difference between surviving and living. Earth not only provides for our needs like a responsible caretaker, but gives in abundance like a mother who pampers her child. The clean air, the cool breeze, the forests, mountains, water, rain, heat, cold, fruits, flowers; are only a few of uncountable things that she has blessed us with. Unfortunately, humans are not very good at remembering and returning the favor. Today, the earth is screaming with the environmental damage brought upon mainly by human induced factors. Unscrupulous use of natural resources by humans has resulted in their depletion and scarcity. Earth gives us shelter and food in abundance but asks nothing in return. It is therefore our moral obligation as well as a necessity to ensure that we don’t do any further damage to our planet by harming its environment and depleting its natural resources. Slogans on Earth in English Below we are giving inspiring slogans on ‘Earth’, to make you understand her importance and the damages that we do to her and to inspire you to contribute towards earth protection and restoration. You can go through these unique and catchy earth slogans and choose the best one for you: Unique and Catchy Earth Slogans   Earth...

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Slogans on National Flag of India

National flag of India is rectangular in shape and has three horizontal stripes of saffron, white and green from top to bottom respectively. The white stripe in middle has a 24 spokes Ashoka Chakra in navy blue at its centre. The National flag was adopted by the constituent Assembly on 22nd July 1947 and officially became the Flag of the Dominion of India on 15th August 1947 and the Republic of India after 26th January 1950. It is also called Tiranga (in Hindi) or Tricolor, which means having three colors. The design of the Indian National Flag was hugely inspired from a flag designed by freedom fighter Pingali Venkayya for Indian National Congress in 1921. The National Flag is made of Khadi and has a length to breadth ratio of 3:2. The saffron color of the flag represents strength and courage, white represents peace and tranquility and green represents prosperity and fertility. The Ashoka Chakra depicts Dharma chakra and is taken from edicts of Ashoka. The Bureau of Indian Standards decides on the manufacturing and specifications of the flag, while its display is governed by the Flag code of India. The Flag Code of India has been amended twice, first in 2002 to allow the flag’s display by general public and again in 2005 to use it in certain specific form of clothing. Slogans on National Flag in English...

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Slogans on Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar also known as B.R. Ambedkar was born on 14th April 1891 in Mhow (now Dr. Ambedkar Nagar) in Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Ambedkar was an economist and a social reformer, who dedicated his life for the uplift of Indian untouchable (dalit) community. Himself belonging to a backward class, he had faced the discrimination from a very early age and felt the pains of it. He was the first untouchable to enter the prestigious Elphinstone College, Mumbai. The practice of untouchability was so deeply rooted during those times that his colleagues at Sydenham College of Commerce And Economics in Mumbai refused to share same water jug with him, when he was working as a professor there. Such incidents only made him more resolved to fight the class discrimination which was prevalent in Hindu religion. He achieved one of the major milestones in his fight against untouchability when he successfully converted to Buddhism on 14th October 1956 along with half a million other dalits at Deekshabhoomi in Nagpur Maharashtra. He is credited of bringing many social and political reforms by organizing the untouchables throughout India. He fought against the discrimination as well as for the political and social rights of the untouchable community. He was also the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee, when India gained Independence and is known as the ‘Father of The Constitution of India’. The...

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