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Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti is one of the most significant festivals of Jainism. It is observed to commemorate the birth of Lord Mahavira, the twenty fourth and last tirthankara of Jainism. The festival is also called “Mahavir Janma Kalyanak” and is usually celebrated in the Gregorian months of March or April. The celebration lacks much pomp and show and is mainly observed with reverence to Lord Mahavir, with anointment of his statues, prayers and meditation. Mahavir Jayanti 2019 Mahavir Jayanti 2019 was celebrated on Wednesday, 17th of April across the nation will full devotional fervour and enthusiasm. Some of the Indian states where Mahavir Jayanti is grandly observed are – Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Karnataka, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. President, Vice President and Prime Minister greeted people on the occasion and emphasised on the need of following Bhagwan Mahavir’s message of peace, non violence and harmony. They also said that the teachings of Mahavir was for mankind and hence relevant to the entire world. Followers of Jainism celebrated this festival by chanting prayers, visiting temples, offering prasad and organizing processions. People also donated food and clothes on the occasion and spread the word of non violence and peace. In Indore, a 92 years old golden chariot is taken out for procession as the part of the celebration. The chariot was given a new look by the artisans of various...

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Digital India

Digital India initiative is one of the most ambitious projects of the Government of India; it is part of PM Narendra Modi’s vision of making India a ‘digitally empowered knowledge economy’. What is Digital India Initiative Digital India initiative is an extended and transformed version of e-Governance project which is in place since mid-1990s. Various e-Governance projects all over the country encompassing all the government departments have not been able to bring about desired results. Thus there was a need felt by the current government to overhaul the present infrastructure of e-governance plan and also include additional objectives in the new initiative. Through the implementation of this scheme, the gap between government departments and people in general would be minimized. Services and benefits provided by the government would reach to the citizens in quick time and without much hassle. It will also ensure local electronic manufacturing and job creations for Indians. Therefore, to realize the objective of making India a ‘Digital Society’ and a ‘Knowledge Economy’, PM Narendra Modi envisioned the scheme of “Digital India” so as to transform the entire concept of Governance by making it more transparent and accessible to the citizen. The Digital India initiative is being envisaged by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) but other ministries are also involved such as Ministry of Communications & IT, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Human...

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Social Reformers of India

Any society consists of diverse and different types of persons; persons with different religions, different castes, different colors, different gender and different faiths etc. And it is expected that they all should live in harmony and without discrimination; ideal situation is when there is equality, freedom and brotherhood among all sections of society. However, human society all over the world shows that various types of exploitative practices are prevalent there; these practices originated due to human greed for power, authority and superiority; such as so-called higher caste people would exploit so-called lower caste persons; a white would exploit a...

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Bharat Ratna Award Winners

Bharat Ratna Award The highest civilian award of the republic of India is known as BHARAT RATNA. It came into existence on 2nd January 1954. The award was in recognition of extraordinary performance in the field of literature, science, public services and arts only .This award belongs to all people of India without any discrimination of sex, race and age. Previously award belonged to only limited criteria but in December 2011 the criteria was changed to include all fields of human endeavour. Maximum 3 nominees may be awarded per year and recommendations for the same are specially made by...

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Programmes and Schemes of Narendra Modi government

Results of 2014 General Elections were significant in two important ways; firstly, a new party i.e. Bhartiye Janta Party (BJP) under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi came into power and secondly, after 30 years, a single party got majority in the Lok Sabha-BJP secured more than 280 Lok Sabha on its own. On 26 May 2014, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and his cabinet took oath and the new Government came into existence. To fulfill its vision and for the welfare and development of the country, acting on its motto: “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”, the new Government decided...

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