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Slogans on Nature

Nature is very important for the continuity of life on the earth. Everything on the earth is the part of nature and connected to each other for healthy survival and continuity of life in future. We should maintain the natural cycle and do not disturb it to keep the nature evergreen. However, in the last few decades, we have disturbed the nature to a great extent because of the urbanization, industrialization and deforestation which give rise to the pollution and global warming. Pollution and global warming are man-made disasters; strangely and frequently calling the natural disasters. Such disasters are keeping the existence of life on earth in danger. People should be aware about the importance of nature and must participate in all the organized event celebrations or other related programmes over nature, environment, etc to know about. Slogans on nature are the best way to encourage people about the safety of nature during any related event or campaign celebration. You can use following effective and encouraging nature slogans to fulfill your purpose successfully:   Nature Slogan Don’t denature the nature; it is a gift from God to us.   Don’t disturb the natural cycle, let them run as usual.   Keep clean and green to the nature.   Save plants, save the nature.   Save the nature, as we have no another place to live.   Everything, given by...

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Slogans on No Smoking

Smoking is a habit of inhaling and exhaling the smoke by various means. Smoking is very injurious to the health as it calls various types of cancer. In UK, it has been the greatest single cause of illness and premature death. Long-term smoking decreases about 10 years of life as it causes early death. It causes various types of respiratory diseases as well as increases the risk of several other diseases with years of unpleasant symptoms. It is a big issue in various countries which needs to be eliminated soon. ‘No Smoking Day’ is celebrated every year by the people on 2nd Wednesday in the month of March in order to spread awareness about bad effects of smoking and encourage people to quit smoking. We have provided here various slogans on No Smoking which you can use while celebrating No Smoking Day event. You can use following slogans to make the campaign celebration very effective, attractive and successful. Following No Smoking slogans are meaningful, eye catching and fresh which you can use to encourage people to quit smoking. You can choose any No Smoking slogan to spread awareness among people about smoking:   No Smoking Slogan Smoking is injurious to health; don’t give your life into hand of tobacco.   Smoking is eating our body from inside; don’t be used to of it.   Smoking eats our body slowly...

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Slogans on Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a way we can collect rain water into the tank, pond or other types of natural or artificial water reservoirs. Harvesting the rain water is an effective technique to maintain the level of water on the earth as well as reducing the use of clean water in all purposes. It is a technique which must be hugely spread among public to follow it in order to minimize the risk of lack of water on the earth in future. Through rainwater harvesting we can save more clean water by using rain water in the purposes other than drinking and cooking. It will improve the water supply and food production, thus food security. We have provided below some useful, effective and inspiring slogans on rainwater harvesting which you can use on any occasion, event related to water scarcity as well as spread awareness about rainwater harvesting among people. Following rain water slogans are useful to aware people about importance of water in the drought areas all over the world. You can use any slogan given below to encourage people to store the rain water by any means:   Rainwater Harvesting Slogan Rainwater Harvesting is much better than unnecessary water wasting.   Water is essence of life, save rain water.   Water level is going low, why we are very slow; Save Rain Water!   Don’t let rain water...

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Slogans on Deforestation

Deforestation is the complete removal of forests by people in order to fulfill the variety of purposes in such a growing technological world. People know very well that cutting forest is not good for life on the earth however they do so for their greediness and selfishness to make homes, farms, ranches, or urban use. Deforestation makes many animals and birds homeless as forests are the natural homes for them. Deforestation causes huge disturbance to the ecosystem and environment as forests play many important roles in ecosystem management. Various awareness campaigns have been run by the government to stop deforestation by making people aware about all the negative effects of deforestation. We have provided below some unique, useful, effective and inspiring slogans on deforestation which you can use on any occasion or event related to ecosystem, environment, etc in order to spread awareness among people about negative effects of deforestation. Following deforestation slogans are very useful to aware people about importance of forests on the earth and motivate them to raise their voice against deforestation. You can choose any slogan given below to encourage people against deforestation as well as promote tree plantation among them:   Deforestation Slogan Stop deforestation to save the nation from pollution.   Trees are source to fresh oxygen, never cut trees.   Forests bring rain, stop deforestation and reduce the risk of lack of...

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Slogans on Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a very significant topic and have a vast meaning in its own. It is very necessary to be followed all through the life by everyone to really enjoy the nature’s beauty by living a healthy and fit life. Cleanliness is really an abstract state of being clean as well as free from dirt in order to maintain and achieve the state of being peaceful, healthy and fit. It is very necessary for everyone to understand the importance of cleanliness and maintain it forever to continue a healthy and peaceful life. Cleanliness is not only means about the cleanliness of body, it means about the cleanliness everywhere (cleanliness of body, mind, soul, home, surrounding, environment, river, and whole planet). Slogans on cleanliness are the best way to encourage common people, living in the society or community, towards the cleanliness. Cleanliness slogans may easily motivate people about cleanliness. Following are some effective and motivational slogans on cleanliness which can be used at any related occasion, event celebration, etc to encourage people. Such cleanliness slogans will help you to spread cleanliness awareness among people:   Cleanliness Slogan Neat and clean is the perfect scene.   Neat around, clean surround should be our keen behind.   Clean and green makes perfect scene.   Maintain cleanliness in the godliness.   Cleanliness everywhere shows our godliness.   Make your environment clean for your...

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