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Champaran Satyagraha – The First Satyagraha of India

There were many movements done against the British under the leadership of Gandhiji and one of these movements was known as Champaran Satyagraha or Champaran Movement. This movement was associated with the farmers. This movement was started on 19th April, 1917. Champaran is a district town in Bihar, where the farmers were being forced to cultivate Indigo   (a Dye to colour cloths) by the British. Due to which the farmers of this district were quite upset because their land was getting depleted. Farmers were being forced to cultivate Indigo in 3 parts out of 20 parts. After doing this they had to pay heavy taxes on their remaining land that made them annoyed. Geographical Condition of Champaran and Living Condition of the People Champaran falls in the northwestern region of Bihar. Its borders are adjacent to Nepal. Here at that time the British had made the arrangement that the farmers will have to cultivate indigo on three pars of land in every bigha (an area of 15,525 sq. feet). In addition to Bengal, indigo was cultivated throughout the country. Indigo farmers did not get anything in return for this unnecessary effort. There were 42 strange types of taxes imposed on them. The condition of the farmers in Champaran was miserable. They were kept overburdened by the British and they had to follow their every instruction. The people opposing them...

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Essay on How to Save and Reduce House-Hold Water Use

We have always heard that it is difficult to imagine life without water. Water is required to perform all the basic functions of life. Poets and Saints have also narrated many poems and taught the importance of water centuries ago, but even today we are not serious about water conservation. As the heat is rising, the water problem in many parts of the country and the world is taking a formidable form. Every year this problem is increasing. In summer, there are many places in India as well as in the world, where scarcity of water is felt. People have to cover a long distance in search of water for their use. Rain-fed rivers dry out in summer, ponds and wells have no water or less water. The underground water table also gets depleted during summer causing the failure of bore-holes and hand-pumps. Today water conservation has become very important for mankind. If we still do not get serious about water conservation, then the saying will be proved right that-The third world war will be fought for water. Gallon of water is used in homes for various purposes such as drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning etc. People do not take care of its wastage. They leave the taps running during shaving, brushing, and in many other ways. Leakage of taps and pipes is ignored. Neither people take proper care of...

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Essay on Thermal pollution

River and pond water are used by various production units to prevent excessive heat effect of various reactors. This water, which has been heated as a result of the cooling process, is then dumped into the water sources. Such hot water increases the temperature of the water of the water sources, thereby polluting the water. In addition to industries, thermal pollution is also caused by steam or nuclear powered power generating plants. Adequate natural water is used in energy plants to cool the liquefiers. Water temperature increases with thermal pollution causing a decrease in aqueous oxygen. Therefore water pollution seriously affects aquatic species. Thermal pollution has a special effect on water organisms. Long and Short Essay on Thermal Pollution in English Some long and short Essay on Thermal Pollution is given below in various word limits that will help the readers, especially the students for their academic requirement and assignments. In these Thermal Pollution Essay you will find out the detail of thermal pollution and its causes and consequences. These essays can be used in essay writing, debates and discussions and may be helpful for competitive examinations. Hoping that the reader would get benefited from the essays, let us explore. Thermal Pollution Essay 1 – (200 Words) Any type of pollution that changes the natural temperature of water on an undesirable scale is called thermal pollution. One of the...

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Essay on Climate Change and Impact on Agriculture

Climate change is affecting agriculture the most. Agriculture is the backbone of India’s economy. In such a situation, climate change is also posing a threat to our economy. The productivity of agriculture is completely dependent on the condition of weather, climate, and water. Agricultural production is affected by the change or change of any of these factors. On one hand, the direct impact of climate change is the decrease in agricultural production and on the other hand the indirect effect is reflected in the loss of income and rising prices of grains. To save Indian agriculture from the ill effects of climate change, we have to make fair use of our resources and by adopting Indian philosophy of life; we will have to implement our traditional knowledge. Now there is a dire need that we should give importance to such eco-friendly methods in agriculture so that we can maintain the productivity of our soil and save our natural resources. Long and Short Essay on Climate Change and Impact on Agriculture in English Long and Short Essay on Climate Change and Impact on Agriculture is given here under in different word limits for the convenience of students and scholars. These Climate Change and Impact on Agriculture essay will enhance the knowledge of the learners about climate change and the man made reasons for its depletion. You will know in the Essay on Climate Change...

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Essay on Cyber Security

India is the second country in the world with the highest numbers of Internet users. Almost everybody has been connected to the internet through mobile phones and computers, so it is very important to know about word like cyber crime and cyber security. Fake software and selling it at a cheaper price comes under cyber crime, due to which the software companies have to suffer heavy losses. In simple language cyber criminals enter into your computer network and steal your personal information such as your Net-Banking password, your credit card information, etc. Cyber criminals send some software to your computer that can contain viruses; these include viruses, worms, Tarzan horses, logic horse etc. Viruses can cause considerable damage to your computer and mobile phones. To stop cyber crime various kinds of security measures have been taken.  Many types of software have been developed all over the world and preparations are being made for how to strengthen cyber security. Cyber ​​security is done by the experts of computer. Long and Short Essay on Cyber Security in English Long and Short Essay on Cyber Security is given here under in different word limits for the convenience of students and scholars. These Cyber Security essay will enhance the knowledge of the learners about the cyber crime and the security measures. You will know in the Cyber Security essay that how people commit...

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