Author: Shailendra Rai

Purna Swaraj Movement (Purna Swaraj Resolution 1929)

History of Purna Swaraj Movement India celebrates her Republic Day on 26th January every year. Let us try to know that why this date has been chosen particularly. Twenty years before the celebration of the first republic day of India a solemn vow was taken by the Indian freedom fighters and the leaders to gain the complete independence from the British rule. But it had been taken a long period of time in between the Independence and the regulation of the Constitution. Actually the Purna Swaraj was not a one day event or war, but it was a struggle or movement that lasted for three decades. Why it had been decided that the Indian Constitution would be implemented on 26th January only, the reason behind this is the “Purna Swaraj” Movement that was proposed on 19thDecember, 1929 and declared 26th January 1930 and for years thereafter, to be celebrated as “Purna Swaraj Day”. Background behind Purna Swaraj Andolan At the beginning of 1920, the exploitation of British Empire was at its peak that was felt by the nationalist leaders and they were determined for the freedom. Jallianwala massacre and Rowlatt Act had filled anger and annoyance among every Indian and all the people wished the removal of the British rule from India. Muslims were also not in the favour of British Rule after the Khilafat Andolan or Indian- Muslim...

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The Quit India Movement

Quit India Movement had been started on 8th August, 1942 during the IInd World war. This movement was activated against the British government with a main objective to remove the British rule from India. This movement was announced in the Mumbai session of All India Congress Committee, by Mahatma Gandhi. The movement was started in the whole part of the country on the call of Gandhi. History of the Quit India Movement The slogan “Quit India” was given by Yusuf Meher Ali who was one of the front leaders of Indian Freedom Struggle. At that time Britain was entangled in the 2nd world war and as Netaji Subhash Bose raised the slogan to move towards Delhi (Delli Chalo), Gandhi instantly sensed the opportunity and called upon the Indians to start the Quit India Movement and ordered them to “Do or Die”. He was arrested by the British and Kept in the Aga Khan Palace, in Yarvada in a tight security. Lal Bahadur Shashtri made the movement more intense and he was also put into prison on 19th August, 1942. Kakori incident was operated in the leadership of Ram Prasad Bismil with the help of ten aggressive freedom fighters to overturn the British rule on 9th August, 1942. Bhagat Singh had started a tradition to celebrate the day on 9th August every year in which the gathering of the youth...

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