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Agriculture Essay

Agriculture is known to be one of the most significant economic activities. It involves the production of plants, livestock, fiber, fuel and more by utilizing natural resources such as water and land. The term agriculture is broader than it is commonly anticipated to be. It includes forestry, fishery, livestock and most importantly crop production. Long and Short Essay on Agriculture in English Here are essays on agriculture of varying lengths to help you with the topic in the exam. You can select any agriculture essay as per your need and interest: Agriculture Essay 1 (200 words) Introduction Agriculture is basically the cultivation of plants for the production of food, fuel, fiber, medicines and many other things that have become a necessity for the mankind. Agriculture also involves the breeding of animals. The development of agriculture turned to be a boon for the human civilization as it also gave way to their development. Agriculture is said to be an art, science and commerce all at the same time as it suffices the factors involved in all three. Art It is said to be an art as it involves the growth, development and management of crop and animal husbandry. It requires patience and dedication to yield good results in this field and only someone who possesses this art can achieve it. Science The knowledge of breeding and genetics is employed to...

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Science Essay

Science is a vast field. It has various branches that have broadly been divided into Natural Sciences, Formal Sciences and Social Sciences. These are known as the fundamental sciences that form the basis of the applied and interdisciplinary sciences. Science includes the study of the structure and behaviour of the natural and physical aspects of the world by way of experimentation and observation. It is an extensive subject with several branches. Here are essays of varying length to give you an insight about this subject and help you with it in your class tests and examination. Long and Short Essay on Science in English Science Essay 1 (200 words) Science involves extensive study of the behaviour of natural and physical world. The study is conducted by way of research, observation and experimentation. There are several branches of science. These include the natural sciences, social sciences and formal sciences. These broad categories have further been divided into sub categories and sub-sub categories. Physics, chemistry, biology earth science and astronomy form a part of the natural sciences, history, geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, social studies and anthropology are a part of the social sciences and formal sciences include mathematics, logic, statistics, decision theory, system theory and computer science. Science has changed the world for good. There have been several scientific inventions from time to time and these have made life...

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Technology Essay

Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to produce new machinery and devices that can be used to provide different services or can be employed further to create more devices. The application of information to design and produce machines and other goods to make life more convenient for the human beings is known as technology. Here are some essays of varying lengths on Technology to help you with the topic in your class tests and exams. Long and Short Essay on Technology in English Essay on Technology 1 (200 words) The term technology has been derived from Greek words technne and logos. Technne means the skill required to craft something and logos stands for knowledge or discussion about something. Technology thus means the use of knowledge to create something to enhance life. Several big and small things we use in our day-to-day lives have been an outcome of technological development. Scientists conduct research and experiment with different things to come up with newer ideas. Technologists use these ideas to develop newer devices. People these days have grown extremely accustomed to the use of these technological inventions that they simply cannot do without them. They await the launch of newer and more advanced devices. Mobile phones and cars are the best examples of this. People wait for the new models and replace them without giving it a second thought. The...

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Leadership Essay

Leadership is a quality that gives you an edge over others. Leaders are public figures and guide and inspire the people around on various things. A great leader possesses a number of qualities that make him popular. Leadership is one quality that is possessed by a selected few. While it is inherent in some, others acquire it with little efforts over a period of time. Long and Short Essay on Leadership in English Here are essays on leadership of varying lengths to give you an insight about this topic and to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any leadership essay as per your interest: Leadership Essay 1 (200 words) Whether you are planning to start your own business or ready to take up a leadership role in an organization or simply want to be a good role model for your children, you must possess certain leadership qualities in order to create a positive impact on others and take your personal/ professional life in the right direction. Here are a few leadership qualities you should possess in order to lead others and be successful in your venture: Listen Attentively Be thorough with your work Be passionate about your work Maintain two-way communication Talk Less, act more Hone your decision making skills Be consistent Identify Your Strengths Know Your Weaknesses Don’t Play the Blame Game Be...

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Organ Donation Essay

Organ donation has proved to be a miracle for the society. Organs such as kidneys, heart, eyes, liver, small intestine, bone tissues, skin tissues and veins are donated for the purpose of transplantation. The donor gives a new life to the recipient by the way of this noble act. Organ donation is encouraged worldwide. The government of different countries have put up different systems in place to encourage organ donation. However, the demand for organs is still quite high as compared to their supply. Effective steps must be taken to meet this ever-increasing demand. Here are essays of varying lengths to help you with the topic of organ donation in your exam. Long and Short Essay on Organ Donation in English Organ Donation Essay 1 (200 words) Organ donation is done by both living and deceased donors. The living donors can donate one of the two kidneys, a lung or a part of a lung, one of the two lobes of their liver, a part of the intestines or a part of the pancreas. While a deceased donor can donate liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, pancreas, cornea tissue, skin tissue, tendons and heart valves. The organ donation process varies from country to country. The process has broadly been classified into two categories – Opt in and Opt out. Under the opt-in system, one is proactively required to register for donation...

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