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City Life Vs Village Life Essay

Even decades after independence, India is replete with inequality so much so that it is often said there are the two countries, one that is Bharat and the other, India. It speaks of the two different realities that prevail in rural and urban parts of the country. But, it is essential that the residents of both rural and urban areas live in harmony with each other. According to the National Survey Organization, the average monthly per capita expenditure in a rural area of ​​the country was Rs 1054, while in urban areas it was Rs 1984 in 2009-10, that means the per capita expenditure of urban dwellers was more than 88% as compared to those living in the villages. This is not the only difference in the lives of villagers and city dwellers. Long and Short Essays on City Life Vs Village Life in English Here we are providing essays on village life vs. city life in a very simple and easy to understand language for students so that they can select any village life vs. city life essay as per their needs. Essay on City Life Vs Village Life 1 (100 words) India is said to be a land of villages. Sixty-seven percent of the country’s population still lives in villages. To people who live in villages, life in urban areas is full of difficulties. What they do...

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Article on Female Foeticide

Female foeticide takes place when a foetus is aborted after it is determined to be female. Under this illegal practice, the sex of the unborn child is determined by using the technique of ultrasound and if it happens to be a female foetus, it is aborted through medicine or surgery. It is one of the most rampant social evils in the country. It is rooted in the patriarchal mindset where boys are preferred over girls for various irrational reasons, not only in rural but urban areas too. We have to raise awareness levels against the regressive practice of female foeticide, enforce laws far more stringently and provide much more incentives to the households for the birth of a girl child. We are providing here four articles on female foeticide useful for all people especially for students. All the articles are written in simple English language with different word counts of 300, 500, 600 and 800, respectively. Female Foeticide Articles Article on Female Foeticide 1 (300 words) The patriarchal social structure in India and the society’s preference towards a male child is the major reason behind female foeticide. To carry forward the generation, families in general prefer the birth of sons over daughters. The male child is also required by the Hindu family to perform the last rites of father in the absence of which, it is believed that the...

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Essay on Cashless India

Cashless India is a mission launched by the Government of India led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reduce dependency of Indian economy on cash and to bring hoards of stashed black money lying unused into the banking system. The country embarked upon this transition to a cashless economy when the government took the revolutionary step of demonetization of old currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 on November 08, 2016. This move was targeted at the fake currency circulating in Indian market and the black money that somehow escaped the radar of tax authorities. Post demonetization acute shortage of currency in Banks and long queues outside ATMs, gradually turned people towards digital transactions, one of the prime requirements under cashless India. If the government succeeds in providing secure and fast digital payment methods to the consumers and merchant establishments across the nation, then the dream of India becoming a completely cashless economy will materialize. Long and Short Cashless India Essay in English We are here providing a variety of long and short essay on Cashless India to empower the students with ready material available online in different word length – in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words. These Cashless India Essay written in a simple language will help the students choose any one as per their requirements. After going through these essays you will understand...

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