Author: Sujeet Kumar

Why Plastic Bags should be Banned

Plastic bags pose a grave danger to the environment. The use of harmful chemicals in the production of plastic gives rise to environmental problems such as obstruction of drains, groundwater contamination etc. However, if plastic is recycled according to approved procedures and guidelines, then this hazard may not become a threat to environment and health. The problem with the use of plastic bags aggravates due to the shortcomings in the waste management system in the country. At present, the production of plastic in the world is about 100 million tonnes per annum and it is growing at 4 per...

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How to save and reduce Household Water use

It is rightly said that “water is life”. It is difficult to imagine life without water as water is essential to perform different tasks. As heat increases, the problem of water in many parts of the country acquires terrible proportions. This problem has aggravated in successive years. In many regions in the country, due to the lack of water, the situation becomes very frightening. But we always think that when the summer season is over, the problems of water will come to an end and subsequently we turn apathetic towards water conservation. Today water conservation has become very critical...

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Garbage Pollution

Garbage has become a serious problem in the world today. According to a report published in Nature journal, the problem of garbage or solid waste is assuming terrible proportions today. By the end of this century (2100,), garbage will be collected at the rate of 11 million tonnes per day globally, more than three times today’s rate. It implies that the garbage-generation which amounted to 3.5 million tonnes per day in 2010 will become 6 million tonnes per day by 2025. At present, people of India produce about 62 million tonnes of solid-waste annually. Out of this, 45 million...

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How can students help save the environment

Over the years, global warming has led to geologically significant conditions and processes with damaging implications. The space for wildlife is shrinking rapidly, forest cover is getting eroded and species are facing extinction. Carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse levels in the atmosphere are rising threateningly. The ocean is filled with plastic, suffocating the habitat of marine creatures with harmful chemicals, which have, in turn, made seafood unhealthy for consumption. Worse, sea water contamination results in the deaths of over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals every year. Students have a crucial role to play to help save...

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Smog – Types, causes, Ill-effects and how to prevent

When dense smog chocked the National Capital Region in November 2017, there was widespread concern. Even words such as gas chamber for Delhi were used. And it was not wide off the mark. This can be estimated from the fact that the level of PM2.5 in Delhi has gone up from 700 to 900, whereas in general it should be 50 to 100. You can expect what kind of air quality one can have at the level of PM2.5. Due to the increased level of pollution, people are facing many health problems. Smog can create major health risks, including...

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