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Facts about Air Pollution

The air, in which we breathe, is becoming poisonous day by day. Air pollution leads to disastrous effects on health and environment. It is slowly becoming the cause of so many deaths across the world. Humans, animals, birds and plants have to face serious problems due to mixture of harmful substances in the atmosphere. What is Air Pollution Air pollution takes place due to the presence of harmful gases, dust, smoke, chemicals, odour and other microscopic particles in the atmosphere. Generally, air pollution is caused by pollutants like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and nitrogen oxide emitted from industries and motor vehicles. Smoke and particles of dust can cause many diseases by reaching the lungs through respiration. As per World Bank estimates, 5.5 million lost their life in 2013 to diseases associated with outdoor and indoor air pollution. The present situation is even more frightening and worrisome. Here we present some important facts about air pollution, which will help students learn about the gravity of this problem in all its dimensions: Air Pollution Facts -> Air pollution has emerged as one of gravest threats in the world in terms of premature deaths worldwide. -> According to medical journal The Lancet, 18,000 people die every day due to air pollution across the world. -> Air pollution is responsible for 65% of deaths in Asia and 25% in India. ->...

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Sources and Causes of Water Pollution

Water pollution means the change in water quality for worse. Water pollution takes place due to decline in chemical, physical and biological properties of water, as a fall-out of mixture of harmful substances in water resources by human activities and natural processes. A variety of such substances get merged into sources of water, leading to water pollution. Polluted water leaves a highly negative impact on man as also on trees-plants, and animals. Polluted water becomes dangerous for consumption by humans, plants and animals. Its use leads to the outbreak of deadly diseases such as cholera, TB, jaundice, Typhoid, paralysis,...

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Water Pollution

Today, we have to face several types of pollution – air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, etc. But the pollution that affects the largest number of people is water pollution. Scientific and technological progress of the past two hundred years has made the life of the man very comfortable. The scientific revolution has generated massive employment and made millions of people happy. Due to extensive research and manufacturing of new drugs, people are enjoying a longer lifespan. Death rate has gone down significantly. Thus we find that the machine age has given us enough. But if we...

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Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution or excessive noise can be described as any kind of unwanted sounds, which have an adverse effect on human beings, animals and plants. The noise generated during heavy traffic is a primary example for it. Increase in population and development leads to a corresponding increase in traffic, machinery and equipment with the result that the noise pollution starts to grow. Excessive noise leads to even loss of hearing. In fact, noise pollution is an integral part of the industrial environment. It is rising along with the fast pace of urbanization. Even in non-industrial areas, noise is born due...

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Article on Farmers Suicides in India

Farmers committing suicide can be a truly embarrassing situation for any society. The issues compelling the farmers to commit suicide are required to be paid attention immediately, as the farmers toil tirelessly to produce grain for us without which we can’t survive. In recent times the statistics have depicted an alarming rate of the incidents of farmers committing suicide in India which has become a matter of grave concern. If we fail to give timely attention to this growing issue, the situation may get even worse and the nation will have to pay very grave socio-economic costs. The students are required to properly understand the reasons why the farmers are taking such drastic steps like committing suicide. They are also required to delve deeply into this matter of grave concern to reach a solution. Here we are providing articles on the issue of farmers’ suicide while recommending solutions at the same time in 300, 500, 600 and 800 words in simple language. These are equally useful for the students as well as the other people. You can choose any article out of these as per your requirement: Farmers’ Suicides Articles Article on Farmers’ Suicides 1 (300 words) India is an agriculture-based nation; still the situation of the farmers in this country is more worrying than in any other developing nations. Over the past nearly two decades, the trend of...

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