India is located in the southern region of the Asian continent (South Asia). It is famous all over the world as a 7th largest country by area, 2nd largest country by population and highly populous democratic country in the world. India is famous for its unique cultures and traditions where people of different religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, etc) live together (unity in diversity).

India is a land of great leaders. Many great leader took birth on the land of India and got worldwide popularity for their special and recognizable works. India is one of the most struggling country of the world. It had struggled for many years for getting freedom from the British rule. After years of struggle and sacrifices of great people, finally the day of independence came on August 15th in 1947. It was really the day happiness for all the Indians because they got liberated from the most brutal rule of the British.

India is a land of fairs, festivals, agriculture, diversity, heritage, colors, foods, adventure and most importantly the land of beauty. Where we can see the beauty of peace, greenery, animals, birds, trees, fruits, flowers, etc. It gives a nice smile and happiness to all the Indians when national flag is unfurled, national anthem and national song is sung on any national days of India (Republic Day and Independence Day). Below we have mentioned some incredibles of India such as:

National Anthem of India

National Flag of India

National Song of India

National Symbols of India

Festivals of India

Presidents of India

Prime Ministers of India