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Children’s Day Slogan

Children’s Day in India is celebrated on 14th November on the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India- Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru; or ‘Chacha Nehru’ as he was fondly referred to by the children across India. Nehruji...

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Slogan

Swachh Bharat Mission, popularly known as Swachh Bharat Yojana, is campaign launched by PM Narendra Modi on 2nd October 2014 with aim of make India clean and open defecation free by 2nd October 2019 which is 150th Birth...

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Lal Bahadur Shashtri Slogans

Lal Bhadur Shashtri was an Indian freedom fighter, a politician and above all a good human being, who throughout his life displayed exceptional endurance towards the adversities and always remained loyal to his principles and...

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Gandhi Jayanti Slogans

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India every year on 2nd October to commemorate the birth of one of the greatest freedom fighters of India and a true patriot, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi, who started the struggle...

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Slogans on Sports

There are many different kinds of sports. There are sports events where sportspersons participate, and winners are judged. There are local, national and international levels at which sports events are conducted. Sports played in...

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Slogans on India

The world’s seventh largest country in area, India is a beautiful country. Endowed with varied bio-geographic zones, India has a rich biodiversity. There is a splendid floral and faunal diversity that the country boasts of....

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Slogans on Freedom Fighters

India gained freedom from British colonial rule in the year 1947. For nearly two centuries the British exercised control over India, initially through the East India company after which began the British government in India with...

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Slogans on Newspaper

Newspapers are published in many different languages. Newspapers carry the latest news and information from around the country and the world. It is important to read newspapers to stay abreast of the news and the developments in...

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Slogans on Terrorism

Terrorism refers to any act or activity that terrorizes. It may be one person who becomes a victim or many people who suffer because of an act of terrorism. Terrorism is an evil that must be shunned ruthlessly. Where there is...

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Slogans on National Integration

National integration refers to the unity and integrity of the nation. India is a country of splendid diversity yet representing unity. There is diversity in the culture, traditions, customs and languages of the people, but we...

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Slogans on Female Foeticide

Female foeticide is a terrible practice of illegally aborting a pregnancy when a woman is carrying a female foetus. The discrimination against the female gender has reached such levels that when the foetus being carried by a...

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Slogans on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration. It is celebrated on different days in different countries. Along with many other countries, India celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in the month of May. It is an occasion to...

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