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Speech on Freedom of Press

What is meant by ‘freedom of press’? Everyone wants freedom but with freedom also comes lot of responsibilities and if we are unable to justify both, then that freedom is taken away from us. So when we talk about freedom of...

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Speech on My School Life

‘My School Life’ is often a subject of writing for the school students. It is also the favorite topic of many students as they can very well relate with it and share their thoughts on the same quite effortlessly. Even students...

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Speech on My School

We all know the importance of school in our lives. In fact, school students are often asked to write a small paragraph or brief speeches on “My School”. So considering the relevance of topic, speeches on My School have been...

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Speech on Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is an extremely important figure for all the Indians and therefore none can forget his contribution towards winning back India’s independence. This is the reason why Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India...

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