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Welcome Speech for a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are truly special for the person whose birthday is being celebrated. Celebrating birthday parties is quite a common activity, but nowadays even welcome speeches are being prepared by the person himself/herself...

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Welcome Speech for an Event

Welcome speeches are in vogues these days as speeches are especially given in order to welcome the guest, authority or seniors for that respective occasion. Welcome speech should be impressive in order to please the person...

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Welcome Speech for Annual Function

Annual function is one of the most important occasions in a school or college and the occasion definitely calls for a welcome speech for the annual function where you have to felicitate your guests and give them a warm welcome....

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Welcome Speech for Farewell

Welcome speech for farewell is an important sub-category under the welcome speech. Farewell as we all know is a special time both for the seniors as well as juniors, both for the person who has to bid final goodbye and also for...

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