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Speech on National Flag

The Indian National flag symbolizes freedom of India and it holds great respect and honor in the mind and heart of every Indian and it is of high importance to all of us. It is important that we know everything about the Indian...

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Speech on Soil Pollution

For years, soil pollution has been one of the biggest environmental issues that the whole world is trying to tackle. It is highly hazardous because it not only affects the land and water animals; it also hampers the life of...

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Constitution of India Speech

The Constitution of India is the superlative law of India. The manuscript offers the structure differentiating the essential political rules, code, framework, processes, duties and powers of the government institutions. The...

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Welcome Speech for Boss

Changes in organizations take place in almost every company and every now and then. Such changes are all the more frequent in private organizations. While old Bosses go; new join in. Welcoming new boss in a small meeting or in a...

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Speech on My Mother

Mother is the most important creature in this world as she not only brings the child in the world but also takes much pain and effort in nurturing the child. Though no special day is required to thank mothers; International...

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Speech on Election and Democracy

Election and democracy are interrelated, in a country like India. Democracy gives rights to Indian citizens to choose their representatives; who in return make policies and rules for the people’s advantage. Many NGOs and private...

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