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Speech on Aim of My Life

At some time or the other, we all think what the aim of my life is. For without any aim in life we cannot have a meaningful existence. The speech ‘Aim of my Life’ therefore has been given due importance and the speeches on the...

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Speech on Life in an Indian Village

People living in metropolitan cities don’t really know much about the life in an Indian Village. It’s perhaps because they have only read in books and do not get to experience it on their own. Life in an Indian Village is worth...

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Speech on Life in a Big City

Have you become tired of living in small towns and dream of a life in a big city? Well, life in a big city attracts everyone because of the fast paced competitive life and highly modernized lifestyle. Given the ever increasing...

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Speech on Life after School

Every student on a higher secondary level anticipates the life after school. For him/her, it is all flowery and glossy – no restrictions and most importantly no dress code. So if you are also a higher secondary student and are...

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Speech on Lal Bahadur Shastri

Who doesn’t know the great legendary leader Lal Bahadur Shastri? He needs no introduction. However, despite working in the service of the nation, he did not receive much recognition in comparison to his other political...

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Speech on Family Planning

Family planning is extremely crucial for the couples given the exponential surge in the population growth rate. There is a great awareness being spread everywhere to enlighten the couples so that they can have a fulfilling life...

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Speech on Soldiers

We are able to have a sound sleep at night because we know for a fact that our soldiers are guarding our borders. Isn’t it? They are the rock solid foundation of our country. We should in fact be highly obliged to them and...

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