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Doctors are a boon to the mankind and we must respect their profession. They are life saviors and treat many bodily illnesses. We cannot imagine our lives without them because when we fall ill or have any bodily ailments, we go up to them. A lot can be said about this profession; therefore, speeches on Doctor become an important topic.

Long and Short Speech on Doctor in English

There are again two types of speeches – long speech on doctor and short speech on doctor.

The long speeches on doctor are comprehensively written and can be useful for the college students as well as teachers while the short speeches on doctors could be of use to the school going small children.

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Speech on Doctor 1

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teacher and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings of the Day!

I – Shivika Sharma from Class – XII (B) – welcome everyone to the speech ceremony. First of all I would like to thank my teacher for giving me this opportunity to speak. I have inhibitions and so it becomes difficult for me to speak. However, this opportunity will help me overcome my inhibitions and give me the confidence to put my thoughts across.

My speech topic is on Doctor. Friends, you may not find the topic intriguing, but I respect the profession of a doctor a lot. There have been times when I was falling very ill, my health continued to deteriorate and I gave up on my life. Despite undergoing several medical treatments, I couldn’t get better. Then we were introduced to Mr. ………, one of the famous child specialists, by our family friends. He came into my life like a blessing. He diagnosed my problem and helped me in healing my illness. He well understood my psychological and mental conditions.

I used to remain under his constant care and guidance. He helped me heal both mentally and physically so much so that I felt he gave me a new lease of life. I can’t thank him enough for helping me out in so many ways, but one. So I firmly believe that doctors are like Gods who give us a new life.

Their profession therefore should be respected and they should be revered. Doctors are responsible for maintaining and restoring human health by recommending right medicines. They have to diagnose and treat various human conditions, pain, injuries, ailments and diseases. The problems are usually assessed through certain tests and by listening to the problem of the patients. Then the doctor applies his knowledge and scientific bent of mind in order to treat the medical conditions of the patients. Since there are several medical conditions; the doctors to treat those illnesses are not the same. There are different doctors for treating different medical conditions.

The need for doctors is required everywhere whether it’s the public health organizations, hospitals, teaching institutions, group practices and private practices. Their career is very challenging and diverse and they have to be very responsible in their profession because the life of the patients is in their hands.

Nearly half of the doctors are seen in hospitals and medical institutions, where they either work as specialized doctors or surgeon. There are several medical specialties in the field of medical profession which individuals choose before practicing medicine. For instance, if a medical student wishes to become a neurosurgeon, he/she has to practice in this profession of pediatric neurosurgeon as a sub-specialist.

So doctors works in different capacities and act as life saviors for the patients. I sincerely hope that our country produces many more responsible and talented doctors who can work dedicatedly and save humanity from the situation of crisis.

With this, I end my speech!

Thank you so much everyone for being such great listeners.


Speech on Doctor 2

Warm Greetings of the Day Everyone – How you all are doing?

I – Dr. Ashish Kalra from ABC Hospital, Moti Bagh – welcome everyone to our hospital. As you all know that we have organized this event with the sole aim to support our trust that aids in the medical treatment of women and children. Founded five years back, our hospital is achieving milestones after milestones since then and there’s no looking back. Out of approximately 12,937 cases for surgical operations, we have been able to successfully handle about 11,500 cases and in the other scenarios the need for the foreign doctors were called upon.

It’s a matter of great pride to me as a doctor that we are working in a great solidarity as a team and as a family of doctors by handling our patients in the best way possible and by providing them with the best of medical facilities. However, sometimes we also fail as doctors and when we fail we are terribly criticized and humiliated. This makes my heart sad and therefore I ponder over it so much that I sometimes decide to quit this profession. Friends, I’m being very honest with you! The calling of my profession is such that you can’t help but act responsibly and be a constant support to your team and to my patients who look up to me with a lot of hope in their eyes.

This profession is very demanding and involves a lot of our mental faculty as well as vigilance because a slight negligence on our part can cost the lives of our patients. When we are in the operation theatre, everyone’s expectations are with us and we are bound by the hopes and belief of the patient’s family. This belief has so much of power that even God also blesses us with some divine power and we perform our best. When the operation is successful, we feel extremely joyful and it gives us a sense of huge accomplishment. The feeling is simply indescribable!

The operations are carried out on a huge risk and the onus lies on the doctors. In the entire 7 years span of my career, I have always been on my toes and tried to offer maximum support to my patients. With this aim in our minds, me and my team of doctors, thought of laying down the foundation of this trust so that we could also help those people who can afford expensive medical treatments. Since the foundation of this trust, we have been able to give our support to more than 5,000 patients and save their lives.

Therefore, on the successful working of our trust and of course our hospital, we would like to congratulate everyone and share this big day with our well wishers and our friends. So thank you everyone for making to this day and supporting us in every possible way. I sincerely hope that you all will continue to support us in our journey so that we could serve society in the most effective manner possible.

This is all from my side, thank you so much!


Speech on Doctor 3

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Respected Professors, Committee Members and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

I – Samiksha Dutt from Medical Course – welcome everyone to our college auditorium! I am in the final year of my course and as I am going to become a doctor very soon, I am realizing the kind of big responsibility that this position holds. It is not a profession just to make huge money, but it’s a profession practiced for the betterment of mankind. This profession gives new life to people, gives them a ray of hope and helps them in leading a good, healthy life.

So we cannot practice it purely for mercenary purpose. We have to keep people’s health over our own monetary gain. We are taught to be kind, to be patient and to be vigilant enough while dealing with the patients. Situations may be rough and challenging, but we have to remain calm and composed. Even if the condition of a patient is serious and critical, we are expected to remain optimistic and emotionally support the patient’s family. Am I right, friends? However, this isn’t easy and sometimes even we may lose our mental equilibrium.

But we cannot afford to let lose ourselves and have to remain mentally strong to be able to tackle the most heart rending situations. This is the calling of a doctor! We have to mentally and physically assess the state of a patient and diagnose the medical condition to be able to give him/her the right prescription.

Different doctors have different areas of expertise in one particular category of medicine. Now let me tell you about the most common types of doctors:

  1. Cardiologist

A cardiologist is someone who has a specialization in assessing, diagnosing and treating medical conditions related to heart, the veins and arteries.

  1. Neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon is someone who has specialized in the assessment and surgical treatment of the disorder of the peripheral and the central nervous system. This consists of the congenital anomalies, stroke, spine or infections of the brain, vascular disorders, tumors and the degenerative spine ailments.

  1. Immunologist

An immunologist is someone who specializes in handling the problems connected with the immune system, like autoimmune diseases and allergies. A few immunologists only do the research and seek to understand the way immune system functions and to help better develop the ways and the means of providing the treatment for various immunological conditions.

  1. Gynecologist

A gynecologist is someone who has gained specialization in the female reproductive system. Some gynecologists are certified as obstetricians and they will diagnose the mother’s health and the health of the fetus at the time of pregnancy.

  1. Dentist

Dentists are responsible for diagnosing and identifying the probable oral health conditions, like swelling in gums, bleeding, etc. They observe the condition of the patients, conduct medical tests and prepare the report. They also undertake oral surgeries and take out the teeth and also look after other dental health concerns.

So doctors work in different capacities and their profession should be respected. This is all from my end, thank you so much everyone!


Speech on Doctor 4

Warm Greetings of the Day Everyone – I hope this day finds you in the best of spirit!

I – Smriti Vashisht from Standard XII (A) – welcome everyone to the speech ceremony of today. My speech topic for today is Speech on Doctor. You all may be wondering why I want to deliver a speech on doctor. I respect this profession and I believe that doctors are a boon for the mankind. They give a new lease of life to us when we are suffering from any serious medical condition and they help us in identifying our body illnesses.

If I were to give the technical description of a Doctor, it would go like this. A doctor or a physician is someone who treats illnesses by diagnosing and prescribing medicines thereby helping in improving the health of a patient. In several countries, the most basic degree makes a person eligible to practice the profession of a doctor and prescribe medicines during the treatment. A physician is someone who also performs surgeries after having trained in medical colleges and practicing as an intern. They are awarded a degree by a recognized medical institution.

As we all know that doctors operate in hospitals and medical centers, open up their own clinics and may even give personal visits to their patients. They are also recruited in schools, big companies, military departments and sports teams. Medical doctors have nurses to assist them in the treatment of their patients.

There are some physicians who are specialists in handling a particular disease or may treat only one part of our body. We call these doctors as specialists. For instance, we have doctors who specialize only in treating the diseases connected with our intestines or stomach. Other doctors are called as family practitioners or general practitioners. This suggests that they treat a bit of everything. The very first doctor is the general practitioner who sees the patient, tries to diagnose him/her and if need be send him/her to the specialist doctor.

Here is the mention of a few specialized types of doctors:

  1. Anesthesiologist

He is someone who is responsible for ensuring a pain-free, safe and comfortable surgery of his patients at the time of surgery by giving him/her general or local anesthetic.

  1. Coroner or Medical Examiner

This term ‘Coroner’ carries multiple meanings based on the country that one lives in. A few coroners are expert physicians or medical practitioners having trained in forensic pathology.

  1. Colorectal Surgeon

He/she is the one who specializes in the treatment of such diseases as rectum, colon and anus, including the whole gastric passage. These surgeons operate in close association with the urologists, who treat the urogenital tract in men and the urinary passages of women, gastroenterologists who treat ailments of the gut and gynecologists who handle specific female issues.

  1. Family Practitioners

A family practitioner is someone who specializes in looking after the health of an entire family. Their patients can be adults, children as well as adults who treat a whole range of medical diseases.

And the list can simply go on! But I would like to end my speech here, thank you everyone!



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