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Doctors are medical professionals. They are qualified and trained health care professionals who diagnose and treat various health conditions in human beings. There are various branches of medicine. Doctors specialize in studying and treating diseases of the different parts of the body. For example, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, neurologists and dermatologists are specialists in treating diseases of specific parts of the human body.

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Likewise, pediatricians are specialists in treating children, while geriatricians treat the elderly. There are different streams of medicine and healing systems such as allopathy, homoeopathy, naturopathy and Ayurveda. There are also veterinarians who treat sick and diseased animals.

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Paragraph on Doctor 1 (100 Words)

Short Paragraph on Doctor for Kids

Doctors help in healing people when they are sick or have injured themselves. They diagnose the condition, and prescribe medicines and other treatment that need to be taken to get back to normal health. Specialist doctors are experts in treating diseases of a particular part of the body. Doctors work in clinics and hospitals. They conduct various tests to diagnose the ailment afflicting a person. Doctors may prescribe medicines that need to be consumed orally or administered through injections. Doctors must attend to their patients promptly. The timely treatment of a sick person can save the life of the person.


Paragraph on Doctor 2 (150 Words)

Short Paragraph on Doctor for Students and Children

Doctors are qualified and trained medical professionals who can diagnose and treat various health conditions of human beings. Doctors render the noble service of curing the sick and injured. With prompt medical intervention, doctors save human lives. A doctor’s work can mean the difference between life and death for a person. Doctors work in clinics and hospitals. Sometimes medical camps are also organized where doctors may offer their services free of cost.

Doctors specialize in various branches of health and medicine. There are specialists who study and can treat diseases of particular parts of the human body. For example, an orthopaedician treats bone diseases. Similarly, an ophthalmologist treats eye diseases, and an ENT specialist is a doctor who treats conditions of the ears, nose and throat. Likewise, a diabetologist treats those suffering from diabetes. There are also surgeons who conduct surgeries on patients if they are needed for curing them.


Paragraph on Doctor 3 (200 Words)

Paragraph on the Role of a Doctor

When one feels sick or has got an injury one visits the doctor. A doctor can diagnose the health condition a person is suffering from. Unless one’s disease or ailment is diagnosed, proper treatment cannot be given to cure and restore the health of the person.

Doctors specialize in particular fields of medicine. They study specific organs or parts of the body in detail. They are experts in treating diseases that affect these parts of the body. For example, there are doctors who specialize in treating diseases of the nerves, and are known as neurologists. Similarly, the study of bones and its diseases comes under orthopaedics. While pulmonary specialists are experts in dealing with the diseases and health of the lungs, cardiologists deal with the health of the heart.

Doctors use several methods and tests to diagnose an ailment afflicting a person. They use clinical, pathological and radiological tests for this purpose.

Doctors administer effective medicines for curing various health conditions. They also suggest proper diet, exercise and lifestyle changes for hastening the curing process and restoring normalcy in a sick person.

There are also specialist doctors who treat and heal animals known as veterinarians who work in veterinary hospitals.


Paragraph on Doctor 4 (250 Words)

Paragraph on the Importance of a Doctor

Doctors are specialists in medicine. They are qualified and trained health care professionals who heal people who are sick or injured.

Doctors work in hospitals and clinics. They may be part of a health care facility or run a private clinic to offer their services. Doctors work in the different departments in a hospital according to their area of specialization. Patients may need the services of more than one specialist for treating their condition. Medical services and facilities run round the clock in large hospitals. Doctors render the very noble service of treating people suffering from diseases and ailments.


Doctors specialize in specific branches of medicine. Doctors are experts in treating and healing specific organs and parts of the human body. There are, therefore, ophthalmologists who specialize in treating eye diseases, and neurologists who are experts in treating various nerve conditions.

Likewise, while dermatologists specialize in diagnosing and healing diseases related to the skin, endocrinologists are experts in how the endocrine glands work and how diseases related to these glands need to be treated. Surgeons are specialists in conducting surgeries on patients when their treatment requires such intervention.

There are specialists who deal with specific diseases too. For example, diabetologists treat diabetics while oncologists specialize in treating cancer.

Likewise, there are paediatricians who are experts in treating children’s diseases, while geriatricians specialize in dealing with the aged. There is also the branch of gynaecology that deals with women’s reproductive system, while obstetrics deals with child birth and other related issues.


Paragraph on Doctor 5 (300 Words)

Paragraph on the Services Offered by a Doctor

1: Doctors Offer Their Services through Health Care Centres

There are hospitals with facilities for treating persons suffering from any disease, while there are also specialized hospitals offering facilities and consultations with doctors for treating specific diseases. Doctors also offer their services in medical camps organized in educational institutions or small villages or for poor communities. The services in such camps are usually available free of cost. Doctors may also undertake home visits to attend to patients.

2: Doctors Diagnose a Patient’s Condition and Offer Suitable Treatment

Doctors diagnose the disease a person is suffering from by conducting different tests. Tests to check body temperature, blood pressure, heart beat and lung function are easily conducted with simple instruments. If detailed information is needed on the functioning and condition of certain body parts, further tests are conducted.

These include blood and urine tests, as also exposure of the particular part of the patient’s body to X-rays that produce images of the internal body structure. Advanced tests such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging, abbreviated to MRI, may also be conducted to help a doctor diagnose a patient’s disease.

Doctors prescribe medication according to the diagnosis of a patient’s condition. Medicines may be administered as oral tablets or through injections. Sometimes doctors administer a drug in the form of an injection as it would be work faster in a patient’s system in creating the desired effect than an oral tablet.

Besides medication, doctors also advice diet restrictions in line with the medication or to hasten the healing process. For example, certain foods may not be allowed to be consumed if a person is suffering from jaundice or typhoid or then diabetes. Doctors also suggest exercise regimens as required by patients.

Doctors also give inoculation and vaccination shots for immunization against certain diseases. In deficiency diseases doctors also give shots of the required mineral or vitamin.


Paragraph on Doctor 6 (350 Words)

Long Paragraph on Role of a Doctor in Patient’s Life

Doctors help in healing people of their illnesses.

Doctors Diagnose a Patient’s Disease through Various Tests

Doctors conduct tests to diagnose the disease a person is suffering from. Measuring the body temperature or checking the functioning of a patient’s lungs and heart using a stethoscope are basic tests that are conducted by a doctor. There are radiological tests based on X-rays that a doctor may also conduct to diagnose a person’s ailment. There are modern tests like the Magnetic Resonance Imaging, abbreviated and referred to as MRI, which may also help in diagnosing the disease a person is suffering from. Such tests are conducted in specialized radiology centres.

Various pathological tests using the samples of a person’s blood, urine, sputum and stools are also conducted to precisely detect the particular health condition a sick person is a victim of. A sample of a patient’s blood or urine is taken, and the tests are conducted. The results of the tests reveal the state of health or disease of the person.

Doctors Heal Patients of Their Diseases

Once the disease afflicting a patient is diagnosed, the doctor can recommend the treatment. The treatment may include medicines in the form of tablets, capsules or syrups that may be administered orally. There may also be injections that need to be administered. The doctor may also prescribe certain restrictions in the patient’s diet.

There are specialist dieticians who guide patients on their diet to speed up the healing process and improve health. Besides dieticians, physiotherapists help patients recover by suggesting suitable and appropriate exercise regimens. Treatment for a disease may also require surgery. Surgeons are specialist doctors who conduct operations on patients. Surgeries need to be performed precisely and with great care.

Doctors Work in Hospitals and Health Care Centres

Doctors specializing in various fields work in hospitals and clinics. Doctors maintain high levels of hygiene in their work in the welfare of their patients and of themselves. Medical services to people are also offered through medical camps organized at various places where doctors may provide their service free of cost.

Veterinarians are doctors specializing in treating and healing sick and injured animals. Pet dogs and cats are taken to veterinary hospitals when they need medical attention.


Paragraph on Doctor 7 (400 Words)

Long Paragraph on Doctor, Doctor Profession and Doctor’s Day

The doctor is a specialist in medicine and health care. There are doctors who specialize in human health. There are also doctors who specialize in the health of animals. They are known as veterinary doctors or veterinarians. There is a special day (National Doctor’s Day) dedicated to all the doctors worldwide, it is celebrated on 1st of July every year to commemorate their dedication towards their profession as well as to recognize their contributions in saving the precious life of people.

Doctors are Health Care Professionals

Medical doctors are qualified and trained health care professionals who help in curing and healing people of various health conditions. There are many different branches of medicine. Doctors specialize in the study of the different organs of the human body, and the diseases that affect these organs.

There are specific terms used for the different specialists. For example, a cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the human heart. Similarly, an endocrinologist is one who specializes in the study of the endocrine glands of the body, and the diseases that afflict these glands and their cure too. Likewise, while a dentist can take care of our teeth, an ophthalmologist can test the health of our eyes.

There are different systems of medicine such as allopathy, homoeopathy, Ayurveda and unani. Doctors treat patients according to the system of medicine they practice.

Doctors Diagnose and Treat Various Health Conditions

Doctors use various parameters to determine the health of a person. There are clinical, pathological and radiological tests that doctors conduct to diagnose the disease a person is suffering from. There are different instruments and equipments that doctors use for the purpose.

For example, while the thermometer is used to measure the body temperature of a person, the stethoscope is used to check a person’s heart function and breathing. Various tests can also be conducted with samples of a person’s blood and urine to help a doctor diagnose a person’s illness. Similarly, X-rays are used to take pictures of various parts of the internal system of the body.

Doctors may treat a patient through medicines that can be administered orally. Medicines may be administered by doctors through injections too. Surgeons are specialists who conduct operations if patients require such treatment for their cure. Doctors also advise their patients the diet and exercise regimen required during the medical treatment, and for recuperation.

Vets Treat and Cure Sick Animals

Veterinarians, or vets as they are referred to, treat and cure sick or injured animals, and are trained and qualified in the area. There are special veterinary hospitals where sick and injured animals can be taken for treatment from a vet. Pet dogs and cats are treated by vets when they are sick. Vets also treat wild animals.

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