Sovereignty and Partition of India 1947

India and Pakistan were parted in 1947. Some people were not in favor of partition. Due to the divide and rule policy of the British Government, revolt of Muslim League and relaxation of Congress and their behavior lead to the partition of India.

The story of Independence of India and Partition of India was filled with the deep grief and Hindu-Muslim Riots. Many nationalists said d that the partition is due to a communal dispute and religious conflict and it should be in such a way that it would not hurt the sentiments of people. India and Pakistan came into existence from the midnight on 15 August 1947.

A total of 12 Million people lost their residents and property during the partition of India and Pakistan. The violence and riots were all over the country. The migrants from Pakistan occupied area and India were faced most unpleasant times, some lost their family, their lives, houses were burnt, only bloodbath and revenge were seen among people.

During the partition of India and Pakistan, the riots were broke out in Hyderabad, Bengal, Sindh, J & K, and Punjab. Hindus and Sikhs were threatened and forced to leave Pakistan immediately. Their property and homes were seized. Similarly, both community faced hatred and violence during the partition.