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Paragraph on Teachers Day

“Teachers Day” is observed, mainly to thank and show respect towards the teaching community. The day is observed on different dates in different parts of the world. The tradition started in the 19th century, when countries began...

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Paragraph on Teacher

A teacher is a person who helps the students to acquire knowledge and develop their mind so that they gain wisdom to fight against the evils of the society and survive successfully and make the nation develop and feel proud of...

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Paragraph on Pollution

Pollution refers to the presence or introduction of harmful or toxic substances into the environment. In this case environment refers to all natural living and non living things those surround us. Forests, water bodies, air,...

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Hindi Diwas Paragraph

Hindi Diwas falls on 14th September every year. It is a day specially dedicated to our mother tongue, Hindi. This particular date has been chosen for Hindi Diwas because it was on this date in the year 1949 that Hindi was...

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Population Paragraph

Population generally refers to the number of people living in a particular place. The study of the statistics pertaining to the size and composition of and changes in the population of a place is called demography. Statistics...

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Flood Paragraph

A flood refers to the excessive accumulation of water in a water body or on land that is otherwise dry. Floods are caused due to various reasons. Water bodies like lakes, rivers and Oceans get flooded when excessive rainfall...

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Paragraph on Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is known as the father of the Nation. He was one of the most loved and respected Indian leaders who fought the British in his own unique way and helped our Country attain freedom. Long and Short Paragraphs on...

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