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Slogans on Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease resulting in a high blood sugar level. Some initial symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, frequent urination and loss of weight and appetite. If not treated properly, diabetes could have...

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Slogans on World no Tobacco Day

World no Tobacco Day is an annual event observed globally on 31st May to encourage people to abstain from all forms of tobacco consumption for 24  hours. The day also stresses to raise awareness about the ill effects of tobacco...

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Slogans on World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day is celebrated on 18th April every year to raise global awareness about preserving the cultural, historical and monumental heritage, spread around the world. The day was first proposed by ICOMOS (International...

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Slogans on My Mother

Before moving onto some catchy slogans on “My Mother”, it would be better if we discuss a little on the topic. Though there are thousands of qualities in a mother, and we all know it, nevertheless, we will discuss it, just to...

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Slogans on Election

Before we start providing you slogans on the election, we have given here a short overview of the election; you can go through this to have a general idea about the topic. In a democratic setup, elections are the most...

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Slogans on Water Conservation

Changes in lifestyle, rapid urbanization and industrialization have led to an increase in water consumption throughout the globe. The agriculture sector is the prime consumer, accounting for nearly 70% of total water consumption...

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Slogans on Save Environment

Everything that constitutes our surroundings is called the environment. A safe and clean environment is essential for the survival of all the living species on the planet. Today, the environment is facing serious threats mostly...

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Slogans on Earth

Earth is the planet on which we survive along with millions other species; not merely survive but live! It’s very important that we understand the difference between surviving and living. Earth not only provides for our needs...

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