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Essay on Green Revolution

The term Green Revolution is used to express the introduction of new farming techniques like high yielding seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, use of farm equipments like tractors, farm tools and other machineries. Green...

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Essay on My Aim in Life

Everyone has an aim in life, sometimes depending on the society they live in, the people they spend time with or the people they admire. Some aims are born out of external influences while some are born in consciousness. I think...

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Essay on Solution of Pollution

Pollution today threatens the environment as well as the life of flora and fauna. Though, there are also some natural causes of pollution, the human induced causes of pollution are persistent in nature and are the main reasons...

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Essay on Causes of Pollution

The term Pollution refers to the introduction of unwanted polluting substances into the environment. These polluting substances, commonly referred to as pollutants are generated mainly due to human activities like...

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Essay on My Friend

My Friend is a special person whose company I prefer over anyone else’s. If it is not doing anything productive, I simply like to chat with my friend. He/she is like a partner in whatever I do. I like to play games, study, and...

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Essay on Santa Claus

Introduction Santa Claus is a very famous character and probably the dearest of children during the festival of Christmas. The origin of Santa Claus is much interesting and similar do what he does now. History Santa Claus has...

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Essay on Jainism

Introduction Jainism is one of the important religions spread around the world. The people following it are called Jains. There is no specific country mainly for Jains. The most number of Jains reside in India. History Jainism...

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Essay on Sachin Tendulkar

Introduction Sachin Tendulkar is probably the most popular name in the Indian Cricket world. He started playing international cricket for India at a very early age and shocked the entire world with his abilities. Life Sachin was...

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Essay on Jesus Christ

Introduction Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity, the largest religion in the world. He was Jewish by birth but intended to found a new religion with different morals and ethics called ‘Christianity’. Life...

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Essay on Islam

Introduction Among all the religions in the world, Islam is the second-largest one. Some of the countries with most Islamic population are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arab, and Oman, etc. History Islam was founded by the Abū...

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Essay on Buddhism

Introduction Among all the religions in the world, Buddhism is an important one. It is spread all over the world. There are many countries where Buddhists live in the majority like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan, etc. History...

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