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National Constitution Day Essay

National Constitution Day, celebrated on 26th November every year, is a day to commemorate the adoption of the constitution of our nation by the Constituent Assembly. The constitution of our country was written under the...

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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Essay

‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is a proverb that means if we complete our tasks and solve small problems in time we will be better off and our problems will not turn bigger. Long and Short Essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine...

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Charity Begins at Home Essay

‘Charity begins at home’ is an old proverb that implies that we must first look after those who are closest to us and then go out and help others. Charity here does not just mean financial aid but also refers to love,...

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Life after School Essay

Life changes drastically once we are out of school. Life after school is exposed to new challenges and experiences. It is a different world altogether. We need to be more particular about every decision we make as we step out of...

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Life of Soldiers Essay

Soldiers are the real heroes of the nation. They serve their country selflessly and are ready to sacrifice for the sake of their country and countrymen. The life of soldiers is tough. They have to face several challenges. Long...

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Life in a Big City Essay

Life in a big city can be described as fast, flowing and largely cut off from the nature. While it offers good opportunities and modern facilities, it can be quite exhaustive and stressful. Yet those who live in big cities are...

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Life in an Indian Village Essay

Indian villages are beautiful and serene. Life in an Indian village is largely peaceful. People living in Indian villages lead a simple life. They are courteous and helpful and enjoy life amid nature. However, they face many...

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A Journey by Train Essay

Train journeys are quite exciting and interesting. These are comfortable too. Train is in fact one of the most comfortable and economical mode of travelling to long distance. I have travelled to several places by train and made...

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Pollution Due to Diwali Essay

Diwali is the time for celebration. It is the time to meet and greet our friends and relatives. There is love and joy all around. However, amid all this we forget that we are harming our mother nature by burning crackers in the...

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Life Essay

Life has been bestowed upon us by the almighty and we all must value it. We should be thankful for all that we have and try to improve ourselves each day to build a better life. The journey of life may not always be smooth but...

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Road Rage Essay

Road rage basically means showing aggression on road. It has become quite common these days. Numerous cases of unnecessary brawl and serious accidents due to road rage spring up every day. The irony is that the criminals get...

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