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Essay on Religion

Religion is a social and cultural system which defines the traditions and beliefs of a particular section of people. It often includes the worship of a super natural almighty power, known as God. The word Religion is derived...

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Essay on Proverb

A Proverb is a well known saying which states a general truth or gives a piece of advice. It is often a traditional saying that has been perceived from true experience or common sense. Some of the popular proverbs have been...

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General Essay

General Essays or Essays on General topics are popular among school and college students. From time to time they are asked to write an essay on any of the trending topics. To do so they need to be well informed about all the...

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Essay on Aryabhatta

Aryabhatta is considered one of the greatest astronomers and mathematicians of ancient times. Even today, scientists consider him as their source of inspiration. Aryabhatta, who holds the most important place among Indian...

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Essay on Indira Gandhi

The country’s first female Prime Minister was born on 19th November 1917. She was born in Allahabad, her childhood name was Priyadarshini. She was a soft-spoken woman with an effective personality and knew the skill to...

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Essay on Kalpana Chawla

A diligent person never deviates from goals. Nothing is impossible for a person. Those who depend on luck can never do anything new. History is a witness, in the world, who overcame crises and did something new, achieved the...

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Essay on My Friend

My Friend is that special person whose company I prefer over anyone else’s. If it is not doing anything productive, I simply like to chat with my friend. He/she is like a partner in whatever I do. I like to play games, study,...

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Essay on Green Revolution

The term Green Revolution is used to express the introduction of new farming techniques like high yielding seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, use of farm equipments like tractors, farm tools and other machineries. Green...

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Essay on My Aim in Life

Everyone has an aim in life, sometimes depending on the society they live in, the people they spend time with or the people they admire. Some aims are born out of external influences while some are born in the consciousness. I...

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Essay on Causes of Pollution

The term Pollution refers to the introduction of unwanted polluting substances into the environment. These polluting substances, commonly referred to as pollutants are generated mainly due to human activities like...

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Essay on Solution of Pollution

Pollution today threatens the environment as well as the life of flora and fauna. Though, there are also some natural causes of pollution, the human induced causes of pollution are persistent in nature and are the main reasons...

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