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Sant Ravidas Jayanti

Sant Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Magh month of Hindu calendar also known as ‘Maghi Purnima’. It marks the birth anniversary of Guru Ravidas, who was one of the great saints of the ‘Bhakti...

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World Radio Day

The first proposal for observing the World Radio Day was made to the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) by Spain, on a request from the Spanish Academy of Radio Arts and Science, on 20th...

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World Day of Social Justice

United Nations regards social justice as the underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence among the nations. With the vision of promoting social justice globally, the United Nations General Assembly on 26th...

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Zero Discrimination Day

The Zero Discrimination Day was first observed worldwide on 1st March 2014. The day was observed by the United Nations with all its partners and UNAIDS – a joint program of United Nations to combat AIDS (Acquired Immune...

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World Wildlife Day

“World Wildlife Day” celebrates all the species of animals and plants in our eco system and their significance. They day admires their contribution to the bio diversity of the planet and acknowledges the fact that the extinction...

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International Day of Happiness

The decision to celebrate “International Day of Happiness” was made on 28th June 2012, by the United Nations General Assembly and its 193 member states. The proposal was made by Jayme Illien, United Nations special advisor....

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World Down Syndrome Day

“World Down Syndrome Day” is a global event organized to advocate the rights of people or children suffering from “Down Syndrome” and to send a message that they too can live a happy and normal life. As early as 2005, agencies...

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World Poetry Day

The UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) designated 21st March as “World Poetry Day” in its 30th General Conference held at Paris, from 26th October to 17th November 1999. The resolution to...

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International Day of Forests

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution on 28th November 2012, designating 21st March as the International Day of Forests. Hence the first International Day of Forests was observed on 21st March 2013; since then...

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