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Self Rule Movement in India 1937

In 1937, provincial elections were held and the Congress came into power in eight of the eleven provinces. This was a mark of the support for complete self-rule by the Indian people. The self-rule was demanded by the top leaders...

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British Reforms 1919

After the transfer of power from the East India Company, the British had followed the policy of cooperation. To make it in function there were three Acts had been also passed in 1861, 1862, and 1909 but these policies...

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Christmas Island Mutiny 1942

There had been many mutinies in the history of India and also in the history of the world. A mutiny is a rebellion inspired by the armed forces or soldiers. Every mutiny brings some changes indeed but we are told about only few...

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Lahore Resolution 1940

Lahore resolution was proposed by the Indian Muslim League in 1940 Lahore session. It was purely an officially political motion. The Lahore Resolution had been passed by the Muslim League in the three days session at Lahore from...

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