Quotes are famous words, sentences, passage or phrase told by some famous personalities on any subject, event, general topic, festival, social issues, rules, regulations, etc. Quotes are very famous or popular saying by anyone, someone special or some extraordinary people. Generally we write quotes under double quote (means “”), quotation mark, inverted commas, etc as these are written by other. Writing quotes under double quote or using italic font denotes that these lines are said by others.

Once quotes are said by someone, it remains so called, so to speak or as it were. It cannot be changed by anyone in future. It remains as it is. We have listed some famous quotes written by some famous personalities and legends from different countries (like India, US, UK, Germany, Japan, etc). We have provided variety of quotes such as motivational, inspirational, promotional, devotional, health related, revolutionary, quotes on social issues, cultural and traditional festivals, some important events like Republic Day, Independence day, quotes on personalities, Valentine day, New Year, Diwali, Holi, some important days like mother’s day, teacher’s day and many more. Have a look on some listed quotes:


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