Essay on Importance of Communication

Communication is extremely important in any relationship. Importance of Communication has been stressed upon time and again. Lack of communication creates a number of problems that only increase with time.

It is often said that if there is a problem one should talk it out, if there is a moment of happiness then share it, if you are sad and low then tell it to someone close to you. Communication is of utmost importance in any given situation. It strengthens the bond between people. Here are essays on importance of communication of varying lengths to help you with the same in your exam. You can choose any importance of communication essay as per your need:

Long and Short Essay on Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication Essay 1 (200 words)

It is often seen that the families where people talk to each other frequently are happier. They share their joys, sorrows and other emotions with each other. There is a lively atmosphere in such families. They laugh it out together and celebrate every moment whole-hearted. They never feel lonely or bored. They know whenever they want to talk about something or share an emotion they always have an ear to listen to. Such is the importance of communication.

Compared to this, the families where all the members are engrossed in their own tasks and do not bother to care about or talk to people around them are usually not as happy. The atmosphere in such families is quite dull and gloomy. People are busy with their own tasks. They have friends outside and are not as close with their family members. They plan outings with their friends and colleagues rather than their family members. This is because they have neglected the importance of communication all along and are thus not comfortable communicating with each other. And without good communication there is no way one can enjoy. People in such families often find themselves lonely and even get into depression.

Similarly, lack of communication is harmful in every situation. We must all realise the importance of communication.


Importance of Communication Essay 2 (300 words)


As Paul J. Meyer puts it, “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success”. Importance of communication has been emphasized upon several times. Spiritual gurus and renowned leaders around the world have often stressed upon its importance.

Right to Communicate

Right to communicate has been stated as one of the basic human rights in India. This includes right to freedom of opinion and expression. This forms the basis of democracy. It is because the democratic government of India understands the importance of communication that is why it has granted this freedom. Communication helps in improving the political, economic as well as social condition of a country. People in India are free to give their opinions on various things. They can question the political leaders for anything that goes wrong or does not work as per their commitment. They are also free to give their suggestions on how to improve various spheres. This helps in improving the overall condition of the country. Many people have come forward to voice their opinions and provide suggestions to the government and have helped the nation build strong.

Communication at Personal Level

Communication is also extremely important at personal level. Individuals who resolve their issues and discuss their problems by communicating with each other are in a happy space. They express what they feel – be it something good or bad. They are also open to listening to the point of view of the other people to understand them better. This helps in clearing any kind of misunderstanding that leads to a whole lot of other problems.

On the other hand, people who avoid communication and resort to silence tend to complicate things. They do not clarify anything and often hold grudges against others.


We must understand the importance of communication at various levels. Communication is important for putting ones opinions across and also for understanding that of the other.

Importance of Communication Essay 3 (400 words)


Communication is a way of putting across ones ideas and opinions and listening that of the others’. It is important to have a two way communication for a healthy conversation. People who understand the importance of communication develop healthier personal and professional relationships. On the other hand, people who keep things to themselves instead of discussing and resolving them experience problems at various levels.

Importance of Communication in Personal Relationships

It is extremely important to communicate with our near and dear ones to keep things smooth. Be it a parent child relationship, husband wife relationship, relationship with siblings or relationship with in-laws – it is essential to maintain a healthy two way communication to build a strong relationship. A relationship that lacks communication can never be successful and is faced with a lot of misunderstandings. For instance, a parent child relationship is beautiful when they communicate well with each other. A family where the children are not hesitant to discuss different kinds of matters with their parents is best for the child’s all round development. This kind of comfort level is build by the parents by way of communication. It is only when the parents communicate with their children and lends an ear to listen to them that the children feel comfortable with them and share their personal experiences with them.

Similarly, it is said that a husband-wife relationship works best if they develop a deep bond of friendship with each other. This is because friends share everything with each other and stand strong for one another through thick and thin. They do not have to worry about the reaction of the other person as they know they wouldn’t be judged. Husband wife who communicate more with each other build better trust and transparency and thus develop a stronger bond. On the other hand, those who do not discuss their problems with each other tend to bottle up the feelings, develop mistrust and it leads to major problems later on. Many of them discuss their problems with outsiders rather than discussing the same with each other and eventually to fall apart.

Many people have the habit of turning cold and giving silent treatment to their loved ones to show their anger. This is the worst punishment you can give someone.


It is time people should realise the importance of communication and communicate with one another to avoid misunderstandings and the problems that follow.

Importance of Communication Essay 4 (500 words)


Importance of Communication has been emphasized time and again. While some people are born with the quality to communicate well others can learn it with some effort.

Two Way Communication is Important

Communication is said to be effective if it is two way. If only one person does the talking and the other one is not given a chance to put across his point then it is considered to be an unhealthy conversation. Importance of communication must be understood however at the same time people must ensure fair play in the same. Dominating the entire conversation isn’t right and so is letting the other person dominate the same. Be it at home or in a professional setting, people must recognize and realise the importance of two way communication.

Importance of Effective Communication

Many people understand the importance of communication and want to communicate their point to the other people however they are unable to do so. This is because they lack good communication skills. Here are few ways to communicate effectively:

  1. Interruption

Interruption can be extremely annoying. It is essential to let the other person complete his/ her point before you make yours. Constantly interrupting the other person can make them wander from the point and the conversation can take a different turn.

  1. Listen Patiently

Healthy conversation requires listening patiently as much as it requires putting ones point across. In order to communicate effectively you must first listen to what the other person has to say.

  1. Watch Your Body Language

Your body language speaks volumes about you. It is essential to keep your body language warm and friendly rather than arrogant and haughty. Many people unintentionally give a wrong message through their body language. If you are not sure then it is a good idea to learn the art of body language.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard With Your Point

The reason behind conversation is to express your thoughts to let the other person know what you feel. It is not to prove that your point is correct and the other person is wrong. Many people try to win the conversation which is absolutely wrong. It leads to unnecessary arguments and conflicts.

  1. Watch Your Words

Before you say something to someone make sure you know what you are saying. At times, out of anger or anxiousness we say things that we must not say. Remember, words once spoken cannot be taken back. It is thus suggested not to say something you might regret later.

  1. Practice

If there is a professional meeting, where there is a requirement of communicating about your product or work then it is suggested to practice the same beforehand. Choose how your conversation would begin, what all points you would be covering and how you would end it. Practice the same a couple of times in front of the mirror or with a friend.


Jim Rohn once said, “If you just communicate you can get by. But if you communicate skilfully you can work miracles”. So, it is essential to understand the importance of communication. However, it is all the more essential to learn the art of effective communication to put across ones point well.


Importance of Communication Essay 5 (600 words)


Communication is the building block of a strong and healthy relationship. In personal relationships it is essential to avoid mistrust, ensure transparency and build a strong bond. In a professional setting, it is essential for the smooth functioning of the organization, effective knowledge sharing and avoiding any kind of work related confusion.

Importance of Communication in Professional Setting

Communication is of utmost importance in a professional setting. This is the reason why so much emphasis is given on assessing the candidates’ communication skills during job interviews. A person who can communicate his point well has better clarity of concepts. On the other hand, somebody who is confused about the facts is likely to fumble while talking about the same. So, ones communication skills are a good basis of judging his/ her knowledge and clarity of thoughts.

A person with good communication skills is always more confident and can handle clients better. Here is the importance of communication in the lives of different professionals:

Importance of Communication for a Teacher

Teachers must essentially possess good communication skills. They will be able to handle the students better only when they have this quality. Be it disciplining the children or teaching them academic lessons – they shall be able to do their task effectively only if they know how to communicate effectively.

Importance of Communication for a Doctor

A doctor must not only have complete knowledge about his field but must also know how to communicate well with his patients and their family members. He must know how to put his point in a way that the patients don’t take their health issues lightly yet don’t get into a state of panic.

Importance of Communication for a Team Leader

A person’s communication skills are particularly assessed while offering him a leadership role or managerial post. This is because the job is all about interacting with the team and deriving work from them. The way a team leader or manager communicates determines the performance and behaviour of his team to a large extent. He is supposed to set an example for them and bring out the best in them.

Importance of Written Communication 

In a professional setting, knowing the art of written communication is as much essential as verbal communication. There are a number of things that need to be documented and that is where written communication comes in. One must learn the art of writing professional emails and sending official texts to ensure effective written communication.

Lack of Communication Often Leads to Depression

While a lot has been said about the importance of communication, people these days mostly neglect this aspect. Everyone is so engrossed in their own lives that they do not bother to converse even with their near and dear ones. The growing use of internet and social media and the busy lifestyle of people is one of the main reasons for this. Young couples these days are so engrossed in their own lives that they overlook the importance of communicating with their parents. Spending quality time with them is quite out of the question. Parents are left alone during the old age. They have no one to talk to and often succumb to depression. Similarly, many women who choose to serve their family by staying at home are all alone for most part of the day. They do not have a good social circle and do not usually have people to lend an ear to them. This can be quite frustrating and eventually causes depression among many. 


Communication is of utmost importance. It is important to vent out one’s thoughts and feelings to live a fuller and happier life. The more we communicate the less we complicate and the better we feel about everything around.