Essay on Solution of Pollution

Pollution today threatens the environment as well as the life of flora and fauna. Though, there are also some natural causes of pollution, the human induced causes of pollution are persistent in nature and are the main reasons behind the environmental pollution. The solutions of the pollution are only in hands of humans and only humans have the capacity to get the world free from the effects of pollution.

Short and Long Essay on Solution of Pollution in English

We have provided below short and long essay on solution of pollution in English for your information and knowledge. The essays have been written in simple yet effective English language to make them easily memorable and presentable when needed. After going through the essays you will know what the solutions of pollution are, how can we prevent environmental pollution by saying no to plastic, by using less electricity, by preferring public transport over personal vehicle etc; you will also know about the more environment friendly methods of pollution reduction. These essays will prove extremely useful in your school/college assignments and during essay writing, debate or speech giving competitions.

Solution of Pollution Essay 1 (200 Words)

Today pollution has become one of the most talked about topics the world over, but for all the bad reasons. As we know that it refers to the contamination of environment by unwanted compounds, those are mostly produced by human activities. As the pollution is caused by the human activities so but naturally its solution also lies in the hands of humans only.

Initiatives like use of more eco friendly sources of energy – solar panels, wind mills etc; stricter vehicle emission norms; regulation of industrial pollution; efficient mechanism for the collection and disposal of waste; better and efficient sewage management system; recycling of runoff water, could be taken to reduce the environmental pollution.

Even the simple initiatives like avoiding the use of plastic and plastic materials, switching off lights and machines when not in use; and taking public transport instead of personal vehicle will considerably help reduce the environmental pollution by ensuring that lesser hazardous gases are emitted into the atmosphere.

We need to take these steps immediately in our own capacity, if we ever want our planet to stay green and healthy the way it is now.

Solution of Pollution Essay 2 (300 Words)


Pollution is one of the main threats to the environment today. It actually compromises the quality of air, water and other constituents of the environment, necessary for life. The increasing effect of pollution has emphasized on the need to find out new solutions to contain it.

Ways to Control Pollution

There are many ways by which we can contain the environmental pollution. Some of them are as simple as using a paper bag to as complicated as revising emission norms. Below we will go through some of the simple ways that we can adopt in our ever day life to reduce the effect of pollution on the environment.

1) Say no to Plastic

Plastic is the most widely used material and is a menace. It is the most commonly found contaminants in the environment. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and is found in our offices, schools and houses. When this plastic has served its shelf life, it gets strewn into the environment and being non biodegradable it stays there for decades. If we just stop using plastic right away, we would be contributing huge to save the environment.

2) Switch off the Lights

Power generation units are one of the main contributors of air pollution. These power plants use coal and other fossil fuels, which upon burning release toxic smoke and gases. Also the more is the demand for electricity the more fuel will be burned in the power plant and hence the more hazardous gases will be emitted. What we can do is to reduce the consumption of electricity, thereby reducing the demand and ultimately doing less harm to the environment.


Some of the solutions of pollution are simple and easy to follow. All we need to have is a determination to prevent damage to the environment and a foresight to understand the devastating consequences of pollution in the next fifty to hundred years or so.

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Environmental Pollution is the most talked about topics in the world, because of the threat that it poses to the environment as well as to the life and health of the flora and fauna that exists on the planet. Solutions to the problem of pollution must be introduced in order to keep the environment safe and pure.

Methods to Reduce Pollution

Below given are some of the methods that could be employed to reduce pollution and to keep the environment clean.

1) Use of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Pollution caused due to vehicles is the main cause for environmental pollution. Every day vehicles release tons of hazardous gases in to the environment as exhaust emission. These gases contain mainly of Carbon Monoxide which is a poisonous gas and harmful to human health. There is an immediate need to switch to more eco friendly transport options like electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles.

2) Eco Friendly Power Production

The power production industry today is the main cause of environment pollution. This industry uses coal and other conventional fuels which emit toxic gases as byproducts, ultimately causing environmental pollution. Greener and more environments friendly options of power generation like wind mills and solar panels must be employed to reduce the environmental pollution.

3) Better Emission Monitoring System

There is a need to strictly monitor the vehicular and industrial emission. A proper emission criterion must be defined for this purpose and it must be supervised with strict rules and regulation.

4) Proper collection and Disposal of Waste

Proper collection of waste from urban areas and its proper disposal is also very much important for reducing the environment pollution. In the absence of proper collection and disposal mechanism, the waste from urban settlements reaches the environment and pollutes it. There is a need to properly collect the waste, segregate it as per its quality and then recycle it or incinerate it.


There are many solutions to the problem of environmental pollution, but all of them require tremendous will to contain the environmental pollution as the prerequisite.

Solution of Pollution Essay 4 (500 Words)


Almost all of the environmental pollution is caused by the human activities like industrialization, burning of fossil fuel, improper waste disposal etc. The solution to the problem of pollution also lies in the hands of humans. Below we have discussed some of the main solutions of pollution.

A brief description of some of the major solutions to air and water pollution is provided below.

Solutions to Air Pollution

Some of the most significant solutions to Air Pollution are described below-

1) Reduce Industrial Emission

Industries contribute to a good amount of pollution by emitting harmful and toxic gases as byproducts. The pollution caused by industrial emission can be contained by reducing it by adopting new post combustion control methods. Efforts must be made to reduce the quantities of emitted harmful gases like Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides etc.

2) Improve Road Vehicle Emission standard

The emission standards of road vehicles must be improved in order to ensure that they do not contribute to the pollution by emitting large quantities of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and other pollutants. The emission standard of road vehicles must be revised from time to time and their implementation also must be properly ensured.

3) Ensure Proper Maintenance of Vehicles and Machinery

Proper maintenance of vehicles and machinery is also very important to ensure that they do not contribute into the environment pollution. Vehicles those are not well maintained emit large quantity of smoke containing toxic gases, into the atmosphere. This results in air pollution, making the air harmful to breathe. On the other hand vehicles those are well maintained, emit less smoke and harmful gases, not doing much damage to the environment.

4) Controlling the Construction Dust

Dust due to ever going construction work is the main cause of environmental pollution in urban areas. Very small particles of dust float in the air, sometimes making the air so thick, so as to reduce its visibility up to only few meters. Some conventional methods water sprinkling and time management could be employed to reduce the dust due to construction.

Solutions to Water Pollution

1) Waste Water Treatment

One of the main causes of water pollution is the waste water from industries and urban areas. Urban sewage as well as waste from the industries is left into the water bodies, polluting them and making the water unusable. There is a need to employ new techniques for the treatment of this waste water so that it could be recycled and used again rather than being dumped in the water bodies.

2) Green Farming

Use of chemicals in agriculture fertilizers is also one of the main causes of soil as well as water pollution. Hazardous chemicals get mixed with the soil and get washed away into the water bodies with rain. When these chemicals enter into the water bodies they make the water toxic to use and also pose a hazard to the aquatic species.

3) Plastic Waste Reduction

Plastic bags are also one of the main causes of water pollution. They are widely in use and are easily carried away by wind and water to our water bodies. Reducing the use of plastic bags and using paper bags instead will greatly reduce the pollution of water bodies.


Pollution is widely effecting the environment, damaging it every day. Damage to the environment constitutes damage to every part of environment that is the air, water and other necessary resources. Necessary Steps as described above must be taken to reduce the air and water pollution and thereby keeping the environment safe and pollution free.