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A postman has always been an important part of our society. His job duties involve reporting to the post office on time every day, sorting the letters according to the addresses, placing them carefully in his bag, delivering them to the correct address and reporting back to the post office in the evening. He reports to the postmaster and follows his instructions. His job is tough but he carries out all his duties with a smile. He also brings a smile on the face of people who receive letters, presents and money orders delivered by him.

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Short Essay on Postman (200 words) – Essay 1

A postman is a community helper. He is as important to the society as other community helpers such as a doctor, a teacher, a policeman, and a vegetable-seller. He helps in connecting people by conveying their messages to each other.

A postman wears a khaki uniform and holds a bag full of letters on his shoulder. He rides a bicycle and roams around on streets to deliver letters to different addresses. He needs to make sure that every letter reaches the correct address. He also needs to ensure that the letters are delivered timely. Many people subscribe to magazines and newsletters. These are also delivered by the postman. He is reprimanded in case he doesn’t perform his duty well.

Postman’s profession is quite tough. He faces many hardships such as riding the cycle all day long irrespective of the weather outside. Whether it is rainy, windy or sunny, a postman cannot take a leave. He needs to be out on his cycle to distribute the letters so that people do not miss any important message. This can be quite strenuous physically. However, he does his job with dedication. By evening he needs to report to the post office. He is allowed to go home only after the postmaster’s approval.

Despite the hard work, a postman is not paid well. I wish the government increases the allowance of the postmen.


Essay on Postman (300 words) – Essay 2

‘Importance of Postman’


In ancient times, people relied on pigeons to convey messages to their loved ones living in faraway lands. However, as things changed these were replaced by a more reliable medium. Post offices came into being and postmen were hired to deliver important letters, parcels, and documents.

The Importance of Postman in the Earlier Times

A postman was one of the most important community helpers in the times when there were no phones. People communicated with their relatives and friends living in distant lands by way of handwritten letters that were delivered by postmen.

Since banks were not easily accessible and there were no ATMs, people often sent money orders. Gifts and other important parcels were also sent via post. A telegram was sent in case an urgent message had to be conveyed. The role of the postman was thus that of great responsibility in the past.

People relied upon him for receiving money and important messages and things. They keenly waited for postman each day.


The Importance of Postman in the Modern Times

It would not be wrong to say that the importance of postman has lowered to some extent due to the introduction of phones and emails. Instead of writing long letters to each other, people send quick messages or emails to convey the message. They no longer have to wait for days to hear from each other.

They can simply make a call or text their loved ones as well as business associates and connect with them instantly. All the banking transactions including the transfer of money and receiving of documents is also done online. People hardly send money orders these days.

However, receiving handwritten letters is still a great feeling. The importance of postman may have reduced with time but he is still an essential part of our community. He still delivers many important posts such as university results, admission cards, weekly/ monthly magazines, and the likes.


Though we have now shifted to the electronic mediums of communication, however, the role of a postman is still important. It is good to see that most postmen carry out their duties with honesty and dedication.


Essay on Postman (400 words) – Essay 3

‘The Postman in Our Village’


We live in a residential society in a metropolitan city. The sight of a postman is very rare here. The postman usually delivers the letters at the society gate and that is where we pick them from. I only get to see a postman when I visit my grandparents during my summer vacation. They live in a beautiful village in North India. Postman is one of the few people who are awaited eagerly by the people of the village. We also look forward to his arrival each day.

The Joy of Receiving Letters

The atmosphere of villages is quite different from that of the cities. Children are seen playing together in the neighborhood all day long. Elderly people also gather to chit chat during the afternoon and evening hours. I and my siblings also play and run around the village area. The joy of the kids playing around increases particularly when they see the postman coming. They run after him chasing his bicycle, greeting him and giggling away to glory.

Everyone is eager to know if they have received any letter or another postal article. It is like receiving a precious gift. The postman seems as glad as the people around. He stops by at the addresses where the letters are to be delivered. People living in villages are quite courteous. They offer him water. Some of them even offer him sweets on special occasions.


There is no bank or ATM in our village. The nearest one is around 10 km away. It is difficult to withdraw money transferred to the bank. This is the reason why money orders are quite common here. People prefer receiving their payments through money orders. Many children also send money orders to their parents living in the village so that they can purchase things with ease. The postman understands the importance of money orders. He carefully delivers them to the respective recipients.

The Postman Reads the Letters

Many people in the village do not know how to read. So, in addition to distributing letters, the postman also takes it as his responsibility to read the letters to villagers. He does this job with joy. He sits down and patiently conveys the message written in the letter to the people. In case, there is some good news, people reward the postman to express and share their happiness.


The bond between the villagers and the postman is really strong. It is a treat to watch the postman riding through the village. We miss this in the city.


Essay on Postman (500 words) – Essay 4

‘Postman: A Tough Profession’


A postman is a government servant. He is employed to distribute letters, money orders, and other postal articles to people. He roams around on a bicycle all day to complete the work assigned to him. The profession of a postman is not easy. He needs to face many challenges.

The khaki Uniform

A postman wears a khaki uniform. He wears a matching cap and carries a bag full of letters on his shoulder. The bag also contains certain other stuff such as cards, money orders and magazines that need to be delivered at different addresses. The uniform of a postman sets him apart from the rest of the public. A postman’s uniform helps us recognize him from a distance.

The Old Bicycle

A postman rides a bicycle even in today’s times. People have upgraded from cycles to scooters to cars. However, postmen are still assigned bicycles. They roam around on this eco-friendly vehicle the entire day to distribute letters and other important documents to people.

Many people argue that their vehicles should also be upgraded. However, others support this old way of commuting. It may take time for the postmen to reach from one place to another via cycle. However, there are many advantages attached to it too. One of the main advantages is that a postman does not have to worry about traffic jams.

The role of a postman is that of great responsibility. He needs to ensure timely delivery of letters. Driving a car, scooter or tempo can hinder his work as it will make it difficult for him to escape the traffic. Besides, cycles are good for the environment. They do not cause pollution, unlike cars and bikes. Also, riding a bicycle keeps the postman healthy and fit.

Postmen are usually seen riding an old bicycle which has become an integral part of their identity.

A Tough Job

The job of a postman is not easy. He requires reporting to the post office early every morning. He collects all the letters from the post office and then sets out to distribute them in the area assigned to him. The letters need to be distributed at different addresses. He needs to look for the best possible route based on the addresses he needs to visit in order to complete his job by evening.

He needs to ensure that the letters reach people on time so that they do not miss out on any important message. A postman cannot afford to miss any delivery or misplace any letter as he can be questioned for loss or delayed delivery. He can be punished in such cases. He can lose his job or a part of his salary in the event.

In the evening, the postman requires reporting to the post office again. In case, any job is left incomplete he requires completing it before heading home.

It is sad, that even though a postman works hard all day long, he is not paid well by the government.


The service provided by a postman is essential for society. We should be thankful to these professionals for carrying out their tasks with dedication.


Essay on Postman (600 words) – Essay 5

‘Postman in Our Neighbourhood’


Since my early childhood years, I remember one person who visits us regularly. He comes to our house many times a week and has become a part of our family. He is our postman, Naresh. While many postmen are transferred to a different area every few years, Naresh has been delivering letters in our vicinity for quite a long time. It has been for several years.

My Grandparents Await Postman Eagerly

While most of us have switched from writing letters to sending a quick email or message, my grandmother still prefers the good old way of writing letters. She and her siblings exchange handwritten letters regularly to keep in touch with each other. I often go with her to the post office to purchase inland letters, envelop and stamps. She also assigns me the task of putting letters in the nearby letterbox. We then await their reply. My grandmother eagerly waits for our postman, Naresh each day and so do I.

Apart from the letters from my grandmother’s siblings, we often receive letters from banks and some other institutions. Naresh knows that my grandmother keenly awaits letters from her loved ones. He rings the cycle bell joyfully as he approaches our place on the days he brings letters for my grandmother.

Just as my grandmother is overjoyed to receive these letters, Naresh is glad to deliver them. Sometimes, her brother sends her gift. No matter how small the gift is, the joy of receiving a surprise parcel is simply unmatched. Naresh makes sure the parcel is carefully kept in his bag to avoid any kind of breakage. He joyfully hands it over to my grandmother who is thrilled at receiving it.

My grandfather, on the other hand, waits for letters from the stock market and bank. While my father carries out all the banking transactions online and receives notifications on his mobile or email, my grandfather still prefers the old way of dealing with such institutions. So, he too awaits Naresh every day. He trusts Naresh completely and thus instead of visiting the bank he often opts for receiving even the most important and confidential documents via post.

My Pen Friend

I love this old way of keeping in touch. To experience the joy of receiving letters, I recently made a pen friend. In this era of mobile phones and chatting apps, this seems quite old fashioned and mundane. But I really wanted to experience this and it is really awesome. I write regularly to this friend and it is exciting to receive letters from her. She even sent me a beautiful birthday card which came as a pleasant surprise.

Our Postman; Our Friend

We are lucky that Naresh has been assigned our area as he is a very sincere professional. He carries out his tasks with honesty and dedication. Many of our relatives complain of missing out on letters and gifts. It is all due to the negligence of the postman in their area. They visit the post office to register complain regarding the same.

However, the lost/ misplaced parcels and letters are seldom found. Thankfully, we have never faced any such problem. This is because Naresh is a thorough professional. He understands the importance of timely delivery of letters and other postal articles and makes sure no one misses out on an important message.

It would not be wrong to call Naresh a true friend. On festivals and other special occasions such as birthdays, we offer sweets and juice to Naresh as he visits our house. My mother also gives him some cash and a pack of sweets for his family. We have been following this ritual for years.


Our postman, Naresh is always on time despite the weather outside. He works tirelessly and always has a smile on his face. His sincerity and dedication inspire me to work hard.



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