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Values are the teachings given to a person mostly by his elders. A person’s behaviour and actions are largely based on the values he inculcates during his childhood. It is the responsibility of the teachers and the parents to give good values to their children to help them become good human beings.

Long and Short Essay on Values in English

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Short Essay on Values – Essay 1 (200 words)

A person with good values is always looked up to by other people. Such a person is reliable and trustworthy and is thus welcomed everywhere. Good values help in giving a positive direction to both our personal and professional life.

It is the duty of the parents to imbibe good values in their children. The values we learn during our childhood remain with us all through our life. Our character and overall personality is determined to a large extent by the kind of values we inculcate during the early years of our life. We grow up to be responsible and honest adults if we are taught these values during our childhood. Likewise, if we are not taught the importance of these chore values then we do not give much heed to them and grow up to be irresponsible.

While imbibing good values in children is of extreme importance unfortunately not much time is invested by the elders to teach these values. In this competitive world, we are losing values as instead of teaching good values to the kids people are only focusing on academics and looking for ways to beat others. They do not realise that a degree is of no use if a person does not have good values.

It is time we must all realize the importance of good values and help the future generations learn the same.


Essay on Importance of Values – Essay 2 (300 words)


Values are of utmost importance for a person. This is because they go on to determine his/her behaviour, nature and overall attitude towards life and other people. The decisions we take in our life are largely based on the values we possess. Our decisions in life do not only impact us but also our family, our organization, our society as well as our nation. A person with good values is likely to take wise decisions considering the good of everyone around. On the other hand, a person who lacks values shall fail at it and may end up creating a problem for himself as well as those around him.

Importance of Values

Some of the values include honesty, dedication, commitment, optimism, courtesy, patience, compassion, forgiveness, cooperation, unity, self control, respect, love and care. All these values build a strong character. Good values make a person humble and dependable. Whether it is a job or a personal relationship, a person with good values is looked upon by everyone. A person’s values reflect in his personality.


A person with good values exudes positive vibes and spreads love and joy. He is considerate about the needs of others. Besides doing well in his own life, such a person is often seen uplifting and helping others whenever he can. Such a person believes in himself and also understands the importance of unity and teamwork. He doesn’t lose his temper easily and practices forgiveness. He is certainly an asset to any organization. The families who raise such individuals must be appreciated for the efforts they put in.


Thus, values are of utmost importance. A nation with large number of people with good values will certainly progress and develop faster compared to one where people lack values. Values help in nurturing us at an individual level and we go on to build our surroundings better by the strength of our character.


Essay on Values Make a Man Human – Essay 3 (400 words)


Our values help in giving us the right direction and purpose in life. They give us the sense of right and wrong without which decision making can be extremely difficult. It would not be wrong to say that values make a man human. Without values a man would be no less than an animal wandering around clueless about which way to go and how to handle his life.

Values Build Strong Character

Values are the good teachings we get from our parents and teachers mostly during our childhood years. We are taught the importance of good values such as self control, discipline, integrity, compassion, dedication, hard work, team work, forgiveness, empathy, helpfulness, loyalty, perseverance, consistency, optimism, dependability, efficiency, respect, patriotism, love, care and responsibility.

We are also encouraged to imbibe these as they help in taking our life in the right direction. Good values help in building a strong character. Our values make us sensitive towards the needs of others in the society and also help us in taking the right decision for ourselves. They render wisdom as well as strength of character and thus make us human.


Values Build Healthy Environment

Man is a social animal. He cannot live in isolation. A healthy environment is essential for the proper growth and development of an individual and an individual with good values helps in creating a healthy environment. So, basically both are interdependent. A place where individuals act responsibly, stay united, follow the right path and carry out their tasks with determination is happier and likely to develop better. Individuals can behave in such a way only if they imbibe good values.

Good values are thus imperative for humanity. Man can live peacefully and grow properly only if he has good values. Values help in building a healthy social environment. They make us human and make the society worth living. Imbibing good values is thus important for every individual.


Values help us understand what is right and what is wrong for us as well as for those around us. This helps us make various decisions in life. Values are thus of utmost importance. Our personality and character is built based on the kind of values we have. A person usually picks up values from his family members, teachers and other people he is surrounded by during his childhood. It is important for the parents and teachers to give good values to the children in order to make them human and sensitive to those around them.


Essay on Values and Ethics – Essay 4 (500 words)


The terms, ethics and values are mostly used interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two. While the values are imbibed in us since our childhood and help in shaping our character and attitude, ethics are the way we behave. Ethics are basically referred to moral values put in practice. While our moral values determine our ethical conduct, ethical codes may be defined by external entities. For instance, each organization defines an ethical code of conduct for its employees so as to ensure a healthy work environment. Schools, colleges and other institutes also have their set of ethical code that needs to be followed to maintain the decorum of the place.

Values Must be Imbibed

It is essential for a person to imbibe good values in order to live in a society. Honesty, discipline, positive attitude, dedication towards work, helping others, feeling the pain of others, forgiveness, determination, respect, love, commitment, acting responsibly and taking responsibility for ones deeds are some of the values that we must all inculcate. These values are essential for the positive growth of an individual.

Even a well-educated and intelligent person is not respected if he does not possess good values. People rather look up to a person who has a friendly disposition and bears good moral values. Such a person is dependable and trust worthy – a quality which has become very rare in today’s competitive world. It is time we must realize that one of the basic qualities required to inspire others and be a true leader is having good values.

Ethics Must be Followed

Only a person who possesses good values can behave ethically. It is the behaviour of a person that shows the kind of values he has. Various organizations, institutes and other places determine a set ethical code of conduct. People working, studying or visiting these places are expected to follow their ethical code failing which strict action can be taken against them.

Ethical behaviour is not that hard to achieve. It includes basic things such as talking politely with others, behaving calmly even during difficult times, respecting the fellow students/ co-workers, maintaining discipline and acting responsibly. Following these ethics helps in creating a healthy environment and it is thus essential.

The Role of Parents and Teachers

Parents and teachers play a vital role in nurturing children. They must take it as their responsibility to teach good values to children and sensitize them about the need to follow ethical behaviour. Schools must have a separate period to teach the importance of values and ethics so that children learn about them from the beginning. They must also train the students on the way to imbibe the values.


A person who bears good values finds it easy to abide by the ethical code of conduct defined by an external entity. He manages to win several hearts and is appreciated for his behaviour and attitude towards others. On the other hand, a person who lacks values is often found breaking the ethical code of conduct and getting into trouble every now and then. One must imbibe good values and behave ethically to do well personally as well as professionally.


Long Essay on Meaning, Importance and Characteristics of Values – Essay 5 (600 words)


Values are the positive teachings provided to us to help us tread the right path in life. These can even be referred to as the good qualities that every parent wants his child to imbibe. A person who imbibes good values grows on to become a responsible individual who is capable of demarcating right and wrong. Thus, he is able to take wiser decisions in life.

Importance of Values

Values are of utmost importance for an individual. An individual with good values is loved by everyone around as he is compassionate about others and behaves ethically.

  • Values Help in Decision Making

A person is able to judge what is right and what is wrong based on the values he imbibes. This helps at various steps in life as it makes the decision making process easier. A person with good values is likely to take better decisions.

  • Values Give Direction to Our Life

Values give us clear goals in life. They tell us just how we should behave and act in different situations and give right direction to our life. A person with good values can take better charge of his life.

  • Values Build Character

A person who possesses good values such as honesty, loyalty, reliability, efficiency, consistency, compassion, determination and courage certainly has a strong character. Values help in building our character.

  • Values Help in Building a Society

A society with people who bear good values will definitely grow better. With their hard work, compassion, honesty and other values such people will help in growth of the society and make it a better place to live.

Characteristics of Values

Here are some of the characters of values:

  • Values are based on various things. While the basic values remain the same across cultures and are intact since centuries some values may vary. They may be specific to a society or age. For instance, in the past it was considered that women with good moral values must stay at home and not voice their opinion on anything. However, this has changed over time.
  • Our culture and society determine the values to a large extent.
  • We imbibe values during our childhood years and they remain with us throughout our life.
  • Our family plays the most important role in rendering values to us.
  • Our decisions in life are largely based on the values we possess.
  • Values are mostly permanent and seldom change.
  • A person is known by the values he possesses. The values of a person reflect in his attitude and overall personality.

Decline of Values in the Modern Times

While values are of great importance and we are all aware about the same unfortunately people these days are so engrossed in making money and building a good lifestyle that they often overlook the importance of values. At the age when children must be taught good values they are taught to fight and survive in this competitive world. Their academics and performance in other activities is given importance over their values.

Parents as well as teachers teach them how to take on each other and win by any means instead of inculcating good sportsman spirit in them and teaching them values such as integrity, compassion and patience. Besides, children look up to their elders as their role models and it is unfortunate that elders these days lack values. Thus, the children learn the same.


It is important for people to realize that values must be given top most priority in a child’s life in order to help him grow into a responsible and wise human being. After all, children are the future of the society. There can be nothing better than a society where majority of people have good values and follow the ethical norms.



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