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World Health Day is celebrated each year on the 7th of April to emphasize the need to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Several activities are planned at different places to celebrate this day. It is the World Health Organization (WHO) that came up with the idea of celebrating World Health Day. This day is celebrated on the 7th of April each year since 1950.

Long and Short Essay on World Health Day in English

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Short Essay on World Health Day – Essay 1 (200 words)

World Health Day is celebrated globally on the 7th of April each year. It was in 1948 that the World Health Organization (WHO) organized the first World Health Assembly. It is the assembly that constitutes of health ministers of its 194 member states. This assembly sets the world’s highest health policies. The World Health Assembly decided to dedicate a day to global health. It thus came up with the idea of celebrating World Health Day which is being celebrated on 7th of April each year since the year 1950.

WHO organizes various events to celebrate this day every year. Numerous other big and small events are organized by different organizations and institutions in various parts of the world. It is a day to spread awareness about the importance of health. By way of various events and activities, these institutions and organizations send out the message that health comes first. It is of utmost importance and all the other tasks and activities can only be accomplished efficiently if we take care of our health.

These days, people take to social media to discuss the importance of and ensuring good health in this fast paced life. They encourage others by running such campaigns on social media and other platforms.


Essay on History of World Health Day – Essay 2 (300 words)


The history of World Health Day dates back to 1948. The World Health Organization felt the need to involve prominent medical practitioners from around the world to take key decisions related to various health matters. For this purpose it held a World Health Assembly in 1948. This was the first World Health Assembly and it consisted of as many as 194 member states. WHO is governed by its member states that have been selected to form the world’s highest health policy setting body. The health ministers of the member states are a part of this body.


It was during the first World Health Assembly that the proposal of dedicating a special day to global health was put across. All the member states agreed that it was a good idea and 7th April was declared as the World Health Day. It is celebrated each year since 1950.

The Need for World Health Day

The need for World Health Day was felt owing to the increasing number of diseases and illnesses around the world. Numerous infectious diseases spring up every now and then in various parts of the world and spread like epidemics. This creates panic among people and the media adds fuel to this fear. By way of the activities held on World Health Day people are made aware about various diseases and the ways to avoid/ handle them. A theme is set for each World Health Day. The theme covers a particular health concern. The World Health Day activities revolve around the chosen theme.

Activities are also held to point out the importance of health in general. People are encouraged to give up on their modern sedentary lifestyle and opt for a healthy lifestyle which involves healthy diet and exercise.


Ever since the inception of World Health Day, the World Health Organization has been organizing various local and international events to celebrate this day. The aim of these events is to spread awareness about the significance of maintaining good health.


Essay on World Health Day Activities – Essay 3 (400 words)


World Health Day is celebrated at various places throughout the world on the 7th of April every year. This day has especially been dedicated to spread awareness about the importance of good health in our life. Its importance is emphasized by way of various activities held on this day.


World Health Day Activities

Here is a look at the World Health Day activities performed at different platforms:

  • Activities in Schools/Colleges

Many schools, colleges and other educational institutions in different parts of the world make it a point to involve their students in different activities on World Health Day. The aim of involving the students in these activities is to make the future generations realize the importance of health and the ways to lead a healthy life. Fun activities are organized and the students are especially made aware about the importance of indulging in outdoor games and avoiding mobile or computer games.

  • Social Media/Mass Media Activities

Health campaigns are run by way of newspapers, radio and television. Short stories to emphasize the importance of health are published in newspapers. Interviews of health practitioners and nutritionists are also published in newspapers and magazines. These efforts are made to sensitize people about the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle. With the advent of social media, the number of World Health Day activities has increased manifolds. Several pages are initiated and many interesting games and other activities involving the masses sprung up on different social media platforms on this occasion. People these days are hooked to social media and thus these activities see active participation.

  • Activities at Hospitals

Hospitals organize special health care camps on this day. Exclusive health check-up offers are made available to people to encourage them to get their check-up done and diagnose any health issue in time. Hospitals run campaigns to emphasize the need to get regular health check-ups done.

  • Activities at NGOs

NGOs also organize health camps on World Health Day to help the needy. Many doctors, nurses and other professionals volunteer to make such activities a success. Such camps are mostly organized in remote areas where people are not much aware about the ways to keep their health intact.


The main purpose of celebrating World Health Day is to ensure global health by sensitizing its need among the masses. Different innovative World Health Day activities are held for this purpose on this day. This is indeed a great initiative by the World Health Organization.


Essay on World Health Day Celebration – Essay 4 (500 words)


As people these days are becoming health conscious, the popularity of World Health Day is increasing and so is increasing the popularity of events which are being organized on this day. World Health Day is celebrated around the world on 7th of April. It installs the spirit of leading a healthy lifestyle.

World Health Day Celebrations: Special Activities

The World Health Assembly decides a specific theme for World Health Day each year. Different activities are organized on World Health Day to make people aware about the specific theme covered that year and also about the importance of health in general.

As a part of the World Health Day celebrations, various events and activities are organized to help people understand how to avoid different health issue and lead a healthy life. Demonstrations and speeches are also given to help those fighting against different diseases to help them cope up with the same. These speeches are given to motivate and encourage patients and their family members to let them know that they are not alone in their battle. Skits are organized and games are played to put across these points in an interesting way to reach out to the masses.

Children are our future and they must specially be made aware about leading a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason why many schools and colleges around the world make it a point to celebrate World Health Day. Speeches, games, quiz contests and other activities are organized in schools to help children learn about the importance of maintaining health in a simple and easy way. Essay writing and debate competitions are also held. Students actively participate in these events.

World Health Day Celebrations: Emphasize on Good Health

By way of various activities that form a part of the World Health Day celebration, emphasis is laid on the need to follow a healthy lifestyle to live a wholesome life. Here are the key highlights of these events and activities:

Avoid Junk Food: In the modern times, we need everything fast and readymade and thus we have become addicted to fast food that can be grabbed easily and is good to taste. The World Health Day activities particularly lay stress upon the need to give up on junk food and switch to healthier food options.

Give-up Sedentary Lifestyle: Our jobs today are such that we require sitting in front of the laptop for hours at a stretch. Even after we go back home we are hooked to our television screens or mobiles. Children are also seen glued to televisions and tablets. This is the root cause of various diseases. Children must indulge in outdoor games such as cricket, football and badminton rather than sitting at home. Adults must also indulge in physical activities such as running, jogging, cycling, etc. This is good for both our physical and mental health


People these days are so engrossed in their work that health has taken a back seat. World Health Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of making our health our priority. We would be able to handle other aspects of our life efficiently only when we are healthy.


Long Essay on World Health Day – Essay 5 (600 words)


World Health Day is among the eight official global health campaigns initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is celebrated on the 7th of April each year since 1950. Different themes are set for the World Health Day each year to lay stress on different health concerns engulfing our planet. Various activities are organized in schools, colleges, offices, hospitals and other places to help people understand the seriousness of ensuring good health.

World Health Day Themes

A new theme is set each year to highlight a specific health issue. Here are some of the themes that were a highlight during the World Health Day during different years:

Healthy Cities for Better Life (1996): In the year 1996, the theme chosen for World Health Day was Healthy Cities for Bette Life. This theme laid stress upon the need to keep our cities clean and healthy in order to ensure better health and lifestyle for people.

Emerging Infectious Diseases (1997): Many new kinds of infectious diseases are borne each year in different parts of the world due to different factors including water, mosquitoes, mice, certain food items, etc. Many of these diseases spread like epidemics and create panic all around. The World Health Day theme for 1997 aimed at making people aware about these diseases and how to act wisely to stop these from occurring.

Road Safety (2004): Road accidents take away numerous lives each year and leave many other physically handicapped. It is a growing concern worldwide. The 2004 theme was to sensitize people about the need to ensure road safety. The importance of wearing helmet while riding a two wheeler, wearing seat belt while commuting by four wheeler and obeying various other traffic rules were highlighted through various campaigns on this day.

Protecting Health from the Adverse Effects of Climate Change (2008): Climate change is a growing concern these days. It has led to various health issues. Many human activities are leading to global warming which in turn is leading to changes in the climate. This is a leading cause for numerous health issues. By way of the 2008 theme, people were made aware about the various human activities that lead to the emission of green house gases and global warming that is causing different kinds of serious health problems. Various activities organized on this day aimed at making people aware about how they can contribute towards lowering global warming.

Food Safety (2015): The cases of food poisoning have been increasing worldwide. As more and more people have started eating out in the restaurants and at road side stalls, the cases of food borne diseases have also increased. Moreover, adulterated pulses, cereals and other food items have also led to illnesses of different kinds. This theme aimed at spreading awareness about such things. Events and activities were organized to make people aware of what to have and what to avoid.

Depression: Let’s Talk (2017): Depression which is a common problem these days formed the theme of the 2017 World Health Day. Depression is usually an outcome of loneliness and can be cured if the patient gets an ear to hear his problems. The tag line suggested just the same. Many depression patients and their kin got benefitted by the events and activities organized on this day.


Thus, World Health Day is not just about emphasizing the importance of the overall health of the people. Awareness about different health problems and the ways to deal with the same are discussed year after year on this day. The idea of choosing a specific health problem each day and helping people understand the nitty-gritty’s of the same is an effective approach towards ensuring health.



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