Women’s Day

Highlights of International Women’s Day in 2018 

* On this day the Prime Minister of India tweet on Twitter that he is inspired by a 106 years old woman, Kunwar Bai from Chhattisgarh. She inspired the PM of India by solding her goats (her only source of livelihood) in order to build a toilet worth Rs. 22,000 in her village.

PM said that “Her contribution towards a Swachh Bharat can never be forgotten. I am deeply inspired by her noble gesture”. “I will always cherish the time when I had the opportunity to seek Kunwar Bai’s blessings during one of my visits to Chhattisgarh”. She is no more because she passed away earlier this year but she will live in our hearts always for her daring deeds towards clean India.

* At this International Women’s Day, Google is highlighting 12 women artists (Francesca Sanna, Anna Haifisch, Estelí Meza, Tillie Walden, Chihiro Takeuchi, Isuri, Karabo Poppy Moletsane, Laerte, Philippa Rice, Saffa Khan, Kaveri Gopalakrishnan, and Tunalaya Dunn) from 12 different countries in order to represent an unique story using those special moments, persons, or events which have impacted their lives as women to invoke feelings of understanding and empathy.

About International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day “IWD” is also known as the International Working Women’s Day or United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace which is celebrated every year on 8th of March all across the world in different regions of the countries in order to focus the achievements and contributions of the women in the society. The celebration of this event varies from region to region. Generally, it is celebrated to provide respect to whole women fraternity, appreciate them and to express love for them. As women are the major part of the society and plays a great role in the economic, political, and social activities, international women’s day is commemorated to remember and appreciate women’s all over achievements.

International women’s day celebration was started celebrating as a socialist political event during which the holiday is proclaimed in many countries. At this event celebration, men express their love, care, appreciation and affection towards women just like the event of Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated every year with a preplanned and particular theme of the year to strengthen the political and social awareness towards the women struggles and their precious contributions.

International Women’s Day 2018

International women’s day 2018 will be celebrated all over the world on 8th of March, at Thursday.

Why International Women’s Day is Celebrated

In the month of August in 1910, a meeting (organized by the International Women’s Conference) of the Socialist Second International was held in Copenhagen to establish the yearly celebration of the International women’s day. Finally, the annual celebration of International Woman’s Day was established by the support of American socialists and German Socialist Luise Zietz. However, no particular date was decided in that meeting. The event celebration was decided to promote the equal rights for all women.

It was first celebrated on 19th of March in 1911 by the millions of people in Austria, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. Variety of programs was held like demonstrations, women parade, banners and etc. Another demand of voting, holding public office and removing sex discrimination in employment was kept in front by the women. It was celebrated in America as a National Women’s Day to the last Sunday of the February every year. It was first celebrated by the Russian women in 1913 at last Sunday of February. A rally by the women (members of the Australian Builders Labourers Federation) was held in Sydney in 1975.

International women’s day celebration of 1914 was held on 8th of March. From then, it was started celebrating everywhere on 8th of March. The 1914 event celebration in the Germany was especially held for the women’s right to vote. During the 1917 year celebration, women of Saint Petersburg demanded the “Bread and Peace”, end of the World War I as well as Russian food shortage. Gradually, it was started celebrating in various communist and socialist countries such as in China from 1922, in Spanish communists from 1936 and etc.

How International Women’s Day is Celebrated

International Women’s Day is a special event which is celebrated worldwide on 8th of March by the people including women leaders from the business, political, community, educational institutions, inventors, TV personalities and etc. It is celebrated by organizing variety of programs like seminars, women parade, conferences, banner, debates, presentations, speech, competitive activities, luncheons, women’s issues, dinners, breakfasts including other women rights promotional activities. It is celebrated to enhance the worldwide awareness about women, their rights, contributions, importance of education, career opportunities and etc.

Female teachers are given gifts by their students, parents by their children, sisters by their brother, daughter by their fathers and etc. Most of the business organizations, government and non government offices, educational institutions are closed at this day. Generally, people wear purple ribbons while celebrating this event.

International Women’s Day Celebration in India

International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the India by the Indian people with great zeal and passion on 8th of March to increase the awareness about women’s rights. This event celebration plays a great role in distributing the real message about the women’s right and their place in the society. It promotes the living condition of the women by solving their social issues. Global gathering takes place at this day to celebrate it in special way through different activities like conferences, awards distribution, festivals, fun runs, exhibitions, corporate events, speaking events, concert performances, online digital gatherings, etc.


International Women’s Day Themes

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually using a particular theme. Some of the year wise themes are given below:


International Women’s Day Quotes

Following are the quotes of International Women’s Day:


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