Paragraph on Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is one of the most challenging social issues in India. It is the ever running topic all over the country. Students generally get assigned by teachers in their classrooms to write some paragraphs during any competition held in the school or college. It helps teachers to enhance English writing skill and knowledge of students about this topic. Here we have provided some simple and easy paragraph on women empowerment to help students. They can select any women empowerment paragraph given below:

Paragraph on Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Paragraph – 1

Women empowerment means empowering women with all their rights they should have in the family, society, school, college and country just like a man. It is to make them able so that they can make own independent decisions for their personal development. The status of women in the Indian society is still backward because of the gender inequality. Women also should be given equal rights like men to really empower them. They should not be treated as weak gender of the society as they occupy almost half population of the country so they are half strength of the country. Women have more patience and effort; they can better develop their country.

Sometimes it seems that why we are talking about women empowerment because how it is possible in the country where crimes against women are running in parallel. It loses the confidence level of women to actively come out of their homes and participate fearlessly in all the activities like a man. Some of the crimes against women in India are rape, sexual harassment, kidnapping and abduction, dowry death, molestation, torture, trafficking, importation of girls, etc. Such crimes inhibit the women empowerment to spread its wings and empower women.


Women Empowerment Paragraph – 2

There are several challenges on the way of women empowerment. Lots of crimes against women in the society are raising the issues of women’s rights in India. To benefit the women empowerment in India, it needs to remove all the issues and challenges faced by women for years. Most common challenges are related to the education, poverty, health and safety of the women. After independence of country, India had to face lots of challenges which had created a big gap between men and women especially in the field of education. The ratio of educated adult men and women is 82.14% and 65.46%.

Women in India have been the victim of exploitation for many years despite of UN Charter of Human Rights and provisions of the Indian Constitution. This gap can be removed by educating women and make them independent which is the only option to break the wall of inequality, negligence, intolerance, social taboo and exploitation. Poverty is another issue of backwardness of women in the society. Eradication of poverty can be removed by eradicating the women illiteracy. Generally women are exploited in the home for domestic helps. If poverty, health, safety, crime and other issues related to women are removed, then we can see the real dream of women empowerment after 20 years later in future.


Women Empowerment Paragraph – 3

Women empowerment is empowering women with their full rights to live a happy and free life without any hesitation and fear in the society. There are total eight Millennium Development Goals constituted by the United Nations Development Programme in order to ensure equality and peace all across the world. The third one of the Millennium Development Goals is to empower women in India by promoting gender equality and eliminating gender disparity through the proper education of both genders. There was a deadline of doing this by 2005 however missed by the country. According to the condition and status of women in India till 2015, we can say that disparity will not be eliminated by another 10 years in future.

Ministry of Human Resource Development has established the Ministry for Women and Child Development in India in 1985 for the welfare and holistic development of women and children. Following initiatives are run under this programme such as Integrated Child Development Services, Swayamsidha Programme, National Commission for Women, etc.

Women Empowerment Paragraph – 4

As we all are well aware of the women situation in the country through news on TV, newspaper or magazines. Various bad practices, incidents and accidents are happening with women in India. Despite India is a country of rich heritage, tradition, culture, etc, its women are not treated as equal as men in the society. Women here are considered as Lakshmi of home however they are exploited behind the curtain even by their rude family members. Girls are not given the same facilities in the home like boys which indicates that people have gender inequality in their mind. Women in India are considered as the second grade citizen in their own country.

It is hard to believe about the possibility of women empowerment in India even after lots of acts, projects, campaigns, etc are run especially for this purpose. Because there is need to change mind set of people towards women in the society. Last few years rape crimes against women in the national capital was really very surprising and it was more shocked that it happened in the city headed by a woman Chief Minister. Women empowerment cannot occur until gender discrimination exists in the country.


Women Empowerment Paragraph – 5

Women empowerment means to empower women with the full social rights, economical stability, political rights, judicial strength and other rights. Women should get proper rights in the society like a man without any gender discrimination between men and women. Women should know as well as get the proper fundamental rights once they born. A woman can be considered with women empowerment when:

  • She gets respect and dignity.
  • She lives her life independently according to her own lifestyle whether at home or outside.
  • She feels free to take her own decision according to her choice.
  • She gets equal rights in the society like a man.
  • She does not feel gender discrimination in any field.
  • She feels safe and secure whether at home or outside at work place, street, etc.

Women Empowerment Paragraph – 6

Women empowerment is giving women their full rights in the society. They have all rights from birth like a man however, have been restricted by the people for many years. There is no doubt that women have equally participated in the growth and development of the country. It is also a fact that if women are not given their rights, a country cannot be developed completely. It has been around seven decades of Independence however; there is still a male-dominated society in country. It is a country where women leaders are available in all the work fields such as scientist, space, railway, metro, research, school, doctor, engineer, etc, however; still people think that women is a weaker section of the society.

Swami Vivekananda was a great person who had well said that, “There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved, It is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing”. So, in order to be a fully developed country, India has to empower its other half human resource.


Women Empowerment Paragraph – 7

If we see in our history, we found that women had enjoyed their rights a lot in ancient time especially in Rig- Vedic period however later in Vedic civilization it was deteriorated. Slowly women were restricted to home and denied for education, widow remarriage, ownership of property and other rights. They started bearing some crimes against them such as child marriages, dowry system, sati pratha, etc and it became more deteriorated during Gupta period.

During British rule in India, many social reformers worked a lot for the women empowerment however; they only became successful in removing sati pratha and denial for widow remarriages. Currently, women has started participating in almost all the activities such as education, politics, sports, media, art, service sectors, science and technology, etc. However, because of the deep-rooted patriarchal mentality, they are still being tortured, victimized, exploited and humiliated. There is still gender discrimination in the fields of education, freedom, and economy. Constitution of India has made various provisions for equality of women in India however; women are not benefited completely because of some system issue.


Women Empowerment Paragraph – 8

Women empowerment is empowering women with all the rights and facilities in the society so that they can live freely without any fear and restriction. There are some challenges to the women empowerment such as:

  • There is a trend of patriarchal system in Indian society in which man of the home put all the traditional and cultural burden over women and he himself involve in the ruling activities like lord. In the male dominated country, honour killing is a common challenge for women.
  • There is a big gap between men and women’s basic facilities in the Indian society. This is called as gender discrimination where boys are more preferred over girls.
  • There is various violence and crimes happen against women in the society such as rapes, acid attacks, sexual harassment, kidnapping, etc because of delay in the legal procedures.
  • There is also lack of political will which delays political empowerment of women.
  • There is unavailability of proper facilities in the schools for girls.
  • There is much delayed justice system in India even rape cases become pending.


Women Empowerment Paragraph – 9

Women empowerment means strengthening women with their all the rights of social, economic and educational needs. It is to create an environment having no gender inequality for the women. It is to empower them with equal rights in the family, society, community, and workplaces. Women cover around half population of the country means without their growth, there is no any growth and development in the country. Empowering women will boom the overall development of society because of active participation of women in all the areas. However, there are some challenges and barriers to the women empowerment due to the inherent superiority complex among males, involvement of women in domestic responsibilities for years, limited participation in social and economic activities, restrictions to women’s outing, preference of boy-child for higher education and healthy diet, and many more.


Women Empowerment Paragraph – 10

Women empowerment in India is very necessary if we really want to lead our country towards development. The condition of women in current time has become better now, they have started participating in almost all the working areas. However, some terrible crimes against women in last few years have made all women in India very scared and worried. Development of country requires women empowerment because a huge population of women all around India is illiterate and unemployed. They need to be given equal opportunity at home, society and workplaces by destroying all the crimes against women. They are very competent, talented, and intelligent like a man and can perform socio-economic activities. Empowering them will reduce domestic violence, corruption, and poverty as well as enhance economic power and national development.

Women Empowerment Paragraph – 11

What is Women Empowerment?

Women empowerment means – finding out ways for the social as well as economic development of women in the society. It is a process to make women independent, both socially and financially; giving them the freedom to choose their carrier, job, make decisions for self and family, to earn, to grow and to be equal to men in all aspects of life.

The importance of women empowerment is realized more as we progress towards a balanced and prosperous society. Today, it is understood that we cannot achieve the goals of development, if we leave our women behind.

What Restricts Women Empowerment?

There are many obstructions on the path towards women empowerment, many of them are societal.  Most of the under developed or developing countries have a patriarchal society, where men are considered superior to women.

Men make all the decisions relating to family and finance, while women just obey the orders. They are not allowed to go out, work or socialize. Women in such societies are accustomed to considering themselves inferior to men. Moreover, girls are considered a burden and their education a liability. Sending a girl to school is considered a loss of time and money.

Sadly many societies still seem to follow age’s old orthodox customs, without realizing the potential of their women. If given an opportunity women can study, progress and achieve; just as men.

What Can We Do To Empower Women?

There are several ways to empowering women, like- educating them, giving them freedom of choice, let them choose their carrier and course, let them choose their job and make financial decisions for self and family. These small changes have the potential to make bigger changes in the society as well as the nation.

Ensuring that every girl child completes her school, will also ultimately lead to women empowerment. Unemployed women could be trained into specific skills like- farming and agriculture, embroidery, sewing, crafts making, honey farming and fish farming etc to make them employable or to start a business of their own.

What can I Do for Women Empowerment?

Many initiatives are taken by the respective governments in order to empowering women, but the bottom line is that- the change has to be initiated in our minds. We need to break free from age’s old orthodox customs and beliefs, which consider women inferior to men. We need to consider the women in our houses, offices and societies as equal to men, providing them freedom and dignity.

The change that we seek in the world must begin in our houses and initiated in our minds.



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