Women empowerment is the most important issue of the Indian society. There is huge demand of empowering women in the society to let them freely live their life, give them equal rights to take part in any activity, have sense of self-worth, etc.

We have provided below some effective and motivational slogans on women empowerment. You can use following women empowerment slogans during any event celebration related to women.


Women Empowerment Slogan


Respect and empower women to empower this country.


Women empowerment is the way to country’s development.


Educate and empower women to enlighten India.


Remove gender inequality by empowering women.


Give rights to women and bring them ahead.


Existence of women is the base of beautiful life.


Educate a woman, empower a woman!


Empower a woman to empower next generation.


Educate a woman to educate the next generation.


Empower women to bring developmental revolution.


Women are need of society, never spoil them!


Women are need of the life, let them grow.


Women consist of half population, so they too are responsible for development.


Never restrict a woman; she can do everything like a man.



Restricted women may be more harmful to the society than the educated one.


Let women educate to reduce the risks to them.


Women have capacity to lead their country!


A happy woman indicates a happy and healthy family.


Happy women are sign of happy family.


Women are powerful and beautiful entity of the world.


Women are made to be loved; not to be raped.


Women are beautiful miracle in life.


Restricting a woman restricts whole family growth.



Empowering a woman empowers next generations.


Let women nourish the life here by empowering them.


Never cut the wings of women, let them fly and spread the fragrance.


Women are country’s fate, let them be a great.


Women are power and spirit of the nation, don’t exploit them.


Embrace a woman with love, respect and education!


Women have strong wings to fly so high, and will to be leader very right.


Women are beautiful nature’s creation; don’t let them restricted to home.


She is in no way inferior to you; don’t treat her like one.


A woman is a separate entity; don’t treat her like a commodity.


To respect women is a gentleman’s gesture.


The progress of a nation will be blocked; if its women are locked.


If she doesn’t realize her potential; you make her do that. Be a man!


An educated man feeds a family; but an educated woman speeds its growth.


Let them dream let them step out, and achieve to make you and the family proud.


They are equivalent to men in every aspect; but still haven’t got the due respect.



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