Sitabari Fair

Sitabari Fair (Rajasthan)

Rajasthan is very famous for its cultural activities and religious places where people follow the unique cultures and traditions. According to the historical believes, it is considered by the devotees that Sitabari town is the place where Mata Sita stayed here to spend her exile period after the banishment from society. Sitabari fair is held at Sitabari as an annual fair to celebrate the sacredness of the place and its religious and historical significance.

Sitabari Fair 2017

Sitabari fair 2017 would be celebrated by the people in Rajasthan on 28th of May, at Sunday.

Where is Sitabari Fair Held

Sitabari fair is held every year at Sitabari (at Kelwar village, Baran District, Rajasthan) which is a small town famous for its incredible sight and religious significance for Hindus all over the India. The fair is celebrated at Sitabari place that’s why it is named as Sitabari fair. Mythologically, the Sitabari town in Rajasthan was named behind the name of wife (Sita) of the Lord Rama.

History of Sitabari Fair

According to the historical Hindu mythology, a long ago Mata Sita stayed here in the Rajasthan in order to spend the period of banishment (exile) from the Ayodhya by the Lord Rama. She was left by the Lakshman through the horse cart, when She felt thirsty because of the dry environment of the Rajasthan, Lakshman had created a source of water (by his arrow) called Lakshman Babhuka means stream of water.

The place in Rajasthan which was charmed by her presence named as Sitabari where an annual fair is held to commemorate her presence by the name Sitabari fair. Sitabari is a very small and special town of high significance for the people of Hindu religion all through the India. It is a holy place mesmerized by the presence of Mata Sita after the banishment from society of Kingdom Ayodhya. Sitabari Fair is being celebrated annually to add value and continue the historical culture and significance of the place.

Sitabari Fair Celebration

Sitabari fair at Sitabari denotes the religious importance of the Sitabari town in the Hinduism. During the whole fair celebration people enjoy the fair with the variety of events, fun and frolic activities. Swyambar ceremony is organized in the fair which people enjoy lot more with their family members. Any suitable youth of the community starts this ceremony by dropping his handkerchief to the ground indicating his proposal for a community girl. The proposal is confirmed only when the handkerchief is accepted by the proposed girl which lead to the marriage agreement. They make full seven rounds of the Barnawa tree and blessed by the elders in family.

It is held for two day during which fair is crowed by the people of Rajasthan including other parts of the country. People are very interested to see the amazing places like kunds, tanks and etc where they perform a holy dip in the holy water. Then they offer prayer and other offerings to the idols of Hindu deities.

Variety of products stalls are displayed by the traders, craftsmen and etc in the fair for money earning purposes. Cattle sellers came in the fair form different parts of state to sell their cattle. The fair become the great reason of attraction towards the Sitabari town by the people from nearby areas such as Bundi, Nagaur, Aklera, Jhalawar, Bhilwara, Kota and etc.

Other shops and stalls of the beautiful handmade and readymade products are also available in the fair at very less prices. People go to visit Valmiki Ashram including the birth places of the Luv and Kush (twin sons of mata Sita and Lord Ram).

Other Holy Places near Sitabari

The Sitabari town has become a sacred and holy city for the people of Hindu religion because of the holy presence of the Mata Sita and his sons. This holy place attracts people’s mind from all over India as it has popular Kunds having sacred water. Some of the popular things to see in the fair are mentioned below:

  • Suraj Kund is named behind the Hindu God, Sun. It is bounded by varandas from four sides containing sacred water. Some people believe that water is so sacred and they use to immerse dead body ashes after cremation if they fail to reach to the Ganges.
  • Lord Shiva Linga statue is also kept there at one side of the Sita kund and Bharat kund.
  • A big Lakshman kund (having a gate called Lakshman Darwaza) is there at Sitabari. The statue of Hindu Lord Hanuman is kept at this gate.

Significance of Sitabari Fair

Sitabari fair is of special significance especially for the Sahariya Tribe people living in the south-east region of Rajasthan. Large crowd of the people try to attend the fair in order to involve in the Swyambar ceremony of the community. Sitabari town has many popular and religions places including various kunds holding great importance for the Hindu people. People believe that taking holy bath or a dip in the kund purify the body and soul and make them sacred for the prayer of God.

Devotees offer worship and offerings to the statues of the Hindu God kept in the premises. Devotees make prayer of God with the offerings of coconut, laddoo, jaggery, Batasha, grains and so many. People also visit the most significant places like Sita kund, Valmiki Ashram, birth place of Luv and kush and etc.

How to Reach to Sitabari to Attend Sitabari Fair

Sitabari is located at 1 Km distance from the Kelwara (117 Km away from Kota district) which is easy to reach by the bus. Kelwara is also easy to reach by the train as it is located at is at 75 km distance from the Baran (nearest rail station). Sitabari is located at 45 km distance from the Baran city, so one can follow the bus route or own conveyance.