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Speech on APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, popularly known as the ‘Missile Man of India’ was born on 15 October 1931 in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. Dr. Kalam’s life is a great motivation for several people especially for young students. You may be required to deliver speech on APJ Abdul Kalam at various occasions. We have shared some sample speech on APJ Abdul Kalam which would help you in your attempt. Also titled as the people’s president, Dr. Kalam was the 11th President of India and served the nation for one term from 2002 to 2007. He studied physics and aerospace engineering and later joined DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) and ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) as professional. The short and long speech on APJ Abdul Kalam shared here are appropriate for every occasion. The language is simple and content is comprehensive that describes the life and journey of APJ Kalam in a coherent manner. Long and Short Speech on APJ Abdul Kalam Speech on APJ Abdul Kalam – 1 Respected Principal, Teachers and Dear Students! Today is 5th September and like every year we have assembled here to celebrate the Teachers Day. I am extremely honored to have been given the opportunity to host this program. On the day of teacher’s day, I would like to talk about one of the greatest personalities who I admire a lot, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. I am sure everyone admires the...

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Overpopulation in India

Overpopulation refers to an undesirable condition where human population exceeds the available natural resources to feed and sustain it. Today, the world is inhabited by over 7 billion people, with China topping the list as the most populated country, followed by India. Rapid population growth is the bane of the economy of underdeveloped, poor and developing countries in the world. The population figures present an ironical situation: whereas North America’s area is 16% of the world, only 6% population of the world lives there but it consumes 45% of the world’s total income. On the other hand, Asia comprises 18% area of the world, but it is home to 67% of the world’s population. Still, it consumes only 12% of the world’s income. The situation in Africa is also more worrisome. Clearly, the areas with higher population remain socio-economically backward. Their residents get food which is not only insufficient, but is also not good in terms of nutrients. Unbearable burden of population is clearly seen in four regions of the world – Southeast Asian countries in which China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, etc are the forerunners. The population of the region consisting of the Middle East and North Africa have also been expanding at a rapid pace over the past few decades. Latin America can also be reported to be responsible for sounding the warning bells for the world....

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Groundwater Depletion

Groundwater is the water that seeps into the ground due to rain and other sources and keeps accumulating underneath. It plays an important role in ensuring food security and agricultural sustainability in the country. The advent of Green Revolution in the 1970s saw a significant increase in the use of ground water, which has so far continued, rather increased, resulting in decrease and decline in water level, wells and other irrigation sources in the long term. Apart from this, ground water is no longer potable due to contamination of water sources. Figures show that on average, ground water level is declining by one meter every year. Earlier, whereas water was found within 30 meters of ground level, now the situation is such that in many areas water is available only 60 to 70 meter below the ground level. Despite the continuous decline in ground water level, no proper system of water conservation has been developed in the country. Every year billions of cubic meters of rain water goes waste. According to groundwater experts, given the pace water is being exploited in the country, the level of ground water will go further down in the coming years. Availability of Water in India Life cannot be imagined without water, but clean and adequate water is still not accessible to most of the people in India. India receives 90 percent of the...

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Essay on Natural Resources

Natural resources are commonly referred to the resources that are a gift of nature. They are produced naturally without the intervention of human beings. Sunlight, water, soil and air are some of the examples of natural resources. These are available in abundance in nature. However, there are various other natural resources also that are not found as easily. These include minerals and fossil fuels. Here are essays on natural resources of varying word lengths to help you with the same in your exam. You can select any natural resources essay as per your need: Long and Short Essay on Natural Resources Natural Resources Essay – 1 (200 words) Natural resources are the resources that are available naturally on our planet. We do not require any human intervention to derive them. These resources are essential for the survival of living beings. While some of the natural resources such as air, water and sunlight are used directly; others serve as raw material to produce various items of necessity. Many of the natural resources are present in abundance and are renewable. This means that these can be recycled and reused. However, there are many others that are non-renewable or take thousands of years to replenish. Many natural resources are depleting fast. This is owing to several reasons. One of the main reasons is the growth in population. The consumption of natural resources...

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Essay on Patriotism

Patriotism can be defined as one’s love and loyalty for his country. Many people dedicate their lives to serve their nation. These people are referred to as patriots. The feeling of patriotism brings people closer. It must be promoted for the betterment of the country as well as the people residing there. Patriotism means having love and devotion for one’s country. Those who are true patriots work towards building their nation in whichever way they can. Here are essays on Patriotism of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any Patriotism essay as per your interest: Long and Short Essay on Patriotism Patriotism Essay 1 (200 words) Patriotism is putting the interest of one’s country first, working for its development and sacrificing for it if need. Many people think that patriotism is all about laying one’s life for his/ her country but it does not necessarily mean that. It means living for the betterment of the country, serving it in every possible way and willing to sacrifice one’s life whenever there is a need. Many people in the past have served their countries and even laid their lives for it. Many people still continue to serve their country with as much devotion. Indian freedom fighters were filled with the feeling of patriotism. They did not care about themselves and worked selflessly for...

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