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Speech on My School

We all know the importance of school in our lives. In fact, school students are often asked to write a small paragraph or brief speeches on “My School”. So considering the relevance of topic, speeches on My School have been covered in a comprehensive manner elucidating on the important role that schools play in children’s lives while also at the same time sending a strong message as to why children should be encouraged for going to school. Long and Short Speech on My School in English Language On our portal, you will find both short and long speeches on My School, which can prove to be of great help to you in your assignment whether it’s a classroom one or for any formal speech giving ceremony. So read on to know more! My School Speech 1 Dear Friends – I warmly welcome you all to today’s speech ceremony! It’s a very special day today as our very own Dear School has completed 12 years successfully. So first of all let’s cheer up for that and I am feeling extremely honored to have been sharing this great news with you all. Now, going by the special occasion I considered it apt to deliver a short speech on my school, no actually on ‘our school.’ I have been studying in the school since II standard and at that point in time...

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Traffic Jam Essay

Traffic congestion is a condition caused by the increasing vehicles on the road resulting in slower speed, longer route time and the loss of valuable time. Traffic jam occurs when the vehicles have to completely stop for a period of time. It is an issue of serious concern in every city these days. Traffic jam leads to sheer waste of productive time. People get delayed for their offices, for important business meetings along with late delivery of business goods affecting the overall economy of a Nation. Long and Short Essay on Traffic Jam in English Here are essays on Traffic Jam of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exams/school assignments. You can select any Traffic Jam essay as per your requirement: Short Essay on Traffic Jam – Essay 1 (200 words) Traffic jam occurs when movement of vehicles is hampered at a particular place for some reasons over a certain period of time. If the number of vehicles plying on a street or road is increased than the maximum capacity it is build to sustain, it results in traffic jams. Traffic jam or traffic congestion is an everyday affair in big cities. It is the result of growing population and the increase in use of personal, public as well as commercial transport vehicles. The congestion mostly occurs on the main roads during peak hours when...

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Paragraph on National Festivals of India

India celebrates three National Festivals – Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti. The government of India has declared national holiday on each of these. The citizens of India celebrate these festivals with full fervour. Long and Short Paragraphs on National Festivals of India in English You will find below a number of short and long paragraphs on National Festivals of India. We hope these National Festivals of India paragraphs will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children to write and read out paragraphs with simple words and small sentences. Students can select any paragraph on National Festivals of India according to their particular requirement. Short Paragraph on National Festivals of India 1 (100 Words) Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and Republic Day are the three national festivals celebrated by the citizens of India. While these festivals are celebrated for their own unique reasons, the similarity between these is that they fill the entire country with the feeling of patriotism. The citizens of our country celebrate these festivals with full enthusiasm. Numerous big and small events are organized in various schools, colleges, offices and residential areas throughout the country on each of these festivals. People are seen participating in these festive celebrations whole heartedly. Patriotic songs are sung and the entire atmosphere is infused with love and devotion for the country.   Paragraph on Importance...

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Waste Management: Meaning, Types/Methods, Importance, Benefits, and Solutions

During the primitive days, human beings used to discard their household waste such as trash, other worthless or defective items simply by digging a hole and burying them. This method was useful in those days because the population was relatively small, their needs were limited and they used to produce the waste on a small scale. Now the situation has changed due to tremendous increase in human population and industrial development. Consequently, managing the colossal waste has become a very challenging task for the human kind. Meaning of Waste Management Waste management is now not about merely dumping the unwanted things in a random way it but has become a systematic process consisting of collection, transportation, and proper disposal of garbage, sewage and other waste products. This also offers various solutions for recycling the items, putting the waste to productive use. Types of Waste In a broad sense, waste can be classified into four major types as urban waste, industrial waste, biomass waste, and biomedical waste. With terms that are more specific, waste can be categorized as: Solid Waste: Solid rubbish consists of number of items found in household along with some commercial as well as industrial locations. Liquid Waste: Households and industries generate liquid waste. Organic Waste: Consisting of organic material such as food, garden and lawn clippings organic waste includes animal and plant based material and degradable...

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A Picnic with Family Essay

Picnic with family is among the most relaxing getaways to enjoy during weekends or vacations. Be it in a park or a camp near the water body, a farm or a mountain slope, picnicking is always fun with family as you get to spend quality time with them. Long and Short Essay on a Picnic with Family in English Below you will find some essays on a picnic with family. Each of the essays has different word count varying from 200 to 600 and hence, will be helpful for your examinations and school/college assignments. A picnic with family essay also varies in their themes, so you can choose according to your requirement: Short Essay on a Picnic with Family – Essay 1 (200 words) Introduction In order to escape from the hustle and bustle of the routine life, a retreat is a must. What can be more enjoyable than a picnic time with family with whom we do not get to spend enough time? A picnic not only freshens up the mind, but also helps us to explore new places and enjoy food with our family. The Picnic – How It Was We chose the community park of our locality that is situated right beside the limpid brook. The park had a children’s play area where the kids of our family played on slides, swings and other play equipments....

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