Essay on Balanced Diet


According to a saying “Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. So it is very important to stay healthy to live happily. Various factors affect our health, but our food or diet is one that affects it the most.

Balanced Diet

A collection of such items in our meal, that are rich in protein, vitamin, calcium, iron, etc., and are healthy for our body, is called a Balanced Diet.

Guide to a Balanced Diet

We should include as many green vegetables in our meal as is possible. Eating fruits and drinking their juice can also benefit us in many ways. Grains like gram, barley which are rich in fibre and protein. Drinking plenty of water a day is also included in a balanced diet. Different dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, etc. have many benefits of consuming.

Benefits of a Balanced Diet

There are lots of benefits of a balanced diet. It helps in maintaining our weight. After decreases cholesterol level in our body and reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. With strong bones and teeth, it also keeps us fresh and active all the time.


A healthy body grows a healthy mind and a happy life. So we all should plan our meal based on a balanced diet.