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Essay on Santa Claus

Introduction Santa Claus is a very famous character and probably the dearest of children during the festival of Christmas. The origin of Santa Claus is much interesting and similar do what he does now. History Santa Claus has originated from a Greek-Christian Bishop of the 4th century named Saint Nicolas. He was known for his gentle and kind nature. He was famous for helping everyone. Once he met three girls who were about to be killed for not giving dowry and saved their life by giving the dowry with respect to them. He had made many such acts of kindness in his life. His remains after his death are still kept safe. Role in Christmas During Christmas, Santa Claus wears a red and white gown and brings many gifts and chocolates for kids and children in the night. Children love him a lot so they keep cookies and milk for him which is his favourite meal. Santa comes in the night when the children fell asleep. Conclusion Santa is considered to be a sign of love, respect, joy, and care, especially for children. He was, he is, and he will always remain the most loveable festive character through the year for...

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Essay on Jainism

Introduction Jainism is one of the important religions spread around the world. The people following it are called Jains. There is no specific country mainly for Jains. The most number of Jains reside in India. History Jainism was founded in deep in the history of the world by Vardhaman Mahaveer, the son of the king Siddharth of the Ikshvaku dynasty. Jains don’t worship any god and believe in the spiritual power and ability of a man. Leaving the luxurious life behind, Jainism believes in attaining the mental calmness. Facts Jains visit their special type of temple which is called Derasar. They worship the souls present in every living being like animals, plants, birds, and humans. The ‘Agamas’ is their religious text. They celebrate many festivals like Paryushana, Diwali, New Year, Pausha Dashami, and Roth Teej, etc. Jains are necessarily vegetarian and they worship animals. Jainism is divided into two sects as Shwetambara and Digambara. A Shwetambara wears only white dresses, while a Digambara remains naked throughout his life. Conclusion Jainism is contemporary to Buddhism and is one of the three important religions in India. In Jainism, spirituality is considered to be the greatest...

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Essay on Sachin Tendulkar

Introduction Sachin Tendulkar is probably the most popular name in the Indian Cricket world. He started playing international cricket for India at a very early age and shocked the entire world with his abilities. Life Sachin was as Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar on 24 April 1973 in Mumbai. He had not much interest in learning in his childhood but loved playing Tennis. He got the inspiration for playing cricket from his elder brother Ajit Tendulkar. Sachin married to Anjali Tendulkar on 24 May 1995. He has a son Arjun Tendulkar who is also making his career in cricket. Career Sachin has played for the International Cricket Team of India in all the formats including One Day, Test, and T20, etc. He was initially trained by Ramakant Achrekar and played the first International cricket match of his career in November 1989 against the team of Pakistan. He has made many cricket records and is considered to be the ‘God of Cricket’ by the fans of Cricket. Conclusion Though there have been many players in the cricket world but Sachin Tendulkar has made many people take interest in it. Apart from those who watch cricket, Sachin is also a favorite player of those who don’t watch...

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Essay on Jesus Christ

Introduction Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity, the largest religion in the world. He was Jewish by birth but intended to found a new religion with different morals and ethics called ‘Christianity’. Life Jesus Christ was born to Virgin Marry and Yusuf in Nazareth. He devoted his life to the service of the human being. According to various sources, there was a prophecy at the time of his birth that God has sent his messenger to the earth, and it was Jesus Christ. Death and Miracles The entire Jewish Empire was stunned by his divine miracles. He was crucified alive by the Jewish king. It is said that he was alive and his followers saw him a few days after his death. He also pardoned those who had crucified him. Sacred ‘Bible’ contains his biography and teachings. His birth anniversary is celebrated on 25th December every year as Christmas Day. All the Christian Churches contain his idol when he was crucified. Conclusion Jesus Christ was a person of humanity and forgiveness. He taught the whole world that the person who has the power to forgive even his enemies is the greatest. He had divine power which he proved by performing many...

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Essay on Islam

Introduction Among all the religions in the world, Islam is the second-largest one. Some of the countries with most Islamic population are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arab, and Oman, etc. History Islam was founded by the Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad. He was also the proclaimer of the holy book Quran. Quran is the sacred text of Islam which contains the words of Muhammad. Islam was founded around the 7th century CE. Muhammad is considered the prophet of Allah (the God in Islam). Islamic people worship five times a day. Facts about Islam There are three sacred places in Islam Mecca, Madina, and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Mecca in Saudi Arabia is where Islam originated. There are many festivals in Islam. Some of them are Hajj, Id-Ul Adha, Id-Ul Ghadir, Milad-An-Nabi, etc. Islam is majorly divided into two groups as Shia and Sunni. Islamic art and poetry are respected worldwide. The main language of Islam is Urdu, which has originated from Hindi. Conclusion Islam is such a religion that does not believe in one god. It is a religion of discipline. There is no provision of forgiveness for the sinner. In Islam, there is punishment for the culprits and the person who spread humanity certainly reaches...

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