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Democracy is the system of government where people are given power to elect the political leaders who will form the government. Dictatorship is the government where a single person rules. This person is called the dictator. In democracy citizens of the state choose their leaders and play an active role in building nations. Dictatorship in contrast, is the type of Government where the power lies in the hands of a single leader, political group or entity and people have no right to elect their leader.

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Short Essay on Democracy vs. Dictatorship – Essay 1 (200 words)

Democracy is a government formed by the people. It refers to the rule of the majority. The basic principles of democracy are political freedom, rule of law and equality. People elect political leaders who represent them and further the political decision making at local, regional and national level. Political leaders and parties with majority votes are elected.

The political leaders represent the people and therefore the system is called representative democracy. Democracy is the most common form of government across the world. In this form of government every individual has equal rights and freedom to express their thoughts and opinions. Democracy leads to the prosperity and development of the society.

Dictatorship refers to the form of government where single individual possesses absolute power and rules the state. The characteristics of dictatorship are suspension of elections, rule by decree, civil liberties, proclamation of a state of emergency and repression of political opponents without abiding by the rule of law. Dictators eliminate certain rights of people, mostly interfering human rights. Dictators can be found throughout the human history. Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Benito Mussolini have been some of the famous dictators. People often feel insecure under dictatorship.

Democracy offers freedom and voice to the people where as in dictatorship there is ruthless oppression of people.


Essay on Democracy vs. Dictatorship – What do you Prefer – Essay 2 (300 words)


The difference between democracy and dictatorship is that in democracy people get to choose their leaders while in dictatorship single individual or political entity rules the country. Democracy allows the free development of human personality whereas the other form of government hinders the development of human personality. Both are opposite political philosophies in terms of perception and approach and come with some merits and demerits.


What do you Prefer

The basic characteristics of democracy are equality, liberty and fraternity. It gives freedom of thought, speech and expression. It promises active participation and involvement of the governed in the governance. The chief principle of democracy is that power is implemented with respect to human rights. It makes people interested in the country and its democratic process. In democratic government, individuals’ freedom and rights are given importance. Democracy gives right to eligible people to choose their leader but most people make irrational judgments. Majority of population in developing nations such as India is illiterate and the judgment made is not completely independent.

In dictatorship the governed have no right to voice his/her opinion. In dictatorship absolute power is concentrated in the hands of the dictator. A strong and well-run dictatorship can be very effective. It can prove to be better than democracy. But there is fear that the dictator may become authoritarian and ruthless. Dictatorship can run smoothly and steadily as the power lies in the hands of a single individual. It is solely on the dictator as to how he uses the power. He can use it for the advancement of the nation or for purposes like exploiting people, terrorism and so on.


There is no guarantee that justice would be served in any form of government. Success of any form of government is based on the selection of ruler or political leaders selected by elections. Personally, I value the dignity of the individual, equality and justice. I believe, democracy is any day better than the other alternatives.


Essay on Democracy vs. Dictatorship – Which is better – Essay 3 (400 words)


Democracy and Dictatorship are two political philosophies. We often hear these two terms together as these two are most common types of government often at odds with one another. Democracy is the government of the people which gives right to all the eligible citizens to participate in electing their political leaders by giving them voice in legislation. Dictatorship gives absolute power to one individual, dictator.


Democracy vs. Dictatorship

Both democracy and dictatorship have some pros and cons. Democracy allows full freedom to the general public to express their thoughts and have a voice in legislation. In dictatorship, people are bound to follow the rules and laws decided and defined by the dictator.

Some attributes of democracy are rule of law, freedom of judiciary and press and human rights, but in unstable democracy these may be weak and can lead to slow economic growth. The decision making process can be much slower that hampers the development of nation. In fragile and unstable democracy political leaders may be corrupt and mean.

A strong and stable dictatorship can prove to be better than a weak democracy. If the dictator is efficient and works for the advancement of the nation he can make quick decisions and enforce discipline for the progress of the nation. In country like India where people are ignorant and not educated enough to make correct judgment the government formed can be corrupt. Strong democracy is important for the development of people and society.

Which of the Two is Better?

Democracy is better compared to dictatorship as it allows people the right to express and voice their opinion. In dictatorship there is no freedom of thoughts and expression and people are subjected to ideas and beliefs of a single ruler. Democracy is the government by the people so it is less endangered to revolution as the government is chosen by the people and they can change their leaders by electing other leaders. There is no freedom of expression in dictatorship which can lead to unhappy people and violent revolutions.

However, whether it is democracy or dictatorship, there is no guarantee of a good conduct from any political leader. We are witness to political leaders who are corrupt or often misuse their power to lead their own party. In the end character, moral standards, integrity and ethical approach of the political leaders is what leads to strong government.


A good dictator is better than a bunch of corrupt, petty and selfish leaders coming to rule in Democracy. On the other hand, a strong democracy with political leaders that work for social reform and advancement of the society and nation can be better than a ruthless and corrupt dictator. So, it all depends on the kind of person/people in power.


Essay on Democracy vs. Dictatorship – What is the Difference – Essay 4 (500 words)


Democracy is a type of government in which eligible citizens have the right to elect representative to form a government body. It involves citizens directly by giving them voice in legislation. Dictatorship on the other hand is the form of government where all the power is placed in the hands of one person that is the dictator. Democracy and dictatorship have emerged as the two major forms of government across the world since the beginning of 19th and 20th centuries.

What is Democratic Form of Government?

Democracy is the government elected by majority of the people. It generates the citizens’ interest in the country’s politics by giving them the right to elect the members of the government. It is important in democratic system that the citizens of the country participate and are aware of the social issues and their right to vote. There should be a sense of responsibility in people. The elections should be monitored impartially to ensure system integrity.

Characteristics of Democracy

Some characteristics of democracy are legal equality, rule of law and political freedom. Democracy runs with the principle of majority rule. Under democracy all eligible citizens have equal access to legislative processes and are equal before law. Vote by every eligible citizen is valuable and has equal weight. The rights and liberties of the citizens are protected by the constitution. Democracy protects human rights by co-operation and coordination. It offers diversity to represent all the communities. Equality lies at the heart of democracy.

What is Dictatorship Form of Government?

In dictatorship the absolute power is with the dictator. Dictator is the political leader who holds extraordinary power and exercises his power for self interest. In dictatorship, the ruler is the one who acts for the whole Nation.

Characteristics of Dictatorship

Dictatorship is characterized by some chief features such as civil liberties, suspension of elections, rule by decree, proclamation of state of emergency and repression of political opponents without acting in accord to the rule of law.

The most common feature attributed to dictators is to take advantage of their position, usually by restraining the freedom of speech of the people citizens. It is done in order to maintain social and political supremacy. People have no right to voice their thoughts on the way they are governed. There are no elections held and people have no right to choose their leaders. In dictatorship, the law making body is a single person that is the dictator. So, the law enforcement may become brutal at times. In such type of government, there is little regard for the rights of people.


In democratic form of government people enjoy great deal of liberty. The power is with masses. They can choose the government and they can change the government. Every eligible citizen has equal rights and freedom of self-expression. In dictatorship, there is the rule of a dictator. People have no right to elect their leaders and have to follow the laws and rules of the dictator. Thus, democracy is the best form of government that leads to the development of people and society as the rights and liberties of the citizens are highly respected.


Long Essay on Democracy vs. Dictatorship – Merits and De-Merits – Essay 5 (600 words)


Democracy and Dictatorship are two different types of government or political philosophies. These are the two types of governments exactly unlike one another. Democracy is the government allowing people to govern via voting system. Dictatorship, on the other hand, takes the power away from people and grants it to one individual ruler.

Merits and Demerits of Democracy

Merits of Democracy: Democracy is the government of people as compared to the government of a single ruler or of a class of people. It gives voice to the citizens of the country in legislation and develops a sense of responsibility among them. People elect the members of government themselves in a democratic government so it gives the freedom of thought and speech.

Democracy has been defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. People have the right to elect their representatives by giving their valuable vote. These representatives represent the citizens in the legislature. If the citizens are not happy with their representatives then in the next elections they may not re-elect them.

Demerits of Democracy: Democracy has its set of disadvantages as well and one of the biggest disadvantages is the rule of ignorance. People who are not educated or intelligent are likely to take wrong decision in casting of votes and this can lead to wrong choice of government leaders. In our country people fail to take sound or independent decision. The corrupt politicians or those who lack skills but are famous personalities like actors often get elected due to the ignorance of people.

Merits and Demerits of Dictatorship

Demerits of Dictatorship: In dictatorship majority of power is granted to one individual. People have no right to interfere in the way they are governed and are unable to involve in political system. Dictatorship is a dominant form of government. There are no elections and there are human rights issues concerned in this form of government. In dictatorship the law enforcement and law making can often become forceful and violent. The dictators may often use their power for personal benefits and make wrong judgments which are not in favour of the country. The chief issues in this form of government are propaganda, repression and media blackouts.

There is no freedom of speech and thought under dictatorship. People can get into trouble for opposing their government. An individual does not enjoy liberty and right for the development of his personality and is forced to act as governed by his ruler. Dissenters can be a threat to the dictator. So, dictators often use their power to give unfair verdicts. In dictatorship there is no freedom of individual expression and political diversity which can often lead to unhappy people and violent revolutions.

Merits of Dictatorship: However, there are certain advantages of dictatorship. Election is a complicated process. As mentioned above, majority of the population, especially in the developing nations, is ignorant and illiterate and cannot make a correct judgment. Some argue that something as unpredictable and complex as elections can prove to be a disaster. Instead, in dictatorship government can move quickly by giving power to an individual.

A dictator is a leader who is expert in the field of administration and organization. He is the one who has quick decision making ability that can work in the favour of his country and people. Dictators can bring social reforms and eliminate social evils and crimes through set of laws and regulations. A dictator, who works for the advancement and betterment of his country proves to be successful and is liked by all. Dictatorship can lead to stable government as the dictator remains in power for long time.


Thus, both democracy and dictatorship are political philosophies that have their own set of merits and demerits. However, democracy is considered better as it is the government of people.



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