In today’s era, technology has become an important part of our life. People are using gadgets for communication and other significant purposes. Every day we see how much the importance of mobile phones has increased in life. These gadgets have made life easier. They have many advantages, but the second aspect of the coin is that it has many disadvantages too. We can take better advantage of this by being careful of the dangers of gadgets. Not only mobile phones but also the other electrical and electronic devices being used every where leaves their bad effect on the people and the whole ecosystem.

People using refrigerators and air-conditioners in their homes and work places omit CFC gases which is harmful for the nature. The vehicles omit poisonous gases that pollute the environment. Electric gadgets create magnetic field around them, living near them can disturb the hormones. While some electronic gadgets radiate harmful rays that are harmful for skin, chest and stomach.

Long and Short Essay on Addiction of Gadgets in English

Here some long and short important essay on addiction of gadgets in English are given into different word limits according to the need and requirement of students. These essays will provide you the specific knowledge of the ill effect of modern gadgets on our lives.

Through these essays we will explore the advantage and disadvantage of gadgets. It is also discussed in the essay on addiction of gadgets that how it has become the need of the people and how the life will be without these gadgets.

You can use the essay on addiction of gadgets in your school assignments on gadget addiction or in discussions on the subject with your classmates and teachers. You will also get aware about the facts that how gadgets leave their good and bad impact on its users.

Essay on Addiction of Gadgets – 1 (200 Words)

Mobile Phone has brought a miraculous change in the entire world. Years ago people could not even imagine that there would be such an invention that we would be able to talk to anyone in any corner of the world. Due to mobile phones, revolutionary changes have come in every field.

After invention of the mobile phone, people have benefited from it, so its consequences have also appeared positive. In today’s mobile phones, you can communicate with your kin and Kith easily, send messages, watch videos, take any photo from the camera installed in it, as well as run the internet where we can take information from all over the world.

But there are as many disadvantages as there are benefits from mobile phones, people have started using it everywhere, people spend most of the time in playing with their mobile phones and get addicted to it. Due to this, their eyes become weak and at the same time due to the mobiles being given to the children at a young age, their mind does not concentrate in writing and studies.

Due to the internet connectivity in mobile, children can get misinformation or visit websites that they shouldn’t.


Essay on Addiction of Gadgets – 2 (300 Words)

Although many kinds of electrical and electronic gadgets have been used by human since a long period of time yet mobile phones are the most common ones that are used by youth and adults equally. Gadgets have made the life of the people easy and luxurious. Various kinds of gadgets provide many facilities in the diverse realm of life and make the life joyful. But extreme use of gadgets or total dependency on gadgets also creates problems in the health and life of the people.


The first mobile phone was invented in 1973 by a company called Motorola, which was created by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper. The invention of the mobile phone has changed the whole world. It has made human life very simple and easy. Earlier, any message took days to get deliver but today it takes only few minutes. This invention of science has given new dimensions to human life.

This is such a discovery of science that no one has ever thought about it before, that one day we will be able to talk instantly to any person living in a far away corner of the world. The invention of mobile phones has brought revolutionary changes with the arrival of electronic messages.

The importance of mobile phone is currently so full that today two-thirds of the population of the world is connected by mobile phones, this means that more than 271 crore people in the world use mobile phones. Of which above 80 crore consumers are the people from India.

Presently, leaving the mobile behind, the Smartphone use is on high, whose annual growth in our country is increasing at the rate of 16%.


Essay on Addiction of Gadgets – 3 (400 Words)


Research by the Michael Cohen Group revealed that teenagers prefer to play with gadgets. Due to sitting all day carrying gadgets, the problem of obesity is increasing among them. But due to being busy, they are not able to sleep on time, due to which they have to suffer from physical and mental health problems. Overuse of gadget is causing anxiety, depression, autism, and other problems in children and people.

According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under two years of age should be kept away from any kind of screen. Children of three to five years should be allowed to use gadgets for not more than one hour.

Health Problems due to Addiction of Gadgets

Many kinds of health problems are observed among the children and people who stick with gadgets for prolonged time. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • Obesity– Various researches have revealed that excessive use of gadgets reduces the physical activity of people, which also leads to the problem of obesity.
  • Insomnia– With the continuous use of gadgets like mobile; diseases like insomnia start to increase.
  • Dry eyes– Whether to keep a constant eye on a video game or to keep a blind eye on the mobile screen till late night, on the screen of any electronic gadget, our own eyes are most stressed. This causes heavy damage to the eyes. Eyes become dry.
  • Hearing problems– Excessive use of earphones has a negative effect on the hearing ability of the ears.
  • Cancer– Radiations released from gadgets increase the chances of cancer of leukemia, skin, thyroid, chest and stomach.
  • Back pain– The use of gadgets used for sitting continuously for many hours, invites many diseases, in which back pain is the main.
  • Stress- Every gadget brings stress along with it. Waiting for someone’s response on the phone or an interview call on Skype, these all increase the tension.
  • Social isolation – One of the worst effects of gadgets is that you get cut off from the things and people around you.
  • Harmful during pregnancy– Excessive use of mobiles and other gadgets during pregnancy affect your brain as well as the brain of the unborn child.


Excessive use of gadgets may lead to painful diseases and make the life miserable. Hence one should understand the bad impacts and try to avoid these gadgets as much as possible. They are for our ease and comfort, do not become slave of them and find out another ways to enjoy a healthy life.


Essay on Addiction of Gadgets – 4 (500 Words)


Nowadays the addiction to use gadgets in children is increasing at a very fast pace, they see their parents, older siblings using them, due to which their inclination towards these gadgets is also deepened. Apparently this growing desire and interest in them have a direct and very deep impact on their brain.

If we look at the goodness and evils of using gadgets, then the consequences of its negative effect may seem a little heavy, yet if we understand both sides then the children who use gadgets, they become mentally sharp, understand things easily and do not depend too much on others.

Addiction of Gadget is a Threat

But if we try to understand the negative aspects of gadgets, then we will understand how it is a threat to our younger generation, which we call the future of our country. Experts say that children who use gadgets too much, their brains are not fully developed. They understand very slowly, their eyes get deteriorated and hearing ability is also reduced. They are not able to sleep properly, you must have noticed that children who use phones or laptops day and night do not get enough sleep, and their focus is on using these gadgets for maximum time. They do not deal with other children, and lag behind them socially.

Science and technology came as a boon for us but when it became a curse, I could not understand. Using gadgets in a controlled manner can prove to be very good, but when your children use them in an uncontrolled way, you can also see their deadly form.

What is the Remedy?

Now the question arises as to how to keep your children away from gadgets till they reach the right age and how to get rid of it, if they are addicted to gadgets. Child experts say that when a child insists on gadgets, instead of making him happy, think about his well being. Give him useful games like Scrabble, Chess, Sudoku, not only give him all this but also play these games with him.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, keep children completely away from gadgets while eating, while doing homework, at bedtime. Parents should also try that when the child is busy on TV, computer, you should stay with him to see what he is seeing on the screen.


In earlier times, parents used to let their children use a gadget only when they became adults, but today the situation is completely different. Today, at an early age, children start using mobiles phones and laptops, which have an effect on their mind and brain. Today’s parents are working; they also spend most of their time using mobiles and laptops. Children see them and learn from them and unwillingly become addict.


Essay on Addiction of Gadgets – 5 (600 Words)


The modern era is defined by scientists and gadgets invented by them have made life easy and luxurious. Gadgets cover every aspect of our lives and as a result they are trusted. Consider smart phones, which have revolutionized the way we interact with people and have entered every aspect of our lives, especially in the life of children.

Children, today, are not among the social traditions. Children are included in the social networking side. They do not go out to play as they interact with everyone from the comfort of their homes and play games through smart phones at home. Children nowadays use the smart phone in such a way that if the hiccups of the battery are reduced by 15% or after it, then there is a feeling of anxiety, frustration and disappointment in the children. This behavior cannot be classified as dependency only but is to be classified as an addiction.

Causes of Addiction to Electronic Gadgets

The main reason for this type of addiction is that these gadgets form a very big part of our life in the existence of modern life. These gadgets are easy to use and are available without any restrictions. Everything from education to entertainment is available on the finger tips. The apps are fascinating and everybody entangle in its glamour. So everyone nowadays has stuck with it.

  • Symptoms of Addiction to Electronic Gadgets

This can easily be seen in children where they feel unwell when someone asks them to stop using their gadgets, they get upset. This can cause posture issues and eye problems. Insomnia may be troublesome in these cases.

  • Treatment of Addiction to Electronic Gadgets

It should be understood that the most important thing is to check things in a very friendly way and being a disciplinarian can lead to undesirable results. Children will not have to stop using smart phones immediately because it can have a deep effect on the brain of children. Children can be given phones with basic functionality so that it can be used for the purposes for which it was intended for communication. And they should be allowed to use it only for a specific period of time.

  • Prevention to Avoid Addiction to Electronic Gadgets

How does one stop addiction to something that is all included and present in our lives? It is more than a dependency to the point that it begins to affect one’s life. But in case of children, it all depends on the parents. The mobile phones should be used only when they need their studs and schedule outdoor activities. Spare time with children and teach them good lessons may bring a difference.

  • Withdrawal Symptoms of Addiction to Electronic Gadgets

Withdrawal refers to a very specific reactive process when the stimulus that is ‘used’ is removed from the equation. These symptoms can then be listed as follows: e.g.

  • Irritability or short-temperedness
  • Thirst or greed
  • Depression or isolation
  • Discomfort or restlessness
  • Anxiety or worry


It should be clearly understood that gadgets are an essential part of our lives and it is advised to stop it completely but it is recommended that their use should be made appropriately. Technology makes revolutionary changes in the entire human life, hence it would not be a wise decision to complete cut off from the electronic gadgets. People just need to keep track of time that they spend on such devices to minimize its harmful influences in life.



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